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The Agenda in the Summer: Anna Porter, Part 1

Money brings opportunity. For some, it delivers lavish lifestyles and trips around the world. For others, it enables them try and change the world. Financier George Soros is one of those individuals. He's spent billions of dollars on numerous political causes. Author Anna Porter tells Piya Chattopadhyay more about the man, and his motivation.

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Steve Paikin's Blog

Twenty years ago, Mike Harris made history and changed the province of Ontario in ways that are still felt today.

The Winnipeg institution opened amidst much controversy in 2014, but according to Steve Paikin it actually takes Canadians on a vital historical journey.

Sometimes, election campaigns don’t really matter, Steve Paikin writes — but this fall’s federal campaigns certainly will. And whoever wins, the outcome will be historic.

Steve Paikin frequently found himself trying to hold back tears at Laurentian University last week after learning the circumstances some students endured pick up their degrees. 

The education file is “a dog’s breakfast,” argues Steve Paikin. To stop a decades-long pattern of labour unrest in our schools, do unprecedented measures need to be taken?