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Oct 05

Election 2015: Thomas Mulcair

NDP Leader, Thomas Mulcair joins The Agenda for a one-on-one conversation with Steve Paikin. Then, how effective is strategic voting as a tool to get the government voters want.

Oct 06

That Elusive Youth Vote

The Agenda follows up last night's broadcast of The Drop: Why Young People Don't Vote" with a round-table on how political parties can attract that elusive youth vote; how can platforms and candidates include issues that are important to young people.

Oct 07

Election 2015 and Cultural Identity

The Agenda explores dramatic cultural divisions that have developed during the federal election campaign, such as niqab-wearing at citizenship ceremonies and the tip-line for "cultural barbaric practices." Then, just exactly who are Stephen Harper's "old-stock" Canadians? Is Canada defined by its cultural mosaic any longer?

Oct 08

Courting Ontario

The Agenda looks at what Ontario voters want to see from the next Canadian government. Then, the value of running deficits has been much debated in the federal election campaign. The Agenda looks at the past and future of deficits.

Oct 09

The Agenda's Story, The Agenda's Week

Highlighting the story that made top news this week. The, The Agenda brings you its Week in Review.

Steve Paikin's Blog

The Liberal Party leader has distinguished himself from his main competitors by pledging to run “modest” deficits for a few years to kick-start the economy. But are they the right kinds of deficits? 

With still two weeks to go, and a victor far from certain, one thing is clear: The Liberal Party is the only one so far which seems a sure bet to improve its standing from last time. 

While I’d never suggest people ignore the current election campaign, get ready for the greatest thrill ride in sports — the Major League Baseball playoffs.

Two weeks ago, pundits were proclaiming Stephen Harper politically dead. But with rising poll numbers and a confident Munk Debate performance, he seems to have found his mojo.

Even 25 years after being sworn in, Bob Rae’s premiership is still a controversial talking-point for many. But what if he was just a victim of bad timing?

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