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Say you find out about an issue that could have an impact in your community? What do you do? How do you learn more about the issue? How do you have a say?

This Week, Opposition Wants to Pull the Plug on Province?s Energy Policy! (and other electricity related puns)

Ranting on social media sites about politics is not effective civic engagement, despite how gratifying it may feel.

The Fall session of the Ontario legislature is underway!

Queen's Park returns this week; opposition seeing red over Ontario in the red, full-day kindergarten launches, and citizens joust at premier over wind farms.

Unless you've been blissfully on vacation for most of July, the long-form census flap will no doubt have crossed your radar. So why not have your say too?

Open data initiatives increasingly give citizens the power to take matters productively into their own hands.

In TVland, there's always more than meets the eye. Well, we?ve been thinking about that.

The G20 weekend transpired in much the way I'd hoped it wouldn't.

So, what does civic engagement mean in the context of the G20 landing in Toronto this weekend? Certainly, it's complicated.