by Sandra Gionas Friday October 3, 2008

Why is immigration such a difficult topic to discuss in this country? There was little public discourse when the Harper government made changes to immigration rules recently under Bill c-50. Join us for a panel debate on Monday when we?ll look at the immigration system we have and the immigration system we think we want. Most importantly, what is best for Canada?

Our panel includes: Sharry Aiken, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Law at Queen's University where she teaches Immigration and Refugee Law. She is a past president of the Canadian Council for Refugees; Daniel Stoffman is the author of the award-winning Who Gets In: What's Wrong With Canada's Immigration Program - And How To Fix It; James Bissett is a former executive director of the Canadian Immigration Service and El-Farouk Khaki is a human rights activist and immigration and refugee lawyer based in Toronto.

I?d like to know what you think of immigration policy in Canada. Do you have a question you want to ask our panel?

In the meantime, to get a sense of where immigrants tend to settle in Canada, check out this cool interactive map created by our web guru David Erwin.

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