by Mark Brosens Wednesday December 2, 2009

Tonight's program featured an interview with Mark Johnston, the director and executive producer of Empire of the Word. You can watch a trailer for the Empire of the Word series below.


The second episode of Empire of the Word airs tonight at 10 PM and 1 AM on TVO and examines barriers to literacy. It features Toronto novelist Howard Engel who woke up one morning to discover he could no longer read, but mysteriously could still write. It also documents the bravery of Barbara Taylor, who at 57-years old decided it was time to learn how to read.

Literacy can be taken for granted in Canada, but illiteracy remains a problem for many in this country and around the world. Agenda producers, David Erwin and Yasmina Sekkat, created the world literacy map below, which shows literacy rates, GDP spent on education, and the school life expectancies for every country on earth. 

View World Literacy in a larger map


For an enhanced experienced, you can see the world literacy map in Google Earth.


If you missed it, the first episode of Empire of the Word can be viewed here.

So what did you think of tonight?s episode of Empire of the Word? Have you or a family member struggled with illiteracy? How did that impact your life and how did you overcome that challenge?


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