by Mike Miner Monday August 18, 2008

Hi internet:


Are you the type of person always fantasizing about the day when you'll be able to use curved cones to create a projection screen that immerses you in what you're watching, or dreams of abandoning your laptop for a holographic shadow that can project emails and stuff around you? Or are you waiting for a piece of glass that you can hold over Latin text that will translate it into English for you? How about a device you can bring into stores, and once you've used it to scan a product's bar code you can walk out with that item? Eagerly awaiting the day?


Well, whether you are waiting for these things or not, people are working on developing them. We may yet reach the Jetsons-like world of tomorrow cartoons have led me to expect.


Smashing magazine runs through a list of 10 futuristic interfaces. Check it out.


Holographic Interface - round interface - Ringo from Ivan Tihienko on Vimeo.