The Future of Food

We take our food for granted, but the international food system is not as stable as it looks. This series travels to America, Latin America, India, Africa and Europe to unravel the complicated web of links that binds the world together, bringing food from farm to table, and asks what needs to happen to avert a major global food crisis.

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  • The Future of Food - Episode 2
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    April 12, 2011

    The second programme looks for the answers. What are we doing about the food crisis and what should we do in the future? In Havana food is grown within the city - in gardens and allotments. Will we all have to start digging up our gardens to make vegetable patches? Or could GM food hold the answers? A trial being funded by the UK government is trying to create wheat which makes its own fertilizer using genes from clover. The programme also investigates some of the more unusual solutions for the food crisis, like laboratory produced meat, multi-story farms, and growing plants and fish together in a symbiotic ecosystem

  • The Future of Food - Episode 1
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    April 5, 2011

    From intensive farming in the Punjab to the effects of climate change in Nairobi, the first programme examines the world food situation and investigates the magnitude of the looming crisis. Growing populations, rising consumption of hard to produce foods like meat, shortages of oil, and a climate that changes unpredictably - these factors could push food prices dangerously high.