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Jul 25

The Agenda in the Summer: Diversity and Dancing

Despite showing tremendous creativity and drawing big crowds, Canada's rock scene lags in diversity. Popular punk rock artist Shehzaad Jiwani joins the program to discuss why. Also, psychology professor Laurel Trainor explores music, dance and neuroscience from the moonwalk to the Macarena.

Jul 26

The Agenda in the Summer: Tom Vanderbilt

Taste is individual and subjective, but how is it formed? Author Tom Vanderbilt discusses how choices are made on a singular level and how they collectively jibe.

Jul 27


Jul 28

The Agenda in the Summer: Tim Falconer and Micah Barnes

In an effort to understand and overcome his tone deafness, author Tim Falconer turned to singer Micah Barnes for vocal lessons. They discuss the results with Nam Kiwanuka.

Jul 29

The Agenda in the Summer: Laurel Trainor

If music is the food of love, can it help nurture and heal the brain? Neuroscientist Laurel Trainor discusses how the brain processes music and its role in brain development and health.

Steve Paikin's Blog

Ontario’s doctors should look to the precedent set by elementary school teachers. History tells us that turning down a generous offer from the government could make things even worse.

For the first time in a quarter-century, thousands of dissatisfied doctors have forced a halt to a vote on a tentative agreement. But can the proposed deal with the province change enough to satisfy them?

Just when it looked as if the province and the OMA had their issues all figured out, a doctor-led mutiny erupted. Here's what happened. 

The provincial government announced this week that Ontario’s annual economic growth rate was much better than forecast. Here’s why a large part of the province isn’t feeling the upsurge.  

New cabinet minister Eleanor McMahon inherited a department that has drafted the province’s first culture strategy. Here’s why reworking budget allocations could give a boost to artistic investments and projects.

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