by Sandra Gionas Monday October 15, 2012

Whoever is elected president of the United States on November 6 will have a profound impact not only on the lives of Americans, but people across the globe. Being the head of the world’s lone superpower means wielding great influence and having to make decisions on events beyond one’s borders. And so, we're all paying attention to the battle between the Democrats and Republicans as they try to win the White House.

A week ago, The Agenda asked, “Which president is best for Canada?” 

Tonight we go beyond North America and ask, “Which president does the rest of the world prefer: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?” We have a lively debate set for you, which will look at issues such as war and peace, hegemony, and trade.

My TVO colleague, digital media producer Craig Desson, is currently traveling through Europe. He took to Paris’ most iconic landmark to get a global sense of what people thought of American politics:

Georld Obinali (Moscow, Russia)

What do you think of the U.S. presidential election? 

As a Russian, [I believe] there will be high tension if Mitt Romney is given the position. The Cold War is going to come up again, [after] Obama calmed down the situation. The relationship between American and Russia concerns the whole world. If [Romney] comes in now [the geopolitical] temperature is going to be very high. I think Obama should be allowed to complete his course. Four years isn’t enough for a president to complete what he planned for America.

Nimrod Flaschenburg (Tel Aviv, Israel)

What do you think about Mitt Romney?

For me as an Israeli, if Romney wins it means the occupation goes on and that there is no peace in the Middle East. I consider myself coming from a European political tradition that is closer to the politics of Israel, and it’s crazy the idea of having no government taking care of its people and that’s what Romney wants and that’s terrible.

Sinead McNamara (London, U.K.)

Are you hearing a lot about the US election in the U.K.?

We hear about it all the time, but to be honest it’s not something a lot of us follow in the United Kingdom. The time it was big was when Obama first came in but other than that the British have just let the Americans get on with it.

What do you think about Obama?

We know more about Obama then any American president ever. We’d never been told so much about a president before so we thought this one must be special. In our opinion, America seems to have a lot more race wars than we do in the United Kingdom, so we thought big changes must be going on there, but it turns out, not really.