Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a play-fantasy series for preschoolers that features 10 year old Ryder and his pack of uniquely talented, well-equipped and very loveable dogs. Ryder and his dogs are citizens of Adventure Bay where they provide emergency help and rescue services to the rest of the community.

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  • Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone / Pups Save the Deer
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    February 7, 2015

    Ryder and the Pups head out for a day of Parachute training, but Marshall decides to stay back because of his fear of heights. Its ok, he'll look out after the Lookout! Katie calls with an emergency though. The kittens that she was babysitting got out and are running all over Adventure Bay! It's up to Marshall to get all the kitties back by himself, but with the help of all the other Pup's Packs! --- Cap'n Turbot goes out ice fishing and finds a family of Deer stuck on the slippery ice! They must have tried to get across the frozen Bay for food! Ryder and the PAW Patrol to the rescue! They work together to get the Mama and Papa off the ice, but notice their Baby Deer is stuck up on the islands snowy hill! Ryder knows just the snow pup to call for this rescue - EVEREST!

  • Pups Save a Show / Pups Save a Ghost
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    November 22, 2014

    The Pups are going to put on a Medieval play in town square, but Cap'n Turbot's castle stage prop ends up collapsing and trapping him! Ryder and the PAW Patrol have to save Turbot, along with Marshall in his new FIRST MEDICAL RESPONSE GEAR. Marshall then has to save the SHOW when Chase gets sick and can't play the lead role! --- A mysterious Ghost is causing havoc around the Lookout at night. The Pups and Chase in his new SPY GEAR set up a stakeout to bust it, but discover that it's not a ghost after all - its Marshall... sleepwalking! Now the pups have to save the slumbering pup as he sleepwalks through town!

  • Pups Jungle Trouble / Pups Save a Herd
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    November 15, 2014

    The PAW Patrol heads to the Jungle in the PAW PATROLLER to meet Ryder's 10 year old pen-pal, CARLOS. They also meet up with an old friend, MANDY the Monkey! Still up to her old tricks, Mandy swipes Ryder's PupPad and it's a wild Monkey chase through the jungle that leads to a cursed temple. Now Ryder and Pups have to get Mandy out of the ancient ruins, and avoid all the booby traps in the process! --- Chase is taking part in a herding competition and starts to herd people around town as practice which causes more trouble than good. Farmer Al calls Ryder and needs help to fix his fence and herd all the sheep! Now the Pups have to fix the fence and Chase has to herd all the sheep in time to make it to the competition!

  • Pups Save and Ace / Pups Save a Wedding
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    November 8, 2014

    Skye's favorite stunt pilot, Ace Soarenson, is heading to Adventure Bay to put on a fantastic air show. Just before arrival she runs into engine trouble! It's up to Skye and the PAW Patrol to save Ace and her plane so the show can go on! --- Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi are getting married! Famer's Yumi's barn is being decorated for the big day and all the pups are helping. A big storm blows in thoughand takes down a wall of the barn! It's up to Ryder and the PAW Patrol to save the barn and the day - the wedding day!

  • The New Pup
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    October 18, 2014

    Ryder surprises the Pups with their newest vehicle - THE PAW PATROLLER! Now the PAW Patrol can save the day outside of Adventure Bay in this 18 wheeler, mobile Lookout! It's just in time too because Jake ends up lost in the south pole when he loses his equipment and phone - Pups to the rescue! While the Pups race down, an Arctic storm picks up but Jake finds help from a brave Mountain Ranger Pup named EVEREST!

  • Pups Save the Diving Bell / Pups Save the Beavers
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    October 4, 2014

    Cap'n Turbot and his cousin Francois go deep sea diving to snap a picture of a rare seaslug - the only problem is their diving bell ends up stuck, and then the propeller fin breaks at the bottom of the bay! It's PAW Patrol to the rescue, and they have just the right vehicle - Zuma's new SUBMARINE! ---- A bad storm washes away Chompy the Beaver's dam, so he starts chomping on all the wood at Farmer Yumi's Farm! Ryder and the PAW Patrol have to fix the chomped Barn and Fence, but that's just the beginning. Chompy has been chowing down all over town! Chase has to track the busy Beaver, while the rest of the Pups help rebuild Chompy's home.

  • Pups Save the Space Alien/ Pups Save a Flying Frog
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    August 29, 2014

    An Alien Spaceship crash lands at Farmer Yumi's! Now it's up to the PAW Patrol to help out the stranded little extra-terrestrial by fixing his ship and getting him back to his home planet! --- Marshall's new pet frog, Smiley, is going to be in a jumping contest! The only problem is that during a practice run Smiley jumps right into Skye's helicopter and it takes off! Now Skye and the Pups have to save Smiley, and get him to the competition in time!

  • Pups Save Jake / Pups Save the Parade
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    August 27, 2014

    Jake and Chase go deep cave spelunking when Jake ends up getting his ankle stuck between some fallen rocks! Ryder, Rubble with his new JACKHAMMER, and Marshall with his new FIRST MEDICAL RESPONSE GEAR need to get to the cave right away and save Jake! --- Adventure Bay Parade Day goes awry when Alex puts too many balloons on Katie's bathtub float. It literally ,floats, away, and with Cali and Chickaletta inside!

  • Pups Save the Penquins / Pups save a Dolphin Pup
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    August 27, 2014

    Someone has been swiping fish off Cap'n Turbot's boat, so he calls Ryder and the PAW Patrol to help investigate. Using his new SPY GEAR, Chase inspects the boat and heads below deck where he discovers it's a group of pesky Penguins! Now the Pups have to catch the slippery suspects and find a way to get them back to the South Pole! ----- Adventure Bay's newest Dolphin Pup accidentally swims into a shallow water stream! Now it's up to Ryder and PAW Patrol to get her back into the Bay and with her parents.

  • Pups Save A Super Pup / Pups Save Ryder's Robot
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    August 2, 2014

    Rubble pretends to be his hero, Apollo the Super Pup, who ,Save's the day his own way!,. When he tries to save a train from a rockslide all by himself though, he gets into super trouble and trapped in a tunnel. The PAW Patrol have to save Rubble and the train! --- When Ryder's Robot Pup breaks and starts going wild around Adventure Bay, it takes the whole Paw Patrol to help Ryder find it.