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Oct 17

The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy, The Trouble with Anger

A world in flux awaits the new U.S. president: Russia, China, Europe and the Middle East each present new complications that will test, and possibly define, the world order to come. The Agenda welcomes former U.S. Ambassador to Finland Derek Shearer, to examine what lies ahead for U.S. foreign policy. Then, prominent philosopher Martha Nussbaum dissects the outrage that has fueled Donald Trump.

Oct 18

Money Relationships, Economics of Cohabitation

The Agenda explores whether paying with cash or credit changes the way people value their purchases. Then, The Agenda considers the economics of cohabitation.

Oct 19

Justin Trudeau: One Year In, Trudeaumania Then and Now

It's been one year since the Liberal Party's sweeping federal election victory. The Agenda looks at Justin Trudeau's inaugural year. Then, how does Justin Trudeau's popularity compare with 1960s Trudeaumania?

Oct 20

The True Cost of Nuclear, Nuclear Refurbishment

The Agenda visits the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station to learn about the $12.8 billion refurbishment. Then, a discussion about the true cost of nuclear power. Also, 10 questions on threats to Great Lakes wetlands.

Oct 21

The Agenda's Story, The Agenda's Week

The meeting between the provincial health ministers and the their federal counterpart earlier this week, did not go as smoothly as the medical community had hoped. The Agenda explores the issues which stand in the way of a new national Health Accord. Then, a review of the week's programs.

Steve Paikin's Blog

Have you ever wanted to just sell everything and travel the world? Christine Healy and Trevor Davis did. But they didn't just dream — now they're on the road.

Less than two years before the next provincial campaign, a detailed new survey shows the current governing party has a complicated path to retaining power.

The national New Democratic Party now finds itself in an impossible place, with no obvious prospects on the horizon. 

I wanted to find out everything that was happening to former Ontario premier Bill Davis for a book I was writing. I got way more than I bargained for.

For 10 years I’ve wanted former Ontario Premier Bill Davis to get the celebration he so richly deserved. I feared it would never happen. Thankfully, last week, it did.