Unless you've been blissfully on vacation for most of July, the long-form census flap will no doubt have crossed your radar. So why not have your say too?

Open data initiatives increasingly give citizens the power to take matters productively into their own hands.

In TVland, there's always more than meets the eye. Well, we?ve been thinking about that.

The G20 weekend transpired in much the way I'd hoped it wouldn't.

So, what does civic engagement mean in the context of the G20 landing in Toronto this weekend? Certainly, it's complicated.

Ontario?s looking for a few good citizens. And yes, there will be medals.

Recently, the speaker of the Ontario legislature rose at the end of a question period to pronounce it one of the worst since he was elected in 2007.

Sometimes, civic engagement simply means getting out and about in your neighbourhood. This weekend offers an example par excellence.

Don?t use the word activist. In fact, maybe try not to label your civic activity at all, suggests Dave Meslin in this short chat with the Agenda?s Steve Paikin.

Much gets said about apathy and low voter turnout. Scratch just below the surface of that story however, and another comes into view quickly.