by Mike Miner Monday November 22, 2010

This blog post was written by former Agenda intern Semra Sevi, who helped to produce tonight's interview.


George Galloway, the former British MP, made it to the studio for tonight’s interview, but he had to go through a lot more to get here than our average guest. Last time he planned on coming to Canada, he didn't make it. Galloway was denied entry into Canada in March 2009 because of his alleged financial support of Hamas. Canada has listed Hamas as a terrorist organization, so providing funds to them can put you in a sticky situation at our border. He called off that visit and presented his scheduled speech over a video feed.


In October 2010, a Federal Court judge said “that the main reason why the respondents sought to prevent Mr. Galloway from entering Canada was that they disagreed with his political views.” Galloway is now free to enter the country.


Galloway has lashed out at Kenney, saying the government’s decision to bar him from Canada cost him his seat in the British Parliament in the 2010 British election.


Galloway has said he will consider taking legal action against Kenney.


Tonight Galloway joins us for a feature interview discussing free speech, politics and the Middle East.


Hope to see you at 8 and/or 11 p.m. on TVO.

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