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Published On: May 30, 2016

As farmers near Peterborough look to rent out their chickens, Health Canada pushes forward plans to approve irradiating beef to kill E. coli. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.

Published On: May 27, 2016

New Zealand dismantled its supply management regime in 1984. Since then, dairy has become the country’s top export earner.

Published On: May 24, 2016

Health Canada legalizes the sale of the first genetically modified food animal as the Competition Bureau allows the acquisition of Quebec classic St-Hubert by Cara Operations Ltd . Click for more in this week’s Food Links.

Published On: May 17, 2016

Late blight is a deadly, fast-spreading fungus that could decimate potatoes, yet every year home gardeners unwittingly risk spreading the disease.

Published On: May 16, 2016

Ontario’s grain farmers are using Twitter to protest the neonics ban. Meanwhile, a Toronto Star investigation revealed there is little forcing restaurant owners to pay up on Ministry of Labour orders.

Published On: May 11, 2016

Can researchers at the birthplace of the Yukon Gold potato find the next great potato innovation?

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