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Nov 23

View from the Premier's Office

Premier of Ontario is arguably the second most important political position in the country. The Agenda discusses what it takes to do the job with five former premiers - Dalton McGuinty, David Peterson, Bob Rae, Mike Harris and Ernie Eves.

Nov 24

Leadership Qualities

What does it take to lead? What skills and stamina do you need to rise to the top? Three high profile principals - Tonya Surman, Ben Bernanke and Richard Peddie - discuss their journeys to the top of their fields.

Nov 25

Battling for Human Rights

The Agenda examines key challenges to human rights - past, present and future. First, a look at the U.S. Voting Rights Act which turned 50 this year, and its challenges. Then, The Agenda examines the rise of workplace monitoring. Finally, Maziar Bahari discusses the difficulties journalists face in Iran.

Nov 26

Capturing Home

Over the past several months, the news has been full of countless stories of refugees who have made dangerous journeys to try for a better life. The Agenda discusses what it takes for someone to leave their world behind, and what it takes for a new country to truly feel like home.

Nov 27

The Future is Now

The less certainty there is about the future, the more anxious people become about how to be prepared for it. The Agenda is joined by authors of two new books that offer glimpses of what life might look like, and what skills will be needed.

Steve Paikin's Blog

Why do so many people think they can be excessively rude and personal when attacking politicians?

Brooklyn used to be a symbol of urban decay. Now, it’s an example of a grand transformation to a chic and desirable locale. Can Hamilton follow suit?

Does Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown's speech to the GTA Leader's Dinner signal a dramatically new Ontario conservative movement? 

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to people such as Jody Mitic, who served this country valiantly in the Canadian Forces. Likewise, we must remember important figures such as Mordechai Ronen, who survived the horrors of Auschwitz.

Deconstructing Election 2015 results tells us more about wins and losses, second-place finishers and who has the best chance of defeating the incumbent next time.

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