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Aug 29

The Agenda in the Summer: Historians

The Agenda in the Summer discusses the people who record and teach history and how they can best bring the past to life.

Aug 30

The Agenda in the Summer: Historians and Technology

Nigel Raab, a professor of history, returns to talk to Nam Kiwanuka about the role and relevancy of the modern historian in an age when anyone can Google historical events.

Aug 31

The Agenda in the Summer: The Value of a PhD

Paul Keen, an English professor at Carleton University, discusses the potentially diminishing value of a PhD education.

Sep 01

The Agenda in the Summer: The Humanities

The Agenda in the Summer discusses what the study of humanities has to offer students who are looking toward post-graduate careers.

Sep 02

The Agenda in the Summer: Hamilton's Historical Epidemics

Anthropology professor Ann Herring discusses Hamilton's history dealing with infectious diseases and epidemics.

Steve Paikin's Blog

Considering all the recent drama over contract negotiations, are the province’s doctors really being treated more harshly than teachers were? 

While the Ontario Medical Association consults its members, the splinter group Concerned Ontario Doctors has come up with a proposal. But there is little chance the government will even consider it.  

The Ontario Council of Hospital Unions says this province’s hospitals are starved of funds. The statistics back this up, but they don’t tell the whole story.

I’ve always had a special interest in politicians who’ve been athletes as well. Meet ex-MPP and Ticat Tim Reid.

So far, we’ve covered many different angles in the fight between Ontario’s doctors and the provincial government. Now, it’s time to talk about how brass-knuckles, partisan politics fits in here. 

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