Blown Apart: Windfarm Wars

What happens when a wind farm of nine 120-metre high turbines is planned to be built on a sensitive landscape? Filmed over a turbulent four year period, Blown Apart explores the truths, myths and future of a highly controversial resource: land-based renewable energy.

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  • Blown Apart - Episode 4
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    October 30, 2011

    Following their victory in the High Courts, and with the windfarm's eventual construction now apparently in sight, RES decide they should heed the judge's words and hand over the raw noise data that local resident Mike Hulme says they always promised him. Project Manager Rachel Ruffle drives to Devon to do this, but a shock is in store. The dramatic events of the next few months lead to yet another Public Inquiry into the Den Brook Windfarm and, as the six-year battle draws to a close, all parties are still locked in argument. Eventually a decision is made, but as ever in this epic story nothing is as straightforward as it seems.

  • Blown Apart - Episode 3
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    October 23, 2011

    Following her company RES's victory at the Den Brook Public Inquiry, a year and a half after she first revealed her plans, windfarm developer Rachel Ruffle has just six weeks to wait before she knows whether a challenge against the decision will be launched in the High Court. At the eleventh hour a challenge comes. She's surprised to find it's from Mike Hulme, the local resident who was initially friendly but who became disillusioned when RES failed to give him noise data he claimed they promised. As the day in court draws near, Mike meets with a family who've moved out of their home claiming they can't sleep due to turbine noise. When the result of his challenge comes, there's a major surprise for Rachel but the story of this development is far from over.

  • Blown Apart - Episode 2
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    October 16, 2011

    Following the local authority's decision to turn down planning permission for the Den Brook Windfarm, developer Rachel Ruffle now leads the appeal against the decision. A dramatic Public Inquiry is held and the local action group take on a barrister to fight their case. One man, local resident Mike Hulme, is increasingly disillusioned in his attempts to get the noise data he says Rachel's company RES promised him. He decides to go it alone at the inquiry in his attempt to plead for the planning inspector to protect him and his neighbours from noise he believes will come from the nine 120 metre-high turbines When the inspector makes his decision, there are scenes of huge joy and severe disappointment.

  • Blown Apart - Episode 1
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    October 9, 2011

    In this episode, the passionate windfarm developer Rachel Ruffle puts forward her controversial plans for the Den Brook Windfarm. Its nine 120 metre-high turbines will transform the landscape in a shallow valley that lies some seven and a quarter kilometres from Dartmoor National Park. One of her allies is farmer Martin Tucker, who stands to gain hugely if the development goes ahead. Set against them are the local action group, including Martin Tucker's cousin, which mobilises to fight the proposals, claiming the turbines are visually intrusive and ineffective. And there's Mike Hulme, an increasingly disillusioned local resident who starts off being friendly with Rachel but whose conscience is torn between the need for action on climate change, and his fears that turbine noise could blight the countryside's peace and tranquillity. Before the local authority West Devon Borough Council votes on its decision, there are acts of vandalism, angry scenes and tears of frustration and disappointment.