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May 30

MPPs, Music and Moby

A number of Queen's Park politicians are halfway through their first terms and join The Agenda to discuss being the new MPPs on the legislative block. Also, The Agenda welcomes '90s recording artist and DJ Moby to discuss the state of popular music in an age of free downloads.

May 31

Economics and the EU

As India surpasses China in population and economic growth, The Agenda discusses what the future holds for this burgeoning country and how their new position in the global economy could affect Canada. Also, Tim Montgomerie, columnist for the Times of London, joins The Agenda to discuss the U.K.'s potential pullout from the European Union.

Jun 01

New Senators, Terrorism and Drones

The Agenda checks in with three Liberal-appointed senators: Peter Harder, Frances Lankin and Ratna Omidvar. Also, New York Times national security reporter Scott Shane discusses drones and terrorism.

Jun 02

Truth and Reconciliation One Year Later

Truth and Reconciliation chair Murray Sinclair reviews the commission's progress one year later. Then, The Agenda discusses aboriginal stereotypes with those who experience prejudice. Also, The Agenda reviews the success of Canada's Mental Health Commission.

Jun 03

The Agenda's Story, The Agenda's Week

The Agenda highlights a story making news this week. The Agenda reviews its week of programming.

Steve Paikin's Blog

Randolph Churchill, great-grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, recently visited Toronto to share stories about Britain’s Second World War leader…and indulge in one of his great-grandfather’s favourite hobbies.

Justin Trudeau’s behaviour in Parliament still dominates the conversation despite the fact that doctors, nurses and people in extreme pain are now in legal limbo.

Ontario Liberals want to frame PC Leader Patrick Brown as a right wing ideologue. But he refuses to play along.  

​The federal NDP has decided not to rush into picking Thomas Mulcair’s replacement. The delay could make the contest much more interesting.

Two stalwarts of the political backrooms think current fundraising rules aren’t broke and don’t need fixing.

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