by Steve Paikin Thursday November 1, 2012

The feedback we've received on the provincial government's Bill 115 -- the Putting Students First Act -- has really been impressive, both on our website, and on Facebook and Twitter

And the discussion we had a couple of nights ago with two lawyers, which you can watch above, explaining what the likely arguments in court will be, only further whetted our audience's appetite.

But we want more of your feedback, as we consider future programs on Bill 115, which is clearly one of the most controversial laws ever passed by this Ontario government.

Education Minister Laurel Broten introduced Bill 115, the Putting Students First Act.

Which sections of the bill should we focus on? Ideally, we see a program where we focus on four or five sections of the law, then really get into some in-depth analysis of those sections. Why does the government insist on those sections being in the bill? What objections do the teachers have to those particular sections?

So, help us out. Tell us which sections of the bill you find the most controversial, or in need of further explanation. And we'll make it happen on a future program.

If you're looking to read Bill 115 in its entirety, you can do so at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's website.

Slideshow image credit: The Canadian Press/Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Globe and Mail Inc.