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Oct 24

Great Lakes Invaders, The Hidden Life of Trees

The Great Lakes ecosystem has been severely damaged by more than 180 invasive and non-native species. The Agenda examines threats and possible solutions. Then, The Agenda learns that trees can actually communicate and care for each other. Also, The Agenda reviews some of the most damaged spots on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario.

Oct 25

Solutions for a World in Decline, Rethinking Private Refugee

The Agenda welcomes author and Foreign Affairs magazine's managing editor Jonathan Tepperman to discuss the case for optimism in a time of crushing pessimism. Then, The Agenda looks at the strengths and weaknesses of Canada's Private Sponsorship of Refugees program.

Oct 26

Gender, Rights and Freedom of Speech

The Agenda discusses freedom of speech as it relates to gender identity and gender expression.

Oct 27

Handling Sexual Assault Trials, The Truth About Trauma

With a high number of unreported cases and a relatively low number of convictions, the judicial treatment of sexual assault is under increasing scrutiny in Canada. The Agenda examines how Canada's court system should address this issue. Then, could Canada develop a trauma-informed justice system to better respond to victims and witnesses of violent crime?

Oct 28

The Agenda's Story, The Agenda's Week

The Agenda highlights an important story from this week and reviews its week of programming.

Steve Paikin's Blog

David Smith has been into politics as long as anyone who knows him can remember. Can the former senator really imagine a life without it?

Have you ever wanted to just sell everything and travel the world? Christine Healy and Trevor Davis did. But they didn't just dream — now they're on the road.

Less than two years before the next provincial campaign, a detailed new survey shows the current governing party has a complicated path to retaining power.

The national New Democratic Party now finds itself in an impossible place, with no obvious prospects on the horizon. 

I wanted to find out everything that was happening to former Ontario premier Bill Davis for a book I was writing. I got way more than I bargained for.