by Steve Paikin Friday August 22, 2008

Two weeks ago, we all came back from our various summer vacations to find an empty board for the month of September staring us in the face.


Today, that board is practically all full.  


Obviously, that doesn't mean we won't change things up as needs be. If the war between Russia and Georgia begins anew, we'll be on it. Same thing for a federal election, if it's actually called.


Not being a daily news show, we love having the flexibility to program something that's red hot in the news...or conversely not at all on the front pages. And we'll be doing a mix of that during September.


At the moment, we've got three series planned. 


We're coming back strong with provincial affairs for our first two programs. It's been nearly a year since Dalton McGuinty's provincial Liberal government won re-election. Many have observed that the zeal has gone out of the Liberals.  Are the McGuintyites suffering from, for lack of a better expression, "Second Term Blues?" We'll explore that angle on our first two programs. 


The following week, we'll devote three programs to issues around 9/11. Just yesterday, yet another "authoritative" report came out confirming the official story on how one of the World Trade Centre buildings crumbled --- not, as conspiracy theorists say, because the building was pre-rigged with explosives to come down, but rather because the fireball got so hot, it melted the steel.


But some angles that critics say should have been studied weren't. And so this has done little to quell the concerns of those who say we're still not getting the real story about 9/11.


And the following week, we'll devote five parts to Growing Minds, a look inside five different aspects of our educational system.


It's coming together...


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