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Oct 03

Protecting Shared Waters: Why the Great Lakes Matter

Canada and the United States created the International Joint Commission to regulate shared water uses of the Great Lakes. The Agenda examines the importance of that commission, and the lakes themselves. Then, David Miller, president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada, discusses Greatness: The Great Lakes Project, a campaign to get Ontarians interested in the Great Lakes.

Oct 04

Great Lakes, Great Challenges

The Agenda considers the Great Lakes' biggest challenges, including the degradation of fish and wildlife populations, effects on drinking water, beach closures and increasing agricultural demands. Then, a look at four ports of concern in Ontario: Toronto's Harbourfront, Hamilton Harbour, the Bay of Quinte and Port Grundy.

Oct 05

The Effects of Global Warming on the Great Lakes

The Agenda explores how climate change is affecting the Great Lakes. What actions are needed to mitigate the damage, and to what extent can science help the Great Lakes recover?

Oct 06

Indigenous Peoples and the Great Lakes

The Agenda examines why First Nations leaders and communities need to be involved in discussions about the Great Lakes. Also, a look at Niagara Falls as an example of Canada-United cooperation on a complex hydroelectric system.

Oct 07

The Agenda's Story, The Agenda's Week

The Agenda highlights an important story from this week and reviews its week of programming.

Steve Paikin's Blog

The latest polls show the Ontario NDP and Liberals in a virtual tie. Does that give New Democrats cause to hope they might beat the Grits? 

Most Ontarians have probably never heard of Sir William Hearst, our seventh premier. But here are a few reasons he should be remembered. 

Presidential debates are America’s great Rorschach test: everyone sees what they want to. I saw a moderator do a fine job in a difficult situation.

In 2009, Craig Timmermans got sticker shock when faced with electricity charges for running his radio company on Ontario's Manitoulin Island. So he went green and slashed his electricity usage — and costs.

The next provincial election is about a year and a half away, but we already know a bit about who will be running the Liberal party’s 2018 campaign.

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