At Home with the Georgians

Follow historian Amanda Vickery as she unlocks the secrets of the Georgian home by investigating the lives of the people who lived in them.

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  • Safe as Houses
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    January 30, 2012

    Amanda Vickery uses sources, from intimate diaries to Old Bailey records, to reveal how the 18th century home was constantly under threat from theft, fire, divorce, poverty, illness, old age and death. Georgian houses may seem like sanctuaries of calm elegance to us today, but at the time they were noisy chaotic places bursting with extended families, servants and lodgers and threatened by the lawlessness of Georgian streets. How did the Georgians make their houses havens of safety and security? How did the Englishman fight to make his home his castle?

  • A Woman's Touch
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    January 23, 2012

    In this second programme of the series historian Amanda Vickery - on a journey from stately home to pauper's attic - reveals how 'taste' became the buzzword of the age 300 years ago and gave women a new outlet for their creativity, raising their status in the home as a consequence. But with it came new anxieties about getting it right.

  • A Man's Place
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    January 16, 2012

    In this three-part series, historian Amanda Vickery explores how the great British obsession with our homes began 300 years ago. Using the intimate diaries and letters of Georgian men and women, previously lost to history, she explores how the desire for a home revolutionised relationships between men and women. She uncovers some surprising truths: about the lives of spinsters and bachelors; about how the home became crucial to the success or otherwise of a marriage; and, perhaps the biggest surprise of all, that setting up home in the 18th century was not driven by women (as you might expect) but by men.