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Published On: Aug 22, 2016

Expensive restaurants can't seem to recruit and maintain staff because kitchen work usually doesn’t pay above minimum wage. Many supporters of prison farms showed up at the first public hearing on their potential return. More food news inside.

Published On: Aug 16, 2016

After Ontario’s farm sector was saddled with new rules over pesticide use last year, a new association of farmers wants to strategize against upcoming environmental regulations.

Published On: Aug 15, 2016

Vibrio bacteria thrive in seafood as steaks in Canada get cheaper. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.

Published On: Aug 08, 2016

Fires and flooding have left the Alberta community in dire need of food. Elsewhere, a waiter was arrested after a man with a severe fish allergy was mistakenly served salmon tartare, raising questions about how allergies are discussed. Click for more.

Published On: Aug 02, 2016

Food waste audits can help consumers and businesses understand the true costs of what they discard.

Published On: Jul 25, 2016

A popular Yellowknife restaurant reportedly passed off fish from Kazakhstan as local. Meanwhile, dairy prices are set to rise again. Click for more Food Links.

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