by Daniel Kitts Monday March 26, 2012

It's a big week in government budget-making: Both the federal government and the Ontario government will be releasing what promise to be controversial budgets for the coming fiscal year. The Agenda will be devoting attention to both. We also plan to cover a few other topics as well.

Monday: America: The Land of the Future?

Once hailed as the land of the future, and the leader of the Western World, today’s America looks like it has lost its edge. Is the United States in terminal decline or will it remain an indispensable power? Robert Kagan, Francis Fukuyama and Walter Russell Mead attempt to answer the question: Is the United States declining as a global power?

Tuesday: Ontario’s Austerity Budget

Budgeting in a post-Drummond world: The Agenda examines the 2012 Ontario Budget.

Wednesday: George Smitherman: The Seeds of ORNGE

Ontario's auditor general released a report detailing many violations committed by Ontario's air ambulance service, known as ORNGE. Much of this happened under former health minister George Smitherman's watch. He sits down with Steve Paikin to answer questions about ORNGE's past practices.

Thursday: A Budget for Canada 2012

The Agenda examines the Harper Conservatives’ first majority budget and what it means for Canadian policy going forward.

Friday: Civility in Politics

Five former speakers of the Ontario legislature share their views on how we can get more civility into public life – not just in question period but across the board.

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