by Cheryl Jackson Tuesday February 21, 2012

Itah Sadu is amazing in so many ways. She co-owns Toronto's A Different Booklist, a bookstore that offers books from around the world. She's a children's book author, a storyteller and TVOParents Book Club guest extraordinaire. She can also think way outside the box.

When I asked her who is her hero for Black History Month, here's what she said:

Then she asked if she could name another hero. I said, "Sure."

"The Jamaican Beef Patty!" she said. 

What??  Can food be a black hero?  Why not?  I don't think it really works for our contest (you can win a BlackBerry PlayBook - you should enter), but I'm all for food as heroes. I lived on those patties when I was in school. I crave one now, just thinking about it. And who knew there was a tumultuous history of patties in Toronto?  Find out at Jamaican Patty Day. Maybe I'll see you there.