Museum Diaries

Enigmatic and enthusiastic specialists in their fields lead curious viewers behind-the-scenes of the Royal Ontario Museum and on the daily adventures of its curators, technicians and investigators.
Museum Diaries invites viewers behind the displays, into the bowels of the museum and out into the field. As each curator leads us on a journey of exploration, we learn about their personal passion for their field of research, bear witness to the logistical and technological limitations which frustrate them, and experience the triumph and euphoria of their breakthroughs and discoveries.

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  • Ancient Egypt Mummified
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    April 1, 2014

    This episode of "Museum Diaries" follows Rae Ostman, the ROM's Managing Director of the Centre for Ancient Cultures, and Kiron Murkherjee, ROMKids Studio Assistant, as they plan, prep and execute a weekend at the ROM completely centered around Ancient Egypt. Various Curators, Preps, Interns and Conservators are all involved in bringing together dynamic exhibits for this once a year affair. MD also follows Gayle Gibson, Ancient Cultures Educator at the ROM, as she uncovers more details of a CAT Scan that was performed on the beautiful coffin of Djedmaatasankh - a 3000 year old mummy!

    ROM Gayle Gibson Ancient Egypt Mummified Unravel the mysteries of Ancient Egypt →


  • Raja Deen Dayal Revealed
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    March 25, 2014

    This episode of "Museum Diaries" follows the ROM's World Cultures Curator, Deepali Dewan, as she leads her team to plan, prep and launch an exhibit of the famous photographs of Raja Deen Dayal.  Dayal was the personal photographer to India's Royalty in the late 1800s and his methods of photography were ground breaking.  Deepali and her team are faced with various challenges in amassing three collections from around the world for this very special and intimate exhibit.

    ROM Curator Deepali Dewan Uncover the famous photographs of Raja Deen Dayal: Photographer to India’s Royalty in the late 1800s →


  • Dinos ReDiscovered
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    March 18, 2014

    This episode of "Museum Diaries" follows the Curator of Paleontology, David Evans and his team as they prepare to dismantle, pack and prepare for travel the mega Dino Exhibit. Then it's off to the Alberta badlands as MD witness Dave and his team, literally unearthing precious bones from the hills and preparing them for travel back to the ROM. "Museum Diaries" then follows the mayhem as Dave releases the name of a new Raptor species he has identified.

    David Evans Museum Diaries Go behind-the-scenes with the paleontologists uncovering dinos →


  • DNA Dissected
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    March 11, 2014

    This episode of "Museum Diaries" follows a group of Curators as they use DNA research to discover ground-breaking results.  Oliver Haddrath, research technician at the ROM's Ornithology Department, reveals his current research and testing using DNA to study large flightless birds and how this information is being used by the New Zealand government to save their endangered Kiwi birds.  "Museum Diaries" will also follow Oliver as he conducts tests for the ROM's archaeology department to establish if skulls found in Peruvian tombs from 600 AD are related or not. 

    ROM Research Technician Oliver Haddrath What does it mean to study DNA? Learn more with ROM research technician Oliver Haddrath →


  • Borneo Bound
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    March 4, 2014

    This episode of "Museum Diaries" follows a team of curators and technicians as they plan for a six week research trip to the other side of the world and into the rain forests of the Mulu Mountains in Borneo.  ROM Curator, Chris Darling, leads the team and "Museum Diaries" follows him as he preps, packs and embarks on this tremendous trek.  Along for the ride are Curators of Mycology and Mammalogy.  They return home with specimens that will be used in studies world wide.

    Borneo Bound ROM Curator Chris Darling Go behind-the-scenes with the team of Royal Ontario Museum curators as they trek to Borneo  →


  • Fakes & Frauds Exposed
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    February 25, 2014

    This episode of "Museum Diaries" follows the ROM's curators and technicians from the World Cultures department as they constantly research the pedigree of every piece that is presented in the ROM.  MD bears witness to the techniques that a select group Conservators and Technicians use to reveal the authenticity of artifacts.  While some fakes are easy to detect, others have been masterfully disguised that they've become iconic in their own fake right.  The mission of the curators and technicians is to unveil fakes within the Museum's collection and avoid being fooled by masters of deception.

    April Hawkins Fakes and Frauds Exposed Go behind-the-scenes at the Royal Ontario Museum with New World Archaeology Technician, April Hawkins  →