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Published On: Sep 26, 2016

The United Nations raises antibiotic resistance to a global health-crisis status, while internationally renowned chocolatier Soma shows that craft chocolate isn’t about the money. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.

Published On: Sep 19, 2016

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency warns about scorpions and spiders in produce, while foreign dairy organizations protest a recently formalized Canadian dairy strategy. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.

Published On: Sep 12, 2016

As the province launches sexual harassment intervention training for restaurant workers, a Windsor church and flying club team up to bring 600 pounds of food and school supplies to northern Ontario. Click for more of this week's food news.

Published On: Aug 29, 2016

As China institutes new rules that may close the door to Canadian canola, the United States battles a 1.3 billion pound cheese problem. More in this week’s Food Links inside.

Published On: Aug 22, 2016

Expensive restaurants can't seem to recruit and maintain staff because kitchen work usually doesn’t pay above minimum wage. Many supporters of prison farms showed up at the first public hearing on their potential return. More food news inside.

Published On: Aug 16, 2016

After Ontario’s farm sector was saddled with new rules over pesticide use last year, a new association of farmers wants to strategize against upcoming environmental regulations.

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