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Makes you think

  • The Water Brothers continue their journey at Cocos Island and turn their attention to the migration patterns of the sharks and sea turtles that frequent this undersea wonderland.

  • Few Canadians know that 20,000 Canadian soldiers killed in the Great War are still missing. Some lie in unnamed graves others vanished on battlefields in France and Belgium.

Issues that make you think

The Agenda Blogs

Steve Paikin: Is Ontario’s “cap-and-trade” carbon market the new “Countdown Acid Rain?”

Posted on April 14 by Steve Paikin

Ontario is officially joining Quebec and California in a cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon pollution. Thirty years ago, the Liberal government initiated a similarly intentioned program to put an end to acid rain.  

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How TVO Makes a Difference

Inspire - TVO's annual publication

Stories that Inspire

This is "Inspire" - TVO's annual publication that recognizes and celebrates donors, sponsors and community partners.

"Inspire" features stories from individuals and foundations and acknowledges partnerships and private sector support that helps us make a difference to life in Ontario. It also showcases TVO's offerings in the media landscape and the different ways Ontarians are supporting TVO.

We hope that you will be inspired and see in these pages the unique difference that TVO makes through your support. We are proud to serve Ontarians and we could not do it without you.

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