Victorian Pharmacy

In a unique experiment, historian Ruth Goodman, Professor Nick Barber and PhD student Tom Quick are recreating an authentic 19th-century pharmacy. Victorian pharmacies started a consumer revolution that brought healthcare, medical science, family remedies and traditional folklore to every main street.

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  • Victorian Pharmacy - Episode 4
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    March 21, 2011

    The last programme in the series sees Ruth, Nick and Tom carrying Barber & Goodman's Pharmacy through to the end of the Victorian era. No longer just a provider of drugs and remedies, the pharmacy is now selling a whole new range of exciting products many of which wouldn't look out of place in today's chemist shops

  • Victorian Pharmacy - Episode 3
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    March 14, 2011

    The pharmacy enters a period of new invention and new laws. Narcotics were freely available across the counter throughout the Victorian era. Arsenic was the most common poison and was everywhere in the Victorian home - in wallpaper, candles, fabrics and even sweets

  • Victorian Pharmacy - Episode 2
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    March 7, 2011

    The team have made the transition from the early traditional remedies of the early 19th century to the birth of new scientific advances in medicine. Now they're taking on the challenges of the 1850's and 60's, a time when overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions had reached their peak, leading to unprecedented outbreaks of disease

  • Victorian Pharmacy - Episode 1
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    February 28, 2011

    The Victorian Pharmacy opens its doors in1837, the height of the industrial revolution. Overcrowding, poor sanitation and poverty left many people vulnerable to disease but Victorian medicine had only the haziest of ideas about what caused illness or how to treat it. Many of the cures the new Barber & Goodman Pharmacy will sell are based on traditional beliefs and remedies.