GreenHeroes Academy App

GreenHeroes Academy

GreenHeroes AcademyThe GreenHeroes Academy App encourages viewers to become doers. Take on missions and challenges inspired by the TV series and earn points that move you up the ranks from recruit to "green hero" status. With interactive gaming tools and social media engagement, every action offers an opportunity to understand more about the environment and ultimately contribute to helping the planet.

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TVO Doc Studio's Ping Pong | Apple iPhone 4, 4S and 5 

tvo doc studio ping pong sport game virtual

tvo doc studio ping pong sport game virtual


Ping Pong lovers of all ages, this FREE 2 player Ping Pong app, for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 users only, from TVO is for you! Grab a friend who also has an iPhone, find some space and have both players download the app. Presto! Your iPhone magically turns into a ping pong paddle. Any physical space can now be turned into your very own table tennis arena. Listen for sound effects and watch your opponent's iPhone screen from the forehand or backhand prompts - this game moves fast! Go ahead and put your reflexes to the test. Become the ultimate TVO Ping Pong Champion

tvo doc studio ping pong app iphone apple








Quench | Mobile App

Quench appquench app screenshotFind the nearest water fountain or Water Refill Location in the Greater Toronto Area. QUENCH is fast and easy to use. Brought to you by The Bell New Media Fund, The Water Brothers TV Series and TVO.

Water Refill Locations are restaurants and retailers that allow you to refill your water bottle for free.

QUENCH allows you to add locations, add photos, comment and rate your favorite location. You can even share with your friends!

QUENCH allows you to be environmentally friendly and reduce your water footprint, whether you're planning a bike trip, a running route, or simply want to fill up your bottle on your lunch break.

So go ahead and Quench your thirst Toronto!

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TVO Doc Studio | Apple iPad

TVO's DocStudio iPad App Screen Shot

TVO's free Doc Studio iPad app is home to award-winning and critically acclaimed Canadian documentaries.

In addition to watching an impressive lineup of compelling point-of-view documentaries, you'll get exclusive access to watch docs before they air on TVO. Share your favorite docs and let everyone know what you're watching through email, Facebook and Twitter. The app also features an up-to-date look at the TVO broadcast schedule, showing you what's on TVO now.

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Your child can now explore and learn anywhere, anytime, with their favorite TVOKids apps. Our apps are designed to help your early learners and school-aged kids grow and learn. Our games support learning objectives from the Ontario school curriculum and have been teacher and classroom tested. For more educational resources, including articles, games, and programs, go to

Download all the TVOKids apps today!

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Jack | Apple iPad and iPhone

Jack app screenshotHelp Jack train Rocket, his cute alien dog so he can become a Super Explorer Dog. Use various touch controls and device manipulations to help Rocket perform a variety of cool skills, such as the Super Jump, Upside Down Walking, the Super Flair, Tongue Stretching, Supersonic Hearing and Air Acrobatics. 

Reward Rocket between training sessions to encourage him and improve his super skills. Take part in 30 training levels and 6 challenging events that will allow Rocket to progress and attain his objective!

Get the Jack app at the iTunes App Store Collect mini-chips while you play to obtain various accessories for Rocket or to customize your avatar on the Jack web based game.

Combining colorful graphics, original game mechanics, and an adorably funny character, the Jack App is a smart and playful game for kids…and their cool parents!