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Makes you think

  • As troubling events with cultural or religious undertones play out in Canada and the globalized world, TVO focuses on struggles for justice where crimes are based on hate.

  • Archeologist Dr Jago Cooper explores the rise and fall of Chimor, the first empire of South America, an all-powerful monarchy that transformed the desert landscape.

  • Breaking the Taboo

    Now Available

    The War on Drugs has failed. After food and oil, illicit drugs are the world's third most valuable industry. Bill Clinton and others want to see alternate solutions.

  • Canada Over the Edge

    Now Available

    On Vancouver Island's northern coastline, sea lions, dolphins, and humpback whales populate a rare journey along one of the world's most remote marine perimeters.

Issues that make you think

The Agenda Blogs

Steve Paikin: A Day Like No Other in The House of Commons

Posted on October 23 by Steve Paikin

You've never seen before, and you'll likely never see again, a day such as this one in our House of Commons. 

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How TVO Makes a Difference

Inspire - TVO's annual publication

Stories that Inspire

This is "Inspire" - TVO's annual publication that recognizes and celebrates donors, sponsors and community partners.

"Inspire" features stories from individuals and foundations and acknowledges partnerships and private sector support that helps us make a difference to life in Ontario. It also showcases TVO's offerings in the media landscape and the different ways Ontarians are supporting TVO.

We hope that you will be inspired and see in these pages the unique difference that TVO makes through your support. We are proud to serve Ontarians and we could not do it without you.

Take a look - we hope you'll feel inspired!