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Monday, March 27, 2017


6:00 am
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6:02 am
Ella the Elephant
Hello Dolly
When Ella's favourite doll is accidently sold at the village garage sale, she and her friends comb the island to get it back.
6:15 am
Hi Opie!
Snow Day
On the day of a big snowstorm, Opie and Ms. Doney are the only two that make it to class.
6:24 am
Now You Know
How do Snakes move without Legs? Safari Howie and Baboo are deep in the make-believe jungle (aka their backyard) looking for anacondas when they come across a garter snake and wonder, ,How do snakes move without legs?, They visit reptile expert Lee at Reptilia zoo to see snakes up close, and Baboo overcomes his fear of snakes.
6:31 am
Mega Magnet Mover
Flex is making a clock for his Grandpa's birthday. But as he goes to put the finishing touches on his design, he realizes he's lost his Doodriver. Re-tracing his steps with the help of a giant magnet and his friends, Flex is able to track down his favourite tool just in time for the party!
6:43 am
That's So Twisted
Eric is tangled up with what seems to be a never-ending challenge. How will he make a set of linking rings from one strip of paper? It's not magic... it's math!
6:48 am
Dino Dan
Dino Racers
At an indoor Go-Kart Track, the kids learn about dinosaur speeds when Trek tells a story about kids in go-karts who raced dinosaurs!
7:00 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save a Blimp
When Mayor Humdinger mistakenly believes that Cap'n Turbot's new weather blimp actually changes the weather, he swipes the floating aircraft. When the Mayor tries to run away with the blimp, he, a couple kittens, and a sheep are snagged in the blimp's tether and float off. It's up to the Paw Patrol to rescue them before they crash into the Adventure Bay suspension bridge.
7:12 am
Odd Squad (SV)
Failure to Lunch
Olympia takes Otis out for lunch in an effort to prove she doesn't need to work all the time.
7:26 am
Explore More
Explore More - Wheel and Axel
A science series hosted by Kara and shot with real kids in the real world, helping school age children learn that science is everywhere. This episode is about wheels and axels.
7:30 am
Wild Kratts
Chris and Martin get caught in the middle of a Zebra stampede, and when the dust clears, a lone baby Zebra is left behind. The Wild Kratts must find the young zebra's herd and return him to his mom. Along the way, they learn the secrets of patterns in the creature world and how the zebra's stripes are critical to a special defense called ,confusion camouflage., Animals Featured: Zebra, Hyena, Giraffe, Hippo, Crocodile Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Zebras using their unique ,confusion camouflage, defense against predators; a stallion face-off
7:58 am
Buster Spaces Out / The Long Road Home
Inspired by footage of the moon landing, Buster is determined to make it to outer space. His first step is launching a rocket! He enlists the help of his friends but soon finds out this project may be too much to handle. NASA astronaut Mike Finke steps in to help the blast-off. --- After costing Lakewood Elementary the win in a relay race against Mighty Mountain, George wants to redeem himself - he's determined to walk all the way from Crown City to Elwood City to raise money for autism research. There's just one problem - no one really thinks he can do it! This episode also marks the homecoming for "El Boomerang"!
8:23 am
Now You Know
Why do Dogs Sniff Everything? Doggies Howie and Baboo dig in the dirt, fetch, and shake a paw, before wondering, ,Why do dogs sniff everything?, At the park, Howie and Baboo visit dog trainer Gillian, bring Noah the dog for a walk on his leash, and get the scoop on dog behaviour.
8:30 am
Can You Imagine That!
Ben loves animals so much that he wants to be a veterinarian, that's an animal doctor. He would use his doctor's tools to give pets a check up when they come to see him. All kinds of different animals, like dogs and birds, and even hippos and giraffes would come to visit Ben in his animal clinic! Ben would help Bubbles the Monkey who keeps bumping his head. That silly monkey!
8:36 am
Zou Plays Cricket
When Zou and his family go to the beach to play cricket, they think they find a pirate's old treasure.
8:50 am
Zerby Derby
In a Pinch
Zack, Lily and Rex are racing back to Zerby Town when Rex gets stuck under a fallen tree. Zack and Lily try to push him out but he's truly stuck. Zack tries to pull while Lily pushes, but still no luck. They think that digging down would work, until they realize Rex is on rock, not dirt. Finally they realize that if Rex takes some air out of his tires, he will lower down enough to get out from under the log.
8:57 am
Otto the Mouse
Otto is a very quick mouse. If he's not sitting still, it's almost impossible to see him. He lives in the country, but sometimes he sneaks into houses to see if he can find some tasty snacks - his favourite food is cheese.
9:00 am
Paw Patrol
Pups' Adventures in Babysitting / Pups Save the Fireworks
Mayor Goodway has her hands full with her twin niece and nephew Julia and Julius. She calls on the Paw Patrol to rescue them from a tree, and then twin sit for the day! During a big game of hide and go seek, Julia and Julius decide to hide in the Lookout and before they know it they find themselves on a fast ride in Zuma's hovercraft just as a big storm is kicking up. Zuma catches a ride on the back of Ryder's ATV to rescue his vehicle, and tow the twins to shore. --- Mayor Goodway is super excited about the fireworks display that will top off Adventure Bay Day. That is until she discovers there's been a mix-up at the post office and she has received a package of piglets! To add to the chaos, once the box was opened up, all the piglets escaped! She calls in the Paw Patrol to find her fireworks and rescue the pigs. Chase is on a wild piglet round-up as he and Skye find and capture the little oinkers, while Ryder and Marshall track down the missing box of fireworks.
9:26 am
Zip It
Spike is interrupted in the middle of finishing his new zip line because the Peach Picker has broken down and the Pod Squad need to invent a new way to harvest the fruit.
9:38 am
Rob the Robot
Easy Peasy Rider
Ema's trying to learn how to ride a bike, but she's terrified to move or let anyone push her.   The gang suggests she try a different bike, and head to the Bike Planet to find the perfect ride for her.
9:52 am
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Cowboy Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave get to be cowboys for the day at Six Cow Corral. There's plenty of 'Yee-haws' and number fun as they round up all the cows and count them all safely home. Educational - Counting, including simple addition and subtraction.
10:04 am
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Daddy the Plumber
Miffy finds a dripping tap, and Daddy's attempts to fix it - despite Miffy's warnings! - almost lead to a watery disaster. Boris saves the day, but will Daddy learn his lesson?
10:11 am
Wibbly Pig
Wibbly is flying a very lovely kite that he made - waiting for Aunt Larlie to arrive - he's even wearing one of her very special new sweaters that she has knitted for him. But then disaster strikes when the kite falls to the ground and lands in a puddle. It is broken beyond repair. Then Wibbly falls in the puddle and ruins his sweater - what will Aunt Larlie say? When he hangs up the sweater to dry he inadvertently creates a brand new kite! But here comes Aunt Larlie - what will she say when she sees her hard work flying above the park?
10:23 am
Jingly Shoes
Bing finds his old baby shoes. They are much too small for Bing now but Coco loves them and so does baby Charlie. When the shoes are a perfect fit for Charlie, Bing has a hard time letting them go to a new home.
10:31 am
Thomas & Friends (CG)
Creaky Cranky
It's the day of the Spring Party at the DUKE and DUCHESS OF BOXFORD'S Summer House. CRANKY teases THOMAS that he can only carry light loads. THOMAS is outraged by this and determines to prove to CRANKY that he is not ,Tiny Thomas,. First he 'borrows' JAMES' heavy load and then HENRY'S. CRANKY lifts both - albeit with a lot of creaking and cranking. So THOMAS decides CRANKY should lift something heavier - himself. It's too heavy for CRANKY and CRANKY breaks! SIR TOPHAM HATT is very cross. THOMAS asks SPENCER to take the heavy loads to the party at the Summer House. THOMAS then rushes to the Steam Works for parts for CRANKY. CRANKY and THOMAS have a party together at the Docks!
10:42 am
Thomas & Friends (CG)
Gordon and Ferdinand
The Fat Controller tells Bash, Dash and Ferdinand that they are to be given a reward to welcome them to his railroad. First of all Ferdinand is to be given the reward of sharing Gordon's special. They will be taking the Lion of Sodor to the summerhouse and Ferdinand will be Gordon's back engine. Gordon isn't happy about being teamed up with 'frumpy' Ferdinand so takes the quiet track so no-one can see them. They soon pass workmen who cheer for Ferdinand (not for Gordon or the Lion of Sodor!). At Maron Station Dowager Hatt and a group of children cheer for Ferdinand too. Gordon comes up with another plan to take the quiet tracks across the fenland but Gordon goes too fast and the Lion of Sodor falls into the river. Gordon realises he was wrong to think he was grander than Ferdinand. Ferdinand helps Gordon to get the Lion of Sodor back and they take it to the Steamworks to get it fixed. Gordon now gives Ferdinand the honour of being the front engine to pull the Lion of Sodor. Ferdinand and Gordon are cheered as they race along the tracks and deliver the lion to the Duke and Duchess at the summerhouse.
10:54 am
Hi Opie!
A Special Show and Tell
Opie is super excited to present his new toy to the class at Show and Tell, until he discovers it's missing.
11:02 am
Tinga Tinga Tales
Why Porcupine has Quills
You see there was a time when Porcupine didn't have quills, she had the softest coat in all of Tinga Tinga... and Jackal wanted it. Despite warnings from all the animals Porcupine allows Jackal to invite her to his cave to keep out of the rain. Porcupine takes off her coat to allow it to dry, but while she sleeps naughty Jackal runs off with it. When she awakes Porcupine is covered in lots of tiny ant bites and they itch and they itch and they itch. Tortoise suggests Elephant squeeze some milk from the Milky Quill bush... but Porcupine can't wait anymore and runs into the Quill bushes to relieve her itching. Crash! Crash! Crash! Porcupine crashes through the Quill bushes and emerges covered in spikey quills! The animals can't believe their eyes! But Porcupine is delighted as no beast will ever come near her sensitive skin ever again! Tales from Africa.
11:14 am
Peep and the Big Wide World
The Sounds of Silence 1 of 2
Quack is in a bit of a pickle; he's decided not to talk until Chirp begs him to. (That could take a long time!)
11:27 am
GBB: Art in the Yard
Gisele decorates the number 6 with colourful yarn.
In this episode, which features the number 6, Gisele shows the children at home how to decorate cardboard cutouts of number 6 using colourful yarns while introducing the concept of measurement.
11:29 am
Doggy Day School
Pedro's Pretend
Pedro is in a very bad mood because it's raining and they can't go to the park. The dogs decide make a game of pretending they're at the park. Only Pedro has no idea what to pretend so Suki suggests he pretend he's in a good mood. Pedro surprises himself by enjoying the game so much he actually is in a good mood.
11:41 am
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Thar She Blows!
On the way to Driftwood Bay, Lily spots a big mysterious blue rock out at sea. Salty didn't see it and thinks Lily was seeing things. This makes Lily determined to prove to Salty that it does exist. The rock returns - but it's not what anyone expected it to be!
11:48 am
GBB: Jolly Reader
O'Spelly's Favourite Meal
Pirate Gisele sails the seven seas with her motley puppet crew as they explore literacy building blocks. Spelling, Rhyming, phonics, sign reading, and critical thinking are all explored in this fun adventure series. In this episode The crew use clues to try and figure out what O'Spelly's favourite meal is. Concentration on word sounds (rhyming), letter recognition, and left to right directionality.
11:52 am
Zerby Derby
Wind Chime
Chase the helicopter is having a hard time taking off from his landing pad on a very windy day on Zerby Town Ridge. Zack comes by and tries to help. They spot which way the wind is coming from by using leaves, but the wind changes direction when Chase rises into the air. They call Mika the Mechanic and she brings a leaf tail - a few leaves tied on a string - to help them see which way the wind is blowing. But the leaf tail needs to be at the right spot to help them see the wind. On the ground doesn't work, neither does the spot on the trunk of a tree. They find it works best when it's high-up and in the open.


12:00 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save a Chili Cook-off
When Adventure Bay goes up against Foggy Bottom in a Chili Cook-Off, Mr. Porter's batch is ruined, along with his stove! It'll take teamwork and ingenuity to cook up a brand new batch of delicious chili and keep Humdinger's Kitten Kitastrophe Crew from ruining it!
12:12 pm
Project Table Tennis
The clock clock clock of table tennis balls has the Floogals' curiosity peeked. A very fun game of ping pong ensues, as they discover just what the boy and his friend have been playing - a super fun game on a table!
12:23 pm
Making Stuff
Gears and Wiz get swept up in the excitement of seeing straw and a stick turned into a broom.
12:30 pm
Dinosaur Train
Crystal and King Benefit Concert - Part 1 & 2
When Crystal and the King go for a trip to the Big Pond, they learn that it's being recklessly overfished! They enlist the help of the Pteranodon Family to try to spread the word that if the dinosaurs and pterosaurs aren't more careful, the Big Pond will run out of fish to eat. But when Crystal realizes that nothing they're doing is actually raising awareness of the issue, she decides to organize a HUGE benefit concert, and everyone agrees to pitch in and help (as long as the King doesn't have to perform)! --- The ,Don't Overfish the Big Pond, Benefit Concert is underway, and it's a HUGE success! But because there's so much to organize, Crystal never finds the time to rehearse her big finale - so when it's time for her to go onstage, she experiences something she's never experienced before - stage fright! Can the kids help Crystal get over her stage fright and get her back onstage, or will the King have to come out of ,performance retirement, to help her out?
12:57 pm
GBB: Jay Jay's Jam
Jay Jay's Jam: Harmonium
Naman plays Jai Hoi on the Harmonium.
1:01 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Birthday Party Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave celebrate Hatty's birthday by playing all of his favorite party games, and find him a surprise birthday gift along the way. Educational - Increasing memory, concentration and observation skills. Learning the rules of structured game play and actioning them. Also, understanding positioning word 'under'.
1:13 pm
Mr. Moon
Sunny Loses her Shine
Mr Moon and the gang try different ways to cheer Sunny up after she loses her shine.
1:27 pm
Looking After Flop
Flop is feeling poorly so Bing decides to look after him. He makes Flop comfy on the sofa, gives him a blanket and reads an exciting Hoppity Voosh story. But when Bing tries to make Flop a honey-lemon drink he ends up making a big mess instead. Poor Flop.
1:34 pm
Thomas & Friends (CG)
Toby and Bash
The Fat Controller gives Bash a reward for being a Really Useful Engine. His reward is to spend the day with Toby. First Toby and Bash pick up the children at Knapford Station and take them to Bluff's Cove. Then they heave and haul slate to Brendham Docks. Soon they are tired and Bash needs a rest so Toby brings Bash to Arlsedale End. Bash thinks Arlesdale is beautiful and Toby lets him sleep there. Toby thinks that Bash would like a home of his own on Sodor and sets out with Bash to find the perfect home. They visit the Fenlands but Bash is scared of the ducks. Next Toby brings bash to Farmer McColl's Field but the cows scare Bash so he races off. Next Toby takes Bash to the cliff top where they see Dash and Ferdinand below. Toby realises that Bash just wants his home to remain on Misty Island. Toby takes Bash to Misty Island and soon Bash is happily back with Dash and Ferdinand.
1:45 pm
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Melanie's School Trip
The whole class has gone on a school visit to the farm. Miffy most wants to see the horse, but Melanie seems to want to see everything BUT the horse - why?
1:52 pm
The Day Henry Met...
The Day Henry Met... A Fire Engine
Henry meets a friendly Fire Engine. It's his first day on the job and he's a little nervous when a call comes in about a cat stuck up a tree. Henry becomes a Fireman for the day and with help from a few friends, he helps Fire Engine rescue the Cat from the tree.
1:57 pm
I'm a Creepy Crawly
Creepy Crawlies are slimy, squashy, stingy little pests. Or so we all think, but they've got a thing or two to say about that.
2:00 pm
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Lily finds an old compass washed up on the beach that proves useful on Driftwood Bay when Bull seems to be in trouble up on the Great North Cliff. Hatsie and Lily race to the rescue, but when they reach Bull, it becomes clear that he is in less danger than they thought.
2:07 pm
GBB: Sticks' Feelings
Sticks' Feelings: Gisele and That Argue
In these segments which deal with aspects of young children's social and emotional development, our squirrel character Sticks experiences an emotion and with the help of Gisele, learns to deal with what he is feeling in a way appropriate to preschoolers. In this episode, Sticks deals with anxiety when two of his friends argue.
2:11 pm
Rob the Robot
Raiders of the Lost Treasure
Rob and his friends seek out an ancient treasure and discover that teamwork is best, when they find themselves in a race against a treasure hunter on the Explorer Planet.
2:23 pm
Zerby Derby
Slippery Bridge
Zack and Rex try to cross a mud pit on a log. But the log is wet from the rain and is too slippery for them to get across without falling in the mud. They try going slow, but that doesn't work. Rex tries dropping sand on the log, but the sand he drops when he drives forward doesn't get under his wheels and he falls off. When he tries dropping the sand by going backwards, he can't see where he's going and ends up in the mud again. When they go off looking for answers, Zack discovers that a second log placed against the first keeps them from falling off, no matter how slippery both logs are. With Strut's help they place a log alongside the first and it keeps them from sliding sideways.
2:31 pm
Hi Opie!
Double Duty
Opie doesn't know what to do when he wants to play with two of his friends at the same time.
2:39 pm
Mister Maker
Mister Maker 205
Mister Maker makes a 'surprising' picture, creates a wobbly clown in under a minute and shows you how to make a brilliant bubble wrap cactus that never needs watering! Guess the answer to the shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kid's' build a huge lion.
2:58 pm
GBB: This & That Shop
Jay helps This and That find the word 'in'.
This and That have misplaced the word 'in' for their sign. Jay arrives and helps them find the word 'in' in the words 'pins', tins', 'pumpkins'. Now that they have the 'in', Jay asks if she can borrow the word 'out', so everyone knows she's out and about.
3:01 pm
Making Stuff
Turn blocks of wax and paraffin into lovely pillar, votive and tapered candles ready for any occasion. Gears and Wiz are burning to find out how each type are made.
3:06 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save Jake / Pups Save the Parade
Jake and Chase go deep cave spelunking when Jake ends up getting his ankle stuck between some fallen rocks! Ryder, Rubble with his new JACKHAMMER, and Marshall with his new FIRST MEDICAL RESPONSE GEAR need to get to the cave right away and save Jake! --- Adventure Bay Parade Day goes awry when Alex puts too many balloons on Katie's bathtub float. It literally ,floats, away, and with Cali and Chickaletta inside!
3:30 pm
Now You Know
How does a Tornado Happen? Super Howie spins himself into a tornado to help Baboo's kite (and Baboo) become airborne, then wonders, "How does a tornado happen?" They visit climatologist David Phillips at the Ontario Science Centre to see a tornado simulator in action and learn more about tornadoes.
3:37 pm
Space Racers
Mars Map Mystery
Studying at the Mars campus, Eagle, Robyn and Hawk stumble upon a mysterious old map that seems to reveal a network of Martian canals built by some ancient civilization. If they can find them it would be the discovery of the century, not to mention an A+ presentation in class. Their search takes them on a wild trek across the red planet, where they brave a massive storm, tornadoes, dust devils, and even an encounter with Sojourner, the original Mars rover - but no sign of any "canals"... only to discover that the map is a fraud, and the idea of Martian canals was debunked long ago. Eagle is downcast until he realizes that their search has yielded a discovery just as interesting: a dry river delta, evidence of Mars' watery past. No aliens, but it still a nifty presentation!
3:49 pm
Project Robot
Our team of explorers think they've made a new friend but it turns out to me a motion controlled robot. As Flo gets whisked off by the little girl and her friend, Fleeker and Boomer have to work out how to control 'YeeHaw' the robot so that he can create a disctraction and help them rescue Flo!
4:05 pm
A Twister Tale / Stinky Shoes
After reading the Wizard of Oz, the gang wonders... could a tornado really pick up a house? To find out, they call up Mundi's friend Luke, who's a storm-chaser but when the call ends abruptly, Doki declares a rescue expedition! The Team flies to a weather station near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to make sure Luke is okay. Luckily he's fine - and with a storm brewing, the Team goes tornado spotting with him. Fico becomes a hero when he sounds a warning siren to alert a town to an oncoming twister - but he also learns respect for nature when his bike is mangled in the storm. --- Oto has a big tennis match coming up, but his smelly shoes are banned from the clubhouse. Their distinctive smell is stinking the whole place up! But why do Oto's lucky shoes smell exactly like stinky cheese? If they answer that question, maybe they can deodorize Oto's smelly shoes, AND the clubhouse! They head to a stinky cheese festival in Limburger, Belgium, to learn what makes things smell. While there, Oto's shoes go missing - and it takes Gabi's delicate nose to track them down before the big game.
4:30 pm
Falaelosphy/ The Great Lint Rush
At the urging of guest-star author Neil Gaiman ("Coraline" , "The Graveyard Book") Sue Ellen tries her hand at writing a graphic novel. When she needs inspiration, she turns to Neil... and to the philosophy lessons of her local falafel vendor! --- Mr. Toad is back! And he's ready to corner the Sock Market, leaving everyone in Elwood City barefoot. Can Pal and Kate negotiate for their socks....or will there be another sock depression like the Great Chilly Toes Scare of 1929 ??
4:58 pm
Odd Squad
Olympia's Day / Otis's Day
When a new room opens up in headquarters, all the agents want a piece. --- Getting a villain back to Headquarters proves cumbersome when the tubes are down for maintenance.
5:27 pm
Wild Kratts
A Huge Orange Problem
While Chris and Martin are off searching for the endangered Orangutan in the deep forests of Borneo, back at the Tortuga HQ Aviva, Koki and Jimmy get carried away swinging on vines and their muscles so get incredibly sore that they can't do anything. The bros attempt to rush back with the first aid kit but a huge orangutan keeps tossing them back into the forest. Here they learn that orangutans use a special leaf and chew it into a lotion to ease muscle soreness, and return with this orangutan medicine to help their friends. But Zach has sent his Zachbots to fell the trees of the orangutan forest, and Martin and Chris activate the orangutan powers of the Creature Power Suit to rid the forest of saw-armed Zachbots, and save the orangutans rainforest home. Animals Featured: Orangutan Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Orangutans making medicine out of leaves to relieve itching; newly-discovered behavior of Orangutans mashing Collellum leaves as a poultice to relieve muscle inflammation and soreness
5:56 pm
Dino Dan
Tracker Trek
When Penelope and her Mom take Trek camping, they wake up to find that something's messed up their campsite. Trek thinks it was a dino. But which dino? It's up to Trek and Penelope to track it and find out!
6:08 pm
Look Kool
Uh oh, Koolkatt is on the fritz! When Hamza can't get his beloved robot cat to behave, he discovers that his pet is made of all kinds of cool parts, including a computer! To fix Koolkatt, Hamza must learn how to speak to computers. But how?
6:33 pm
Mystery Files
The Mystery of the Big Deal
Kyla repairs the ring with a jeweler, and discovers it's a wedding ring - a symbol of a contract. Meanwhile E.B. takes the wampum belt to a Native expert, and learns that it was also a kind of contract. The seal-stamper clue turns out to be a seal of authenticity; it leads Kyla to a violin store, where she gets to examine a real Stradivarius violin worth millions of dollars. The gang realizes that contracts take many forms, but no matter what they look like, they're all about keeping your word.
6:57 pm
DRTV TVOKids Philanthropy
DRTV TVOKids Philanthropy Support TVOKids and donate today at: Or call 1-855-667-8886 TVO Never Stop Learning


7:00 pm
On Thin Ice
Canada is home to more than one million lakes and one of the largest freshwater supplies in the entire world, but scientists are discovering that these vast resources, and the ecosystems they support, are increasingly at risk due to the effects of climate change. From changing rainfall patterns, to reduced snowpack, melting mountain glaciers and warming lakes, Canada is more vulnerable to climate change than many of us assume.
7:30 pm
Food Unwrapped Series 3 Ep 4
Jimmy investigates whether manuka honey has any medicinal properties. Kate discovers why some varieties of caviar are so much cheaper than others. And Matt visits a Scottish distillery.
7:55 pm
Support TVO: Current Affairs and Documentaries
Steve Paikin and Stacey Dunseath discuss the importance of viewer support for TVO's current affairs and documentary content.
8:00 pm
A Civil Rights Trailblazer; Hip Hop Legends
The Agenda welcomes publisher, broadcaster and civil rights crusader, B. Denham Jolly to discuss his autobiography "In the Black: My Life." Then, legendary Toronto rappers Dream Warriors examine their impact on Canadian hip hop.
9:00 pm
Ep. 8 - Till Death
New evidence brings Tony, Emily, Julien and Mark ever closer to finding out the truth behind Oliver's disappearance. But after so many years of searching, are Tony and Emily prepared for the reality of what actually has happened to their son and will they finally be given the peace of mind to move on with their lives?
10:00 pm
Superfoods: The Real Story - Avacados and Cinnamon
In Los Angeles, Kate discovers if avocados can make burgers healthy. She also looks at cinnamon for type 2 diabetes and hot chillies for heartburn.
10:30 pm
Survivors Rowe
For almost 20 years, Anglican priest Ralph Rowe sexually abused children on reserves across northern Ontario. This film documents the harrowing and tragic stories of three men who were victims of Rowe and the courageous journey they undertake to arrive at a place of healing and forgiveness.
11:00 pm
A Civil Rights Trailblazer; Hip Hop Legends
The Agenda welcomes publisher, broadcaster and civil rights crusader, B. Denham Jolly to discuss his autobiography "In the Black: My Life." Then, legendary Toronto rappers Dream Warriors examine their impact on Canadian hip hop.

Late Night

12:00 am
Ep. 8 - Till Death
New evidence brings Tony, Emily, Julien and Mark ever closer to finding out the truth behind Oliver's disappearance. But after so many years of searching, are Tony and Emily prepared for the reality of what actually has happened to their son and will they finally be given the peace of mind to move on with their lives?
1:25 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Storm chasers
The changing climate means more frequent, intense storms. The most expensive natural disaster in Ontario history was the massive 2013 rain storm, which dumped 125mm of rain in a few hours. Storm chasers see the effects of severe weather first-hand. Here's what they see.
2:00 am
On Thin Ice
Canada is home to more than one million lakes and one of the largest freshwater supplies in the entire world, but scientists are discovering that these vast resources, and the ecosystems they support, are increasingly at risk due to the effects of climate change. From changing rainfall patterns, to reduced snowpack, melting mountain glaciers and warming lakes, Canada is more vulnerable to climate change than many of us assume.
2:54 am
Learning Portraits
Learning Portrait: Dan Kunanec
Part of TVO's Learning Portraits series, Dan Kunanec talks about teaching the Green Industries course at Don Mills CI, and how it is a learning experience every day.
3:00 am
Question Period: Monday, March 27, 2017
Discussions at Queen's Park today.
4:05 am
Ep. 1 - The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors
The unlikely roots of the Ottomans are revealed by journalist Rageh Omaar. From nomadic horsemen, in a rural backwater of modern-day Turkey, they became rulers of a vast empire spanning three continents. At an incredible speed they came to rule over Baghdad and Cairo in the south, where they controlled the holiest sites of Islam - Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem - and they reached deep into Europe, taking in Sarajevo and threatening the gates of Vienna.
5:00 am
A Civil Rights Trailblazer; Hip Hop Legends
The Agenda welcomes publisher, broadcaster and civil rights crusader, B. Denham Jolly to discuss his autobiography "In the Black: My Life." Then, legendary Toronto rappers Dream Warriors examine their impact on Canadian hip hop.
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