by Navin Vaswani Monday October 29, 2012

We're fresh off the road, having returned from Kitchener-Waterloo, and have a diverse set of programming for you this week on The Agenda. Let's get to it. 

Monday, Oct. 29: The Classroom of 2030

As part of TVO's year-long Learning 2030 special series, The Agenda was on the road over the weekend, at Communitech in Kitchener-Waterloo, where we recorded a broadcast Sunday afternoon on the future of the classroom. How will technology -- smartphones, tablets, and the Internet -- change education? Tune in and find out.

Live chat: We're going to be live chatting on Monday night, during our 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EDT broadcast, both on our website, and on Twitter. What can I say; we're very chatty. If you're joining us on our website, chat with us on our live stream page. If you're joining us on Twitter, be sure to use the hashtags #Learning2030 and #AgendaTVO.

Tuesday, Oct. 30: The Ontario We Want

Tuesday night's program will begin with a look at the looming legal battle between the province and its teachers over Bill 115, the "Putting Students First Act." We'll have two labour laywers on the program who will help us understand the key issues from both sides. 

Then, a discussion about Ontario's public and its public spaces. Over the years, our notion of what a public space is has changed. Once upon a time, governments enthusiastically created public spaces such as Ontario Place. In today's economic climate, with the province strapped for cash, what does a public space look like? What should it look like? What will it look like in the future? A group of engaged, public-minded Ontarians will sit down with Steve Paikin and discuss. 

If you can think of an example of a good public space, one that you especially like, anywhere in Ontario, let us know about it in the comments section below. And if you can include a picture of it, even better. Thanks. 

Wednesday, Oct. 31: The End of an Exceptional Era?

On Wednesday, we'll be less than a week away from another historic American presidential election. And on Wednesday night, we'll convene a panel of experts to talk about the notion that America is a nation -- a superpower -- in decline. What do you think: is Rome really burning, or is the rhetoric around America's decline simply an incarnation of declinist fear? What do you think of when you hear or read the term, "American exceptionalism"? Chime in below in the comments section. 

Thursday, Nov. 1: Banking on Europe

On Thursday night, we'll shift our focus to the global economy: slow growth in China, Europe's never-ending woes, and America's sluggish recovery. What are the pros and cons of Canada's growing economic relationship with Europe during a period of global economic turmoil?

Friday, Nov. 2: U.S. Ambassodor to Canada David Jacobson; and our Week in Review

On Friday, we have a special one-on-one interview lined up for you, as opposed to our standard Friday feature, our Story of the Week. As Americans ready to go to the polls on November 6, U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Jacobson will sit down with Steve Paikin to give us a primer on what exactly happens on election night -- this isn't a national election; instead, there are 51 separate elections, in 50 states, and Washington, D.C. Ambassador Jacobson will tell us about the U.S.' electoral college, and what exactly ambassadors do on election night. 

We'll follow up that interview with our Week in Review, and bring you clips of each of our programs during the week. 

Have a great week, and we'll see you both on TV and online.