How do I access TVO?

On air:
Over-the-air (may vary in some areas)
Cable 2 (may vary in some areas)
Rogers TV HD 580
Bell Fibe TV HD 1209
Bell Fibe TV SD 209
Bell TV 265
Shaw Direct HD 39
Shaw Direct SD 353
BlackBerry World

Where do I access TVO over-the-air?

Information on TVO's over-the-air transmission:


How do I know when a program will air?

For any updates, you may wish to keep in touch with the online, monthly guide. You can access it on the Schedule page.


Why aren't new programs aired in the summer?

TVO programs new shows between the end of September to the end of March each season followed by a repeat broadcast of each season through the spring and summer months, giving our audience two opportunities per year to screen our shows in prime time.


Where do I e-mail program requests, comments, feedback, and suggestions?

You can e-mail Customer Relations at:


Where can I get information about submitting a documentary to TVO?

TVO's documentary area acquires and commissions programs. Producers are asked to prepare and submit a formal proposal. For more information on the submission of proposals and guidelines, please visit our website at:


How can I send my enquiries to The Agenda With Steve Paikin?

You can send your feedback for The Agenda to Customer Relations at:

Visit, where you can add comments to Steve Paikin's and the producers' blog posts, where a lot of the pre and post show discussion happen among viewers. You can also join live chats on Thursdays at the Agenda website (live video streaming all week), and follow The Agenda team on Twitter and Facebook.


Where can I find out more about children's programming at TVO?

Visit and for programming information and online resources for kids and parents.


How can I find out which films will air on Saturday Night at the Movies?

For more information on upcoming films, visit Saturday Night at the Movies:


How can I donate to TVO?

For information on how you can support TVO, visit:


How do I find out about jobs at TVO?

Learn about jobs at TVO by visiting:

How do I learn about TVO's mandate?

Information can be found at:

How do I learn about TVO's corporate policies and standards?

Information can be found at:


Dear TVO viewers outside of Ontario:

You may have been experiencing trouble accessing TVO if you subscribe to BellTV, BellFibe outside of Ontario. 

We’re very sorry to inform you that you’re no longer able to receive TVO as part of your cable or satellite subscription.

New Broadcast Distribution Regulations went into effect on September 1, 2011 that require cable or satellite distributors to obtain consent from a TV station in order to distribute that station as a distant signal. For TVO this means distribution of our signal outside Ontario.

It’s our position that as a publicly funded agency of the Government of Ontario, we have a responsibility to earn revenues from the sale of our service outside of our home province. We’ve also been asked by the government of Ontario to reduce our reliance on government funding and need to look for additional sources of revenue.

TVO is willing to consent to cable and satellite distributors carrying our signal outside the province, provided that we’re fairly compensated. Since cable or satellite distributors receive subscriber revenues in part by having TVO included in their offering, we feel it’s reasonable to be compensated.

After months of talks we were not successful in reaching an agreement with BellTV to compensate TVO for carrying our signal outside of Ontario. On May 31, 2012 TVO was withdrawn from BellTV and BellFibe subscribers outside Ontario. 

If you would like to continue receiving TVO’s signal outside of Ontario, we ask that you contact Bell to voice your concern. We continue to negotiate with other satellite, cable and IPTV providers to distribute TVO to the rest of Canada as a distant signal. 

We also hope that you will continue to visit our websites and that offer an opportunity for you to connect with much of TVO’s high quality educational programming.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Relations team at 1-800-463-6886 or by email at