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Nov 30

A Good Night's Sleep

The Agenda looks at how sleep impacts the body and mind, the effects of lack of sufficient sleep, and the history of one of the most natural, needed and coveted pastimes.

Dec 01


Often another parent is the purveyor of the most critical commentary on the way one handles their children. But they can also be a great comfort to one another. The Agenda looks at how parent interaction can influence child-rearing styles and also how "lactivism -" the pressure to breast feed - is bearing down on new mothers.

Dec 02

Going Above and Beyond

As part of The Agenda's continuing look back at ten seasons of programming, the show opens the vault on two stories about autism and one concerning cancer to highlight people who are not only rising to a challenge, but going above and beyond to inspire and encourage others who suffer similarly.

Dec 03

Taking Good Care

The Agenda discusses Ontario's growing number of "hidden patients-" those who by providing care to ill family or friends end up neglecting their own health. Then, is there a proper way to address mental illness? The Agenda discusses how language can empower or stigmatize.

Dec 04

Diversity and Legacy

The Agenda discusses how inherent, evolutionary bias can be un-learned, making way for a more compassionate attitude. Then, author Web Kinew reveals how his father's eventful life influenced and, in some ways, directed his own.

Steve Paikin's Blog

While the horrors of Lebanon, France, and Mali are still fresh in our minds, it may be a good time to step back and look at the bigger picture. 

While it’s unclear exactly how close Bob Rae and Justin Trudeau are, rumours abound on whether the former interim leader of the Liberals will be coming back to public life in some way.  

Why do so many people think they can be excessively rude and personal when attacking politicians?

Brooklyn used to be a symbol of urban decay. Now, it’s an example of a grand transformation to a chic and desirable locale. Can Hamilton follow suit?

Does Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown's speech to the GTA Leader's Dinner signal a dramatically new Ontario conservative movement? 

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