Undersea Explorer

Using state-of-the-art underwater photography, scuba divers travel the world's oceans, lakes, and wateways on intriguing journeys to rarely seen strange and unusual underwater kingdoms.

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  • Undersea Explorer 3 - The Cayman Challenge
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    April 5, 2003

    Divers use new dive technologies in exploring reefs in the Cayman Islands: a personal propulsion system and passenger submarines for tourists.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - The Yongola
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    March 29, 2003

    The Yongola sank with no survivors off northeast Australia in March 1911. Found in 1958, the wreck is a protected site so only the outside can be filmed. A local museum features a major exhibit about the ship.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - Tek Wrecks
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    March 22, 2003

    Extended range diving, or technical diving, goes to depths below 60 metres. Divers off Key West explore the wreck of the USS Wilkes Barre, a WWII cruiser sunk in explosives testing in 1972. It is now an artificial reef. They also explore wrecks in the St. Lawrence River and Lake Erie.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - The Florida Keys
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    March 15, 2003

    The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protects North America's only barrier reef. Shipwrecks were once common, and now serve as artificial reefs and dive destinations.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - Great White
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    March 8, 2003

    Research divers swim among the sharks at South Africa's Cape of Good Hope, which is a major gathering place for seals, a favourite in the Great White's diet.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - Bonaire
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    March 1, 2003

    Bonaire, in the Netherland Antilles, is the world leader in coral reef conservation. The marine park is an underwater sanctuary.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - Shark Island
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    February 8, 2003

    Divers use rebreathers, a technology until recently reserved for the military, to study sharks near Cocos Island, in the Pacific. Once a haven for pirates and others in need of fresh water, the island is now a Costa Rican national park.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - Bermuda: Isle of Devils
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    February 1, 2003

    Volcanically created caverns filled with sea water and dry caves with tidal pools attract divers to Bermuda. Its shallow reefs have caused many famous shipwrecks.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - The Graveyard Coast
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    January 25, 2003

    Why has Canada's Pacific coast been the scene of more than 1200 shipwrecks in 200 years? Members of the Underwater Archaeological Society of BC help to locate, log, and preserve as many as they can.

  • Undersea Explorer 3 - Free Driving
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    January 18, 2003

    Do humans have the reflexive ability to suppress breathing that some animals do? Free divers go to great depths for long periods of time without breathing equipment. We meet the world free-diving champion.