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Friday, May 26, 2017


6:00 am
DRTV TVOKids Philanthropy
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6:02 am
Ella the Elephant
Ella's Haywire Hat
When Ella tries to use her magic hat to get out of her chores, the hat gets 'sick' and begins acting strange. Ella and her friends try to get to the bottom of her haywire hat and come to realize how it must be used responsibly.
6:15 am
Hi Opie!
Being Opie
Opie discovers that people like him for who he is, even though he might do things a little differently from time to time.
6:22 am
GBB: First on the Scene
First on the Scene: Planting
First on the Scene celebrates children's accomplishments. Everything from learning to skate, riding a bike without training wheels, losing a first tooth, to drawing a great picture --by profiling children on a preschool news magazine-styled show called Big Backyard News (BBN). The BBN news anchor is Sticks from Gisèle's Big Backyard. In this episode, Julia plants a flower for the first time.
6:25 am
Now You Know
Dogs (Season 2)
At the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, Howie and Baboo visit guide dog trainer Sarah, meet a dog in training, and get the scoop on how dogs are trained to help people.
6:32 am
An Itch You Can't Scratch
Professor Gimbal is getting rid of some of his old inventions, but he's bummed that he has to throw them out. That's when the Pod Squad decides to re-purpose them in a whole new way.
6:44 am
Frieze Dance
Eric shows off his fancy footwork to prove how math patterns are used in dance, art and in architecture. It's not magic... it's math!
6:49 am
Dino Dan
Training Wings
Dan teaches Trek how to ride a bike while teaching a baby Pterodactylus how to fly.
7:01 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save a Dragon
The town play is sure to be a hit with Katie as a princess and Marshall playing as the back half of a dragon. But when Marshall takes a quick nap during a rehearsal break, he wakes to find a real fire-breathing dragon guarding a sleeping Katie in the Lookout Tower! Ryder calls in the Air Patroller and puts a plan in action. Marshall will have to put out the dragon's fire-y breath while the other pups distract it, and Rocky will have to fly in Cali to give Katie her true love kitty kiss if this fairy tale is to have a happy ending!
7:14 am
Odd Squad (SV)
Best Seats in the House
Olive and Oren battle with rival agents Oren and Olaf over who gets the best chairs at headquarters. Meanwhile, Ms. O and Oscar run a top secret mission with Agent Octavia.
7:29 am
Wild Kratts
Masked Bandits
As they prepare for a creature costume party, the Wild Kratts team begins to notice all sorts of strange things happening in the Tortuga HQ. Jimmy is sure there is a ghost or monster living with them, but the Kratt brothers are convinced it's some kind of creature. When the gang sets out to discover who is causing all the trouble, they discover that certain animals gravitate towards human habitation because it provides food and protection from predators. Animals Featured: Raccoon, Gray wolf Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Raccoon swimming, Wolves hunting raccoon
7:57 am
D.W.'s Library Card / Arthur's Big Hit
When D.W. discovers that she can get her own library card, she rejoices at the world of books waiting for her. Is it ever okay to hit someone? Arthur finds himself on both ends of the hitting question.
8:22 am
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit aquarist Kevin at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, who introduces them to a glass tank full of jellyfish. They learn about jellyfish body parts and why it is different from a fish.
8:30 am
Can You Imagine That!
Floral Designer
Luella loves flowers! She imagines what it would be like to be a floral designer and have her own flower shop. She arranges her favourite flowers in beautiful bouquets and delivers them to parties and hospitals - flowers make people happy. Luella even creates a fabulous flower shower at a fancy wedding.
8:36 am
A Very Important Zebra
Uncle Zavier has been presented with a VIZ - a Very Important Zebra award. Zou wishes that his Dad had one too. Grandpa shows Zou just how important a zebra Dad really is.
8:48 am
Zerby Derby
Don't Forget to Pack
Axle, Rex and Sandy the Bulldozer decide to build a jump. They usually have Fill the Front-loader's help, but since Fill is busy helping Strut, they decide to do it without him. The problem is, when they build it the dirt that makes the jump seems to be too soft for Axle to drive on. They try changing the shape of the jump, but that doesn't help. When they drive away looking for answers, Zack comes along the jump and drives over it several times. When they get back they see tire tracks on the jump and realize it works better than it did before. Fill finally joins them and they find out that he always packs down the dirt as the last step in making a jump. That's why it worked better after Zack had driven on it.
8:55 am
Li the Panda Bear
When he's asleep he looks like a great big ball of wool - but it's actually Li, the panda bear. Li lives in the bamboo forests of China. He loves to eat bamboo shoots, but he's very lazy. He doesn't like to walk too far.
8:59 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save Walinda / Pups Save a Big Bone
Skye and Marshall help Cap'n Turbot's plan a special celebration for Wally the Walrus, only Wally is a no show! Zuma dives in to search for him underwater while Skye goes up high to scan the Bay. When they find Wally, he's not alone, he's got a special friend, Walinda! Things get even more exciting when the gang discover that Wally and Walinda are going to have a baby. The walruses jump and flip around celebrating and as Walinda dives down deep she suddenly gets tangled in an anchor chain. She needs to be rescued! And before you know it a baby walrus pup is the newest addition to Adventure Bay. --- Cap'n Turbot and his cousin Francois are in the middle of an archeological dig when the cliff they are on collapses all around them. They're left perched on a very small, very high piece of ledge. But the rock slide also unearthed the very dinosaur bone they were looking for! Time to call the Paw Patrol! Rubble clears away all the fallen rocks to make way for Marshall's ladder. Uh-oh even the ladder can't reach Francois and the Cap'n. It's up to Skye to aerial lift the cousins one by one while Rubble's crane rescues the big dino bone. Thanks to the pups team work, Adventure Bay has a complete dino skeleton on display right in front of City Hall!
9:24 am
Doozer Derby
Doozer Creek is hosting the Doozer Derby, a design-your-own Doozer Derby Cart race. The Pod Squad want to enter but they can't settle on just one design. After making their own failed carts, they agree to combine their ideas and make the perfect cart sure to win the race!
9:36 am
Rob the Robot
Egged On
Rob and friends take a visit to the Egg Planet and get cracking on an egg hunt to help a frazzled bunny catch and sort out the missing eggs. This eggciting mission turns out to be more challenging than eggspected!
9:50 am
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Dancing Adventure
Hatty, Ruff-Ruff and Tweet help Dave find his own unique style and rhythm, and prove that blue pandas can dance! Educational - Learning about rhythm, beat and recognition of tempo (fast and slow).
10:02 am
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy and the Star
Miffy finds a star on the beach - has it fallen out of the sky? No, it's a starfish - and Miffy rides out in a boat with Boris to get it back to its family.
10:09 am
Wibbly Pig
Wibbly Pig is looking for his favourite green bucket - and the last time he saw it it was by the sand pit. He can't find it anywhere - so the Pig Twins decide to help him find it. Immediately they spot a trail of sandy footprints leading up to the water tap... and from the water tap a trail of watery footprints... leading to a mud puddle... and from the mud puddle a trail of Muddy footprints. What can be making all these different trails?
10:21 am
Bing discovers a hole in his favourite yellow wellies but he doesn't want to throw them away in the stinky dustbin. With Flop's help, Bing finds a way to recycle the wellies into colourful flower pots instead.
10:29 am
Thomas & Friends (CG)
Edward the Hero
Edward is given the special job of being the Sodor Search and Rescue Engine at the SSRC. Edward decides that he needs to become a hero if he is to help Harold at the SSRC. Edward thinks that heroes are strong, fast and stern so decides he must be strong, fast and stern too. Edward goes on his mission to become a hero. He helps Charley by being funny, he helps Dowager Hatt by being kind, and helps Farmer McColl's dog by being gentle. Edward though doesn't think he's a hero because he hasn't shown he is fast, strong and stern. When Edward arrives to work with Harold at the SSRC the place is deserted. Edward leaves thinking that he will never help Harold and be a true hero. As Edward chuffs along the tracks he sees people cheering and waving to him and calling him a hero. Word has spread that Edward has been kind, funny and gentle. The Fat Controller tells Edward that he is the biggest hero of all because he is Edward. Edward races of with Harold to the SSRC.
10:40 am
Thomas & Friends (CG)
James to the Rescue
James is asked to be the Sodor Search and Rescue Engine but is horrified when the Fat Controller asks Toby to help him. James says that he doesn't need Toby's help as Sodor Rescue engines are Steam Engines, not Steam Trams like Toby! James chuffs off to rescue Gordon at the Fenland and Toby follows. James says he can save Gordon, whose wheels have come off the track, by pulling him forward, but Toby thinks they should fetch Rocky as Gordon is too heavy. James doesn't listen to Toby and tries to pull him but Gordon's driving wheels now come off the track. Again Toby says they need to get Rocky. Again James ignores him. This time James tries to push Gordon. The Fenland track cracks and Gordon falls but James still refuses to take Toby's advice to get Rocky to help them. James tries once more and sends Gordon and himself flying into the fenland mud. At last James realises that he needs Toby's help and asks him to go and fetch Rocky. James says that Toby is the best Rescue Tram on the whole of Sodor.
10:53 am
Hi Opie!
Opie The Sandman
Opie does everything he can to help Samara have a peaceful nap.
11:00 am
Tinga Tinga Tales
Why Parrot can't keep a Secret
You see there was a time when Parrot was the best keeper of secrets in the whole of Tinga Tinga. Infact Parrot couldn't open his beak at all! Then one day some beast dares to steal Lion's mane and Parrot sees the whole thing! But how is going to tell Lion?! Tales from Africa.
11:11 am
I'm a Creepy Crawly
Daddy Longlegs
Creepy Crawlies are slimy, squashy, stingy little pests. Or so we all think, but they've got a thing or two to say about that.
11:14 am
Peep and the Big Wide World
Quack's Tracks
On the first snowy day of winter, Peep loses Quack, learns about footprints and builds a snow duck.
11:26 am
Sport Radio
Lejo wants to listen to a sports game on the radio, but the recption is poor.
11:30 am
Doggy Day School
Mixed Biscuits
All the dogs have breed names except Pedro who is a mix of many breeds. To his delight, the others hold a ceremony and make up a new breed name for him, Mixed Biscuits - because he loves biscuits so much!
11:41 am
Lily's Driftwood Bay
The Mystery Key
Lily finds an old key washed up on the beach and sets sail for Driftwood Bay to find its owner. After following a trail, which leads her all over the island, Lily finally finds the key's rightful home in an unexpected place!
11:50 am
Zerby Derby
Flynn's Runway
Zack joins Bob the Boat and Fran the Ferry as they explore a new bay of Zerby Town Lake. Flynn the float plane wants to join them but they need to find a spot for him to land. Zack picks out a spot on the ground, but Flynn needs water to land - he's a float plane. The next spot they pick is too small and the spot after that has too many logs floating in it. Only after Zack, Bob and Fran clear the logs does Flynn have a large, open stretch of water to land.
11:59 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Raise the Paw Patroller
When Daring Danny X accidentally drives the Paw Patroller into the bay, Ryder and the pups must rescue the misguided daredevil from the waterlogged rig, then raise their truck up from the depths of Adventure Bay.


12:12 pm
Project Robot
Our team of explorers think they've made a new friend but it turns out to me a motion controlled robot. As Flo gets whisked off by the little girl and her friend, Fleeker and Boomer have to work out how to control 'YeeHaw' the robot so that he can create a disctraction and help them rescue Flo!
12:23 pm
Making Stuff
Ice Cream
Watch along as Wiz and Gears show us how Ice Cream is made!
12:29 pm
Dinosaur Train
Classic in the Jurassic: Air, Water and Land /Desert Day and
It's time for the 'Classic in the Jurassic' - the Mesozoic Olympics! Today's, Air, Water and Land, contest is a three-part competition pitting teams consisting of a pterosaur and a crocodile from each Time Period against one another. Mrs. Pteranodon, Tiny and Shiny are recruited to help in one of the three, legs, of the race, while Buddy, Don and Dad watch from the stands. The competition's three, legs, are flying, swimming and a lap around a track. Early on, Team Cretaceous pulls ahead and hold onto its lead, until the wild card of the race is revealed: Team Triassic's croc, Effie Effegia who shocks the crowd when she runs, and then sprints, on two legs! Effie wins the race, and her bi-pedal abilities prompts many questions - and a healthy discussion - about her features. Tiny is disappointed her team lost, but cheers up when reminded that she was part of `Classic in the Jurassic' history. --- While playing 'Cold and Hot,' a game they made up, the Pteranodon kids learn from Mr. Pteranodon that there might be more variety in the desert then they imagined. Their curiosity piqued, they plead for a trip to investigate the desert scene. Mr. Conductor tells them just how diverse plant and animal life can be in the desert. He happens to know a desert mammal Fruitafossor. Upon disembarking from the Dinosaur Train, the Pteranodon kids meet Frankie Fruitafossor, a chipmunk-sized mammal. They quickly learn that their assumption that desert life was hot all the time and relatively uninhabited was incorrect. Come dusk, they find the desert hopping and crawling with life, as creatures emerge all over - mostly underground - where they hide from the blazing sun. Frankie gives our family a tour, including a peek at underground burrows he dug. Back on the desert floor, Don and the siblings can't believe how cold the desert has become. Nighttime in the desert is a different world than daytime! The family goes back to the Dinosaur Train to warm back up and have a snack.
12:56 pm
GBB: Sir Readsalot
Sir Readsalot: Bon Appetito Menu
Sir Readsalot discovers the importance of reading a menu.
1:01 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Kite Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave's kites won't work. Hatty takes them to land filled with windy windmills to help make their kites fly high. Educational - Discovering that the power of the wind makes things move. Also, an introduction to problem solving; helping children understand that this show is not just about answering questions but also about asking the right question. lastly, a basic appreciation of the use of positional words: high, higher, highest.
1:12 pm
Mr. Moon
Goldstar's Music Machine
Gold Star is determined to get his music machine to work and he keeps trying new things. Mr Moon, Stella and Silva insist that Gold Star takes a break and the travel to Io, a moon of Jupiter where spectacular geysers shoot into space. Not only does Gold Star appreciate the break - but the geysers provide a clue to make his music machine work.
1:26 pm
Ice Cream
Bing and Flop hear the familiar jingle of Gilly's ice cream van and race across the park to find her. After a long run Bing finally gets his ice cream but as he waves goodbye to Gilly he tips the ice cream out of the cone. It's too late to call Gilly back so Flop makes a fruit cone out of the cone and some of his fruit kebab instead.
1:34 pm
Thomas & Friends (CG)
Happy Hiro
Thomas tries to cheer Hero up when he sees that he doesn't look very happy. Thomas is sure that he can make Hero smile and asks Charlie to send him a joke, but Hero doesn't laugh. Hero tells Thomas he is sad because he is missing his home. Next Thomas decides to bring Hero to Misty Island to cheer him up. On Misty Island Thomas doesn't listen to what Hero really wants to do. Hero is enjoying listening to the birds but Thomas takes him to race through the hollow tree tunnel. Next Hero wants to look at the sea but Thomas takes Hero on a tour of the hills of Sodor. Next they visit the logging station to meet Bash, Dash and Ferdinand who busily bash and crash. Hero just wants all the noise to stop and to chuff quietly. Thomas realises he needs to listen to what Hero wants to make him happy. At last Thomas asks Hero to puff quietly with him. Thomas and Hero look out to the sea quietly and Hero is happy. They listen to the birds at the hollow tree tunnel and visit the Jobi Woods. The places they visit remind Hero of home. Thomas has made Hero happy.
1:45 pm
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Uncle Pilot's Amazing Plane
Uncle Pilot takes Miffy and her friends on an amazing airplane ride without leaving the front room! You can go anywhere with a little imagination - just look out for imaginary pirates!
1:52 pm
The Day Henry Met...
The Day Henry Met... a Wheelie Bin
Today Henry meets a cheeky Wheelie Bin and his two friends, Recycle Bin and Compost Bin. All the Bins on Henry's street have been put out for the Waste Collector to pick up but it's his day off! Henry becomes a Waste Collector and helps collect all the rubbish in his Lorry before it gets too stinky.
1:57 pm
Lejo wants to do a high jump, but is too scared. So he comes up with a better idea.
2:00 pm
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Logbook Lookout!
It's a disaster! Salty's precious logbook has gone missing on Driftwood Bay. It's where he wrote down everything that happened! All the evidence points to Puffin being the culprit but when Lily confronts him the truth is not what anyone expected!
2:08 pm
Rob the Robot
Balancing Act
When Rob struggles to make a clay model of the Rocket, the crew offers to find him some assistance on the Scuplture Planet. Shortly after arrival, Rob inadvertently tips over a ball carrying statue, setting in motion the the biggest game of dodgeball the galaxy has ever seen!
2:20 pm
Zerby Derby
Strut Gets Stuck
Strut his happily digging a hole around himself when he realizes that he's dug down too deep to get back out. Zack, Rex and the other construction Zerbies try, try again to help Strut get out of the hole, but the problem is, when a Zerby needs lifting up, it's usually Strut who they call. What do they do when it's Strut that needs the lift? First, Fill the Front Loader tries pouring dirt down into the hole so Strut can make a ramp, but there isn't enough room for Strut to get out of the way and the dirt ends up on his roof. Next, Sandy the bulldozer tries to pull Strut out, but she can only pull him sideways against the edge of the hole. Finally, Zack notices a tree branch above Strut. Throwing his hook over the branch, Strut is able to pull himself up and out of the hole.
2:28 pm
Hi Opie!
Opie vs. The Volcano
Opie is worried that Samara's volcano presentation will be better than his.
2:35 pm
GBB: Alphabet Ahoy
Alphabet Ahoy - Letter K
Pirate Gisele hunts for letter treasure on the beach. In this episode she uncovers the letter K and discovers the sound it makes.
2:38 pm
Mister Maker
Mister Maker 311
Mister Maker shows how to make wonderful woolly pictures, uses buttons and beads to make brilliant art and find out how to turn a yoghurt pot into a puppy puppet. Guess the answer to the shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kids' build a brilliant picture.
2:57 pm
GBB: Sticks' Feelings
Sticks Feels Jealous
Sticks learns how to deal with feelings of jealousy.
3:01 pm
Making Stuff
Hot Air Balloons
Find out how hot air balloons are made!
3:06 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save a Floundering Francois / Pups Save the Pop-Up Peng
Cap'n Turbot and his cousin Francois are white whale watching in Adventure Bay when the Flounder hits a rock and starts to sink! This rescue will need all paws on deck ~ Chase's winch can pull the boat to the dock, while Rubble's crane lifts one end for Rocky to repair. Once it's back in ship shape Francois steers the Flounder out to the bay, only problem is a storm is brewing. Sure enough he gets caught in wild weather and is tossed overboard! Another Flounder fiasco!. Ryder and Cap'n Turbot rescue the unmanned boat while Zuma and Skye find Francois, riding the white whale! --- Ryder and Paw Patrol are enjoying a sunny summer day at the beach when a call comes in from Mr. Porter. He and Alex were at the train station to pick up a big frozen fish order only to discover it's gone! It was eaten by some stowaway penguins that have scattered all around Adventure Bay. The Paw Patrol has to find those penguins and get them back to the land of ice and snow before they get heat stroke. Spy Chase's drone tracks one penguin and his net catches it. One down, two to go! They track the next one down at Katie pet parlour, while EMT Marshall makes sure he stays cool and safe. The pups lure the last penguin back to the train station so they can ride home in frozen comfort.
3:30 pm
Now You Know
Moon (Season 2)
Howie and Baboo visit a simulation Space station at the Ontario Science Centre where astronaut Chris Hadfield uses a moon model and a light to demonstrate why the moon only looks like it changes shape.
3:37 pm
Space Racers
Ace Space Reporter
The Space Racers watch archival TV footage about the legendary Swift Starlight's last race, just before he inexplicably vanished and was never heard from again. Intrigued, Robyn decides to pursue the cold trail of his mysterious disappearance by interviewing several teachers and writing a story for the school blog. Robyn, Eagle and Hawk track Swift's disappearance to a site on the far side of the Moon, where they find some leftover paint and a few other clues. After gathering more information back at campus, Robyn finally unravels the mystery of Swift Starlight - but will she be able to write her story and tell the world about it?
3:49 pm
Project Birthday Cake
Boomer has built a food finder attachment for his Fizzer controls. While flying by a massive birthday cake, the food finder goes out of control and Boomer crashes. The Floogals have to work out how to re-make the frosting and in the process find out what a birthday cake and decorations are for.
4:01 pm
Bookaneers - Sock Sauce
In this episode Skaggs and Fibber misread the Captain's note and mistake SAUCE for SOCK.
4:05 pm
TVOKids music videos.
Street Wise
Kara, Drew and Dalmar sing about the importance of staying safe near roads and around traffic.
4:08 pm
Crabby Crossover / City of Kites
When Mundi builds an amazing pasta structure, it gets the Team an invitation to CHRISTMAS ISLAND, AUSTRALIA, to help construct a crab bridge. But why would you build a bridge for crabs? When they arrive, they see that red crabs are trying to cross a busy road, and a bridge is needed to help them get across safely. So while Mundi and Oto experiment with different kinds of bridges, Doki and Gabi discover why the crabs are on the move in the first place - they're migrating to the shore, to lay eggs. --- When Gabi can't get her homemade butterfly kite off the ground, Doki wonders... how can we make a kite that will fly? Another Expedition Team knows, and they send Team Doki to a kite festival in HAMAMATSU, JAPAN, to find out! At the festival, the Team experiments with kite-making, flute playing and sushi rolling. Doki discovers what Gabi's butterfly kite lacked - a 'tail' to keep it pointed into the wind! The kite is fixed, just in time to rescue Oto from some hot wasabi, and even win a kite contest.
4:31 pm
Brain Gets Hooked/ Arthur's Number Nightmare
Brain gets hooked on the latest tween reality show, "Junior Island." When he starts to ignore his friends and his schoolwork, he knows he's got a problem. When Arthur and gang suspect that they're being ranked at school, they become obsessed with what the numbers mean. Is Arthur really smarter than Brain? And is Buster's lucky number eleven?
4:56 pm
Odd Squad
Skip Day / The Great Grinaldi
When Olive catches The Skips and goes missing, rookie agent Otto must solve his first case by himself. --- Otto rushes to finish a case so he can see his favorite magician "The Great Grinaldi" perform.
5:24 pm
Wild Kratts
Flight of the Pollinators
When a miniaturized Chris gets covered with pollen and ends up sticking to a bee, he's off into the remarkable world of the pollinators. Martin, Aviva, and the rest of the creature explorers must find Chris in an adventure that uncovers the amazing delivery system of plants and their animal partners. They learn that plants use animals to help them make their seeds through a process called pollination. Animals Featured: Honey bee, Spider, Wasp, Hummingbird Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Up-close views of pollinators pollinating flowers and even actual pollen grains; a crab spider attacking a bee.
5:52 pm
Dino Dan
Officer Trek
Trek dreams that he and Mom are Police Officers on "The Case of the Missing Fish!". Can they figure outwho stole Fisherman Bobby's fish - the Spinosaurus, the Plesiosaur or the Archelon? You bet they can!
6:04 pm
Finding Stuff Out
Solids, Liquids and Gases
Magic IS real - sort of. Nature creates its very own magic, turning gases to liquids, liquids to solids, and solids into gas. Harrison's attic is full of magic today with instant ice cream, a flying guinea pig and a magician who makes water appear from nowhere!
6:27 pm
Can See the Tetrahedron for the Trees
Eric digs deep into an age-old mystery of how to place four trees so that they are exactly the same distance apart from each other. It's not magic... it's math!
6:30 pm
Dino Dana
Dino Field Guides
Dana is a 9-year old girl who loves dinosaurs and spends all of her time learning about them. One day at the library, her life changes forever when she gets the power to imagine dinosaurs into her real life when she meets Trek Henderson and he gives her his Dino Field Guide.
6:53 pm
The Space
Lady Vocab - Measurement
Lady Vocab sings a song about the word of the day: Measurement
6:57 pm
DRTV TVOKids Philanthropy
DRTV TVOKids Philanthropy Support TVOKids and donate today at: Or call 1-855-667-8886 TVO Never Stop Learning


7:00 pm
Ep. 7 - Fundy
The Inner Bay of Fundy's population of Atlantic salmon is teetering on the edge of extinction, but the people of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve are determined to bring it back.
7:55 pm
Support TVO: Current Affairs and Documentaries
Steve Paikin and Stacey Dunseath discuss the importance of viewer support for TVO's current affairs and documentary content.
8:00 pm
The Agenda's Story, The Agenda's Week
The Agenda highlights a story making news this week. Then, how a local school addresses diversity, ageism in the workplace, an update on Ontario's forestry industry, and the Jordan decision on trial delays. The Agenda reviews its week of programming.
9:00 pm
Ep. 14 - Full Circle
Maggie and Jackie help a woman track down her long-lost daughter, who she gave up for adoption 20 years ago. But their search soon coincides with Mike's investigation into a spate of hotel room burglaries. Meanwhile, the Inland Revenue return to Aidensfield to hound Greengrass.
9:51 pm
Climate Watch Shorts: The changing hunt
Wolves are survivors, but climate change is affecting the prey available to them and the way they hunt. Shorter, warmer winters mean there's less ice for the wolves to cross to hunt beavers. Populations in Ontario remain strong, but climate change is altering their way of life.
9:55 pm
DRTV Leave A Legacy
DRTV Leave A Legacy
10:00 pm
Ep. 7 - A Dying Art, Part 1
Art comes to the picturesque Midsomer village of Angel's Rise with the opening of a new sculpture park. But when its launch is marred by murder, Barnaby and Nelson have to get creative to crack a case where art imitates death, and everything has a deeper meaning.
10:51 pm
Climate Watch Shorts: Snowmobiling in a changing climate
Snowmobiling is essential to tourism in rural Ontario, but the trails are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Warmer temperatures make it difficult to keep snow on the ground and it's not feasible to make snow across all the trails. We check in with the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association to see how they're adapting.
11:00 pm
The Agenda's Story, The Agenda's Week
The Agenda highlights a story making news this week. Then, how a local school addresses diversity, ageism in the workplace, an update on Ontario's forestry industry, and the Jordan decision on trial delays. The Agenda reviews its week of programming.

Late Night

12:00 am
The Defector: Escape From North Korea
Two North Korean defectors place their trust in Dragon, a human smuggler who promises them safe passage out of China, while risking his own life. It's a perilous 5,000-kilometre journey that reflects the reality of tens of thousands of North Koreans currently in hiding in China. Shooting on location and often undercover in China, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand and Canada, filmmaker Ann Shin explores questions about human rights, smuggling and the pursuit of freedom.
1:00 am
Ep. 14 - Full Circle
Maggie and Jackie help a woman track down her long-lost daughter, who she gave up for adoption 20 years ago. But their search soon coincides with Mike's investigation into a spate of hotel room burglaries. Meanwhile, the Inland Revenue return to Aidensfield to hound Greengrass.
1:51 am
Behind The Lens (The Defector)
Ann Shin talks about her documentary "The Defector: Escape From North Korea" which follows two North Korean defectors as they make a perilous journey across Asia on a quest for freedom.
2:00 am
Ep. 7 - A Dying Art, Part 1
Art comes to the picturesque Midsomer village of Angel's Rise with the opening of a new sculpture park. But when its launch is marred by murder, Barnaby and Nelson have to get creative to crack a case where art imitates death, and everything has a deeper meaning.
2:50 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Accounting for climate change
The July 2013 flood was the most expensive natural disaster in Ontario history. It caused an estimated $940 million in damage in the city of Toronto alone. But it's not just disasters that businesses need to consider - shorter winters and hotter summers are having effects on the balance sheet as well. Here's how.
2:54 am
Climate Watch Shorts: The mushing season
Tanya McCready and Hank DeBruin, owners of Winterdance Dogsled Tours in Haliburton, wait every year for the heavy snows their 150 dogs need to run. Climate change is leading to shorter winters and more rain. Tanya and Hank say that the season used to last 12 weeks but now just lasts 10 or 11. They're looking for other ways to supplement lost income and have been considering putting snow-making machines on their trails.
3:00 am
Ep. 7 - Fundy
The Inner Bay of Fundy's population of Atlantic salmon is teetering on the edge of extinction, but the people of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve are determined to bring it back.
3:54 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Georgina Island First Nation
The Chippewas of Georgina Island in Lake Simcoe have developed a climate adaptation plan that is serving as a model for communities across Ontario. The First Nation received funding for a three-year climate study in 2012 and has since been collecting the memories and observances of elders. Like many communities, Georgina Island is struggling with the effects of climate change today. Milder winters mean the community's ferry runs longer and the lake ice is weaker, both of which have ripple effects throughout the island.
4:00 am
The Defector: Escape From North Korea
Two North Korean defectors place their trust in Dragon, a human smuggler who promises them safe passage out of China, while risking his own life. It's a perilous 5,000-kilometre journey that reflects the reality of tens of thousands of North Koreans currently in hiding in China. Shooting on location and often undercover in China, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand and Canada, filmmaker Ann Shin explores questions about human rights, smuggling and the pursuit of freedom.
5:00 am
Gastroblast (Long Version)
Stuffed Baked Potatoes / Tzatziki
Not all potatoes are the same, as Link discovers. In fact, some potatoes are better suited for boiling and potato salads, while other varieties are the right choice for Stuffed Baked Potatoes. Whatever the method of cooking, Link discovers it's always a good idea to prick a few holes in the potato, lest he get an Exploding Potato Situation! --- Link has a great recipe for Tzatziki, a Greek-style dip containing yogurt and cucumbers. When he discovers that he doesn't have enough yogurt, Link makes lemonade out of lemons -- or rather, yogurt out of milk -- using the remaining yogurt that is in the carton as his active culture. In order to wipe out unfriendly bacteria, Link demonstrates some sterilizing techniques.
5:23 am
Making Stuff
Follow the wheat grain as it turns into flour!
5:30 am
Jerry and the Raiders
Pot of Gold
One rainy day Jerry reads Nicole's favorite poem about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, boring the Raiders to tears. As the sun comes out, the Raiders spot a rainbow that ends in the garden. Jerry tries to convince them this is just a fable, but they insist on digging to find the pot of gold -hole after hole. Mom is not happy with all the holes in her garden, but when they find GOLD and give it to her, she is very happy. It is her grandmother's gold ring that she lost a long time ago. That night as Jerry discovers how rainbows work, Bakko is still convinced there is a pot of gold waiting.
5:41 am
Jerry and the Raiders
Grandfather Clock
Jerry had promised to make a party hat for Nicole but forgot and now realizes he is running out of time. The Raiders decide to give him a hand by stopping time. They sneak down to mom's special Grandfather clock in the hallway. But when Bakko gets locked inside, swinging dizzily on the pendulum, Jerry must stop work on the hat and figure out how to get Gant inside the clock in a huge rescue operation. By the time Mom and Nicole appear with a cookie party hat, Jerry has saved the day and mom's clock.
5:52 am
Pop It!
Do the Dance!
It's Lamar's turn to teach us to do the dance from the music video, Head and Shoulders. This time he gets us going as he breaks down some new moves to the catchy chorus including rocking from side to side, switching, pointing, jumping and nodding.
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