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Saturday, August 19, 2017


6:00 am
Dinosaur Train
Tiny's Fishing Friend / Butterflies
Tiny can't believe it when he finds out that his friend Cindy Cimolestes doesn't like fish, but she explains that she's a mammal and many mammals don't eat fish. Determined, Tiny sets out to find a mammal in the Mesozoic who likes fish, so she, Buddy, Cindy and Dad set out on a fishing trip, where they run into Cassie Castrocauda, a Jurassic mammal that looks like a cross between a beaver, an otter and a platypus, who also happens to love fish! --- One morning at the family nest, Don befriends a Butterfly that he names Dan. Don, Buddy, Tiny and Shiny watch Dan and three ,sibling, butterflies fly around. The other three butterflies flutter away, leaving Dan with our kids. Don feels for the separated butterfly and vows to re-unite it with his siblings. After Mom and Dad give a quick lesson about butterfly camouflage, Don leads his siblings all around the nest area searching for Dan the Butterfly's lost ,sisters and brother., The whole time, Don keeps an eye on Dan, who camouflages himself when any threat (birds or a frog) are nearby. The long search doesn't yield Dan's siblings. Then, at the end of the day, our family is amazed when Dan's family comes out from hiding in a flower headband Tiny made, where they were camouflaged in with the flowers!
6:26 am
Trenders - Style Fi
Amy and Adam are social media experts. Using a scientific method they help their resident inventor, Eureka, turn his crazy ideas into trending products. In this episode they make green hair fashionable
6:30 am
Ella the Elephant
Ella Bakes a Cake
Ella Bakes a Cake: Frankie, Belinda and Tiki recruit Ella to help them make an original cake for the Elephant Islands Junior Cake]Baking Contest. They decide to make a nice little cake in the shape of Elephant Island, but when Frankie adds too much flour, they have to double the recipe. They end up with a huge wobbly cake but they forgot to figure out a way to get it to the contest.
6:43 am
Box Yourself Minis
Cat House with a Mouse
Øistein makes a cat house with a mouse from a milk carton and a toilet paper roll.
6:45 am
Opie's Home
The Missing Medal
When Opie is given a family heirloom, he understands the meaning of responsibility when he loses something precious.
6:53 am
Canada Crew
Canada Day
Bebe and Mo watch Canada Day celebrations in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Halifax. Gavin introduces them to Canada's very own Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and invites them to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to watch the celebratory fireworks!
7:00 am
What's the Big Idea?
Sometimes in life you have to be brave: like when Hugo you goes to the doctor, and especially when he fights a dragon!
7:05 am
Zerby Derby
A Funny Thing Happened / Think, Think Again / Flynn's Road
Zack finds Lily and Axle covered in mud and each missing a tire. There's definitely a story behind what happened, if only Lily and Axle can get it in the right order... --- Strut has constructed a tower out of sticks. Zack and Lily agree to help him move it, but if they make a mistake it will fall and break. Usually Zerbies try the first idea and just try, try again if it doesn't work. But this time they have to get it right on the first try. --- Flynn is a float plane. He has floats. But the new Zerby Town Airport has a runway for him to land on, and there are wheels he can use. But how does he land and put on wheels if he can only land on water with his floats? Zack and Rex help Flynn figure it out.
7:26 am
Lejo plays a bit too rough with a toy car. The car strikes back.
7:29 am
Daisy Wheel on Ice
The Pod Squad works together to build her a custom Doo-Step Skating Dress that lets her glide across the ice in no time.
7:42 am
Project Rabbit
Dad's vegetables are missing from his garden and it's made Dad super grumpy. As the Floogals investigate they find some clues, once they put them all together, long ears, 2 sets of paw prints, chomp marks in the carrot, they figure out who and what the thief is.
7:53 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save a Blimp / Pups Save a Chili Cook-off
When Mayor Humdinger mistakenly believes that Cap'n Turbot's new weather blimp actually changes the weather, he swipes the floating aircraft. When the Mayor tries to run away with the blimp, he, a couple kittens, and a sheep are snagged in the blimp's tether and float off. It's up to the Paw Patrol to rescue them before they crash into the Adventure Bay suspension bridge. --- When Adventure Bay goes up against Foggy Bottom in a Chili Cook-Off, Mr. Porter's batch is ruined, along with his stove! It'll take teamwork and ingenuity to cook up a brand new batch of delicious chili and keep Humdinger's Kitten Kitastrophe Crew from ruining it!
8:16 am
Splash and Bubbles
Here Comes the Hammerhead / Denny's New Shell
When Splash and Bubbles hear that one of Ripple's Brothers has wandered off, they join Ripple's search, while enlisting the help of Zee and her new friend, Hamilton the hammerhead shark, to find him. --- Maury discovers Denny's molted exoskeleton in the reef and assumes something must be wrong with "the real Denny", so he enlists the help of Splash and friends to find her, only to discover that she has simply molted.
8:43 am
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Noisy Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave hear strange noises in Hatty's garden. Thankfully Dave's 'blue panda idea' helps them stop these noises keeping Hatty awake at night!
8:54 am
Dino Dana
Dino Matchmaker / Lost and Sound
Dad recalls how he and Mom fell in love as Dana discovers the lengths a Sinornithosaurus must go to in order to attract a mate. --- Dana is doing "Dino Experiment 606 - How do Troodon attack their prey?" when she comes across Ms. Currie putting up posters for her grandson's lost pug. Luckily Dana, along with her Troodon pack, is happy to help find the lost dog.
9:15 am
Odd Squad
First Day Part 1 & Part 2
In this two-part episode, agents struggle with a case while Oscar interviews candidates to run the Odd Squad Creature Room.
9:41 am
Wild Kratts
Lemur Legs
The Wild Kratts arrive in Madagascar for the first time - touching down in the southern region known as the spiny desert - where they discover a group of sifaka lemurs. Soon, they are learning about these lemurs amazing vertical clinging and leaping abilities.
10:10 am
Darn Dams!
Jack's attempt to slow a dangerous river with beaver dams causes a major flood that threatens Nico and Sam's house. Science Question: Why do Beavers build dams?
10:21 am
Bookaneers - Mainsail
In this episode Skaggs and Fibber misread the Captain's note and don't understand the compound word.
10:24 am
Making Stuff
Chocolate Truffles
These yummy treats are made by a master chocolatier as Gears and Wiz cheer for their favourite type of decoration: crushed peppermint candy.
10:30 am
Look Kool
Hamza has a very special guest host today... Benny, the Egg. Why is an egg so strong when Hamza squeezes it, but so smashable if he drops it? Because it's a dome on both the top and bottom! Today's show is about Domes. To put domes to the test, our challengers walk on eggshells, Hamza meets an ancient dome architect, and a little chick finally gets his ,big breakthrough., Koolkatt is proud of his dome too...his head!
10:52 am
Beats in Bites
Hum De Dum
In this episode, we're humming along.
11:00 am
Kid Diners
Riding Mountain
In the great outdoors of Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Aynalem and Xander are there for a cookout - Kid Diner style! Aynalem uncovers some fresh beets for a colorful salad to accompany an outdoor grilled steak. And Xander comes nose to snout with a pig and then makes the cheesiest wood-fired pizza ever!
11:22 am
Tumbletown Reads
Reader's Block
Tumbleweed is having trouble writing so his editor suggests that he go out & read different things to help get his creativity going again.
11:26 am
Box Yourself Minis
Rocket Ship
Øistein makes a rocket ship from paper plates and cups.
11:30 am
Alberta and Saskatchewan Playground
The Giver kids build a playground that is influenced by the West's "Wild" history. Here they build Canada's Wild West complete with a 2 level western town play structure with ladders and nets and a fun prairie wagon climber with a slide.
11:52 am
Story Explorers
The Mechanic
Story Explorer Devontae tells his story: The Mechanic.
11:55 am
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo frolic in a magical world of candy, cake and chocolate. When Howie wakes from his dream and his mom reminds them to brush their teeth, they wonder, "What are cavities?" They visit Dr. Archer at her office, Howie sits in the dentist's chair, and they learn why it's important to brush and floss their teeth.


12:02 pm
TVOKids music videos.
Music Video - I Love It
Melissa, Daniel and Mickeey sing and dance with kids about having fun
12:05 pm
Mystery Files
The Mystery of Show and Tell
The clues: A sign with a strange symbol on it, a map of Bon Echo Creek with a stick figure in one spot, a printed emoji symbol The file label: "Show and Tell" The investigation: To Kyla, the symbol on the sign is obviously a crown. But flip it upside down and E.B. is convinced it's a chandelier. Who's right? Time to investigate! E.B. follows Hermione's map through Bon Echo Provincial Park to the strange stick figure marking on the map. He hops aboard a boat with a park warden and checks out the amazing cliffs all around the water. E.B. discovers this is a sacred place for First Nations people and he sees ancient pictographs painted on the cliff sides. One of the pictographs is the exact stick figure from Hermione's map! It's believed to be a drawing of a powerful First Nations spirit called Nanabush. E.B. finds out that the pictographs told important stories about the First Nations people that painted them. And First Nations elders might be the only ones who know the real meaning of the pictographs. Meanwhile, Kyla notices the name "Maximum" on the back of the sign and finds out it's a company that makes street signs. She heads over there to see if she's right about it being a crown, or if E.B. is right and it's a chandelier. They were both wrong! It's an anchor and the sign tells people where they can anchor their boats. Kyla discovers that signs are made to be universally understood, but some signs are designed for specific countries or cultures. For example, a Finnish street sign showing a hand coming up out of a jagged hole is a warning of thin ice. But to someone in Canada, it might look like a sign of a zombie invasion! There's one more clue - the emoji. E.B. thinks it looks like jazz hands. He meets a graphic artist and emoji expert to get answers. He finds out that in Japan, where this emoji was originally created, it means hug. But a lot of people in the west interpret it as jazz hands, just like E.B. did. He also discovers that every country has its favourite emoji. Which one does Canada use the most? The poop emoji!
12:27 pm
Explore More
Explore More - Pendulum
A science series hosted by Kara and shot with real kids in the real world, helping school age children learn that science is everywhere. This episode is about pendulums.
12:30 pm
Sports Lab
Table Tennis
Brother and sister duo Antong and Anda are hoping to sharpen their table tennis game with some help from guest pro Jimmy. Nykeem and the kids get a chance to flex their skills when Dr. Heather unpacks the science of muscle memory.
12:41 pm
Sports Lab
Young gymnast Nya jumps at the opportunity to learn more about the science of trampoline with help from Nykeem, Dr. Heather and guest pro Thomas. Learning about Hooke's Law has them ready to spring into action.
12:52 pm
On the Grid
Ahoy there! Unearth the key to reading maps with gridlines and join Eric in his search for a hidden buried treasure. Arrrr! It's not magic, matey... it's math!
12:56 pm
GBB: Jolly Reader
O'Spelly's Birthday
Pirate Gisele sails the seven seas with her motley puppet crew as they explore literacy building blocks. Spelling, Rhyming, phonics, sign reading, and critical thinking are all explored in this fun adventure series. In this episode O'Spelly tries to give the Cabin Squirrel clues, to what day it is. Concentration on showing how text can be used for a purpose (remembering dates on a calendar), and sounding out parts of words that fit into the whole word.
1:00 pm
Dr. Two Brains, Mr. Cheese / Kitty Cat Criminals
Fed up with his henchmen, Dr. Two Brains begins the search for a new sidekick. He's thrilled to find Mr. Cheese, who seems to be perfect for the job, but soon regrets the decision as Mr. Cheese takes control and makes Dr. Two Brains HIS sidekick! Will Dr. Two Brains agree to take orders from a tiny, evil mouse? Will WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face stop the evil pair before it's too late? Vocabulary Words: Command, Location/Locate --- When The Butcher and Chuck join forces, they have a surprisingly hard time coming up with a meat-and-sandwich related crime to commit. Stumped, they discover an opportunity to steal feline artifacts and memorabilia, prompting Chuck to bring back his former alter-ego, The Hansome Panther and the Butcher to take on the identity of his former sidekick Lil' Mittens! Will WordGirl be too distracted jazzing up her own costume to outsmart the duo and once again save the day? Vocabulary Words: Ornamental, Feline
1:23 pm
Making Stuff
Sleeping Bags
Camping out is fun, especially in a cozy sleeping bag. Gears and Wiz watch a team of super seamstresses turn high-tech fabric and insulation into a dandy sleeping bag.
1:29 pm
Arthur's Pet Business / D.W. the Copycat
How can Arthur prove to his parents that he's responsible enough to take care of his very own puppy? D.W. has decided that from now on, she'll be just like Arthur. She'll walk like him, talk like him, follow him wherever he goes. How can Arthur persuade D.W. to stop?
1:54 pm
When the Moon Hits Your Eye / Don't Hat it Till You Try It
The moon has risen bright orange in the sky, and rumours begin to fly that it has been replaced by a giant pizza! --- Boris the Barber declares an odd new tradition - Ricidulously Large Hat Month! But when bugs can no longer fit in their homes, the Shutterbugs are called in to investigate the strange story.
2:17 pm
Alfred Hedgehog
The Case of the Disappearing Painting
Lily is really upset when the painting she did for the art fair vanishes. Someone stole the painting and replaced hers with a blank sheet of paper. Alfred is on the case and discovers the paint she used was the wrong sort. It was honey-based and the image simply faded like invisible ink. Applying heat to the white sheet brings the painting back.
2:29 pm
The Gingerbread House
The Pod Squad want to build a Doozer-sized Gingerbread House that will take some clever construction to create.
2:41 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Driving Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave discover how to keep themselves and others safe when using the road. They follow simple roads signs telling them when to stop and go, and help a confused chicken cross the road!
2:52 pm
Can You Imagine That!
Marc wants to be a Paleontologist and dig for dinosaur bones. He imagines what it would be like digging, finding and assembling a whole Tyrannosaurus Rex. And then playing soccer and riding him around! Yeehaw!
2:57 pm
Lejo has to move a very heavy box and he finds a very smart way to do it.
3:00 pm
Ella the Elephant
Camp Ella
Camp Ella: Ella discovers Tiki has never, EVER been camping, so she turns her backyard into ,Camp Ella, for a sleepover. When Frankie, Tiki and Belinda arrive, they're amazed to see Ella's backyard transformed into a campsite with a real tent and everything. Frankie and Belinda act brave and try to convince Tiki there's nothing to fear, but when night falls, everyone gets scared by sounds and sights of the great outdoors.
3:13 pm
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Salty's boat Delilah is showing her age and Lily is shocked to learn that Salty is replacing her with a brand new, high-tech vessel. The new boat proves much tricker to handle than Salty expected and, when a disaster occurs, Salty has to call on faithful old Delilah to save the day. Delilah is the only boat for Salty!
3:20 pm
Thomas & Friends
Pingy Pongy Pick Up
It's an important day on the Island of Sodor. The football team are playing an important match. All of the engines are given special jobs to help with the big day. Thomas is asked to bring the team to the match and Emily is asked to bring the team's washing. Emily is not happy about this at all. She wants to do a job which is more important. So Emily decides to try and help everybody else and ignores her job. Emily soon learns that her job is very important - the washing she is due to deliver is the Sodor team's football kit! Now the football team have nothing to wear as Emily still hasn't collected the washing. Emily decides to make everything right for the team. She races to get the football kits cleaned and dries them by hanging the shirts like a long washing line from her funnel. The football team is delighted.
3:31 pm
Thomas & Friends
Charlie and Eddie
Edward tries to show Charlie that he is a really fun engine instead of doing his job properly. Edward decides to be called Eddie for the day and races along the tracks telling Charlie jokes. Charlie thinks Eddie is so funny. A big mistake occurs when Edward takes the Fat Controller's car to the Steamworks by mistake. Kevin doesn't know how to fix cars, only steam engines, but Edward doesn't listen to Kevin and races off to have more fun with Charlie. Edward is horrified when he arrives back to the Steamworks and sees that instead of fixing the Fat Controller's car Kevin has put a funnel on its roof! The Fat Controller arrives to see the great big funnel sitting on top of his precious car! Edward realises that he needs to concentrate on his job rather than racing around Sodor with Charlie. Soon the car is fixed and Edward successfully delivers the mended car back to the Fat Controller.
3:43 pm
The Day Henry Met...
The Day Henry Met... a Comic
Today Henry meets a comic book in the comic book store. Comic book tries to tells his story to Henry but there was a mistake at the printers and his last few pages are missing!!! Comic Book doesn't know how his story ends! Henry saves the day and becomes a Super Hero to find out how comic book ends.
3:48 pm
Project Aluminum Foil
Boomer is looking forward to 'Floogalling' but the food has been replaced by shiney metal shiny parcels. When they unravel a tube of aluminum foil, they think that Flo's been turned to metal too! While trying to rescue her, the Floogals work out that foil can bend, tear and that it's covering the food! Just keeping fresh and ... ready to taste! Mmmm cherry pie!
4:00 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save the Circus / Pup a Doodle Do
Ellie the baby elephant has escaped from the circus train! Ryder and the PAW Patrol need to find her! In the meantime Ellie's Mom goes looking for her. Now there are two Elephants loose in Adventure Bay! --- Mayor Goodway's purse chicken ,Chickaletta, has gone missing. Ryder and the Paw Patrol search adventure bay for the prized poulet and finally rescue Chickaletta and return her to the Mayor.
4:23 pm
Zerby Derby
Flynn Beneath My Wings
Zack needs to get himself and his broken tire back to Zerby Town. But the only one around to help him is Flynn the Plane.
4:30 pm
Do You Speak George?/ World Girls
Everyone at school is suddenly speaking their own special language. George can't seem to communicate with his friends! Is developing his own language the answer? World Girl dolls are all the rage. But Muffy despair: how will her accessories collection ever be complete? There's too much to buy!
4:55 pm
Dino Dan
Micro Dino / Meteorite Survivors
Trek is figuring out if the Microraptor was a carnivore or a herbivore by setting up elaborate traps around the house rigged with meats and veggies. However, Trek is repeatedly interrupted by Doug and Mom. Dino experiments aren't always easy. -- Trek tells a story about a time-traveling Dino Mobile that goes back in time to see how some prehistoric creatures survived the meteorite crash that is believed to have made the dinosaurs extinct.
5:16 pm
Odd Squad
Oscar and the Oscarbots / Picture Day
When several of Oscar's Oscarbots (robots made in his own image) become lost in town, Olive and Otto must help him find them. --- Otto and Olive must figure out why people in town are becoming plaid and striped.
5:43 pm
Wild Kratts
Lemur Stink Fight
While in Madagascar, the Wild Kratts hear signs of a dispute between two troops of ringtailed lemurs. So they set out to figure out just what these two lemur groups are arguing about. Science Concept: Scent As Communication. Animals use scent as a type of communication.
6:10 pm
The Roachmobile
While studying cockroaches in hopes of making an indestructible vehicle, Jack accidentally infests Nico's house-and must then embark on a dangerous mission to get rid of them. Science Question: Why are cockroaches such great survivors?
6:21 pm
Tumbletown Tales
Hamster For Hire
Tumbleweed gets multiple part-time jobs around Tumbletown to help pay for his ski trip.
6:25 pm
Making Stuff
Flour, water and sometimes eggs get mixed and rolled, stretched and cut into many different noodles. Gears and Wiz learn how to make spaghetti and lasagna.
6:30 pm
Finding Stuff Out
Stuff that Sticks
Why is there sticky stuff? We often think that sticky is icky, but Zoey finds out that nature and technology use stickiness in all sorts of useful ways. From snot and glue to burrs and Velcro, the world needs sticky stuff. My Great Challenge: Challengers compete to make their "gecko" mascots climb a wall using different-sized magnets. In the Field: Zoey visits an aeronautics lab to find out about glue so strong it can hold an airplane together.
6:52 pm
The Media Lab
This series explores various aspects of digital literacy and explores how students can become better digital citizens. In this episode Katt and Professor Cheddar talk to Digital Citizens about their experiences of how the internet has connected them to the world.


7:00 pm
Game of Lions
Only one out of eight lions survives into adulthood, and the males that do must enter into a game of kings, as each bloodline fights for its ultimate survival and right to win a pride. Those that do not survive are the noble offspring that fate or natural selection simply determines are dead ends in their particular family tree. Each survivor, however, is the result of battles won against hunger, attacks by older males, and run-ins with nomads all trying to win the ultimate prize: life.
7:51 pm
Main Street Ontario: Kincardine
Every summer Saturday night, residents of Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron gather downtown for a special parade led by the town's beloved Scottish pipe band, which has filled the streets with music since 1908.
7:55 pm
Climate Watch Shorts: The monarch butterfly's decline
Monarch butterfly populations have been declining for the past 20 years. Its habitat is being decimated, and during its annual migration, it faces threats from storms intensified by climate change. We visit the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory to find out more.
8:00 pm
Ep. 2 - Secret Paths to Hidden Treasure
The team explores the treasures to be found on surprising, secret paths around British shores. Britain's last great wilderness, the stunning Cape Wrath, is the stomping ground for Nick Crane. He discovers where wolves once trod and where a notorious hermit made his home. Nick also learns how Cape Wrath was once home to Britain's smallest school and why this wild landscape had to be abandoned.
9:00 pm
Last Days in Vietnam
Panic gripped Saigon on April 29, 1975, as thousands of Americans and Vietnamese scrambled to designated departure points to flee a city about to fall to Communist forces. With the airport in North Vietnamese hands, mobs swarmed the U.S. embassy, scaling the walls in an effort to get on one of the last choppers out. Over the course of 18 hours, 70 U.S. helicopters flew 630 rescue missions, evacuating more than 1,300 Americans and almost 6,000 Vietnamese.
11:00 pm
Ep. 4 - Michael Levin
Award-winning Vancouver photographer Michael Levin shoots stunning, soulful moments in time all over the Pacific Rim and has become one of Canada's top-selling photo artists, with clients from film director Peter Jackson to IKEA. Less than a decade after quitting the restaurant business and picking up a camera, he has won international recognition and financial freedom.
11:25 pm
Main Street Ontario: London
When the Galleria mall first opened the whole city was thrilled, but local stores struggled to survive in its shadow. Now, with the city working hard on its revival, there's a fresh perspective in downtown London, Ont.
11:30 pm
Game of Lions
Only one out of eight lions survives into adulthood, and the males that do must enter into a game of kings, as each bloodline fights for its ultimate survival and right to win a pride. Those that do not survive are the noble offspring that fate or natural selection simply determines are dead ends in their particular family tree. Each survivor, however, is the result of battles won against hunger, attacks by older males, and run-ins with nomads all trying to win the ultimate prize: life.

Late Night

12:21 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Measuring changes in Lake Simcoe
Lake Simcoe is one of the province's largest and climate change is profoundly affecting its waters. Road runoff from storms is increasing the level of salt in the lake, threatening freshwater organisms. Water temperatures are warming, squeezing out cold-water fish. We join the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority aboard its research vessel Hexagenia to see the changes firsthand.
12:30 am
Ep. 2 - Secret Paths to Hidden Treasure
The team explores the treasures to be found on surprising, secret paths around British shores. Britain's last great wilderness, the stunning Cape Wrath, is the stomping ground for Nick Crane. He discovers where wolves once trod and where a notorious hermit made his home. Nick also learns how Cape Wrath was once home to Britain's smallest school and why this wild landscape had to be abandoned.
1:30 am
Last Days in Vietnam
Panic gripped Saigon on April 29, 1975, as thousands of Americans and Vietnamese scrambled to designated departure points to flee a city about to fall to Communist forces. With the airport in North Vietnamese hands, mobs swarmed the U.S. embassy, scaling the walls in an effort to get on one of the last choppers out. Over the course of 18 hours, 70 U.S. helicopters flew 630 rescue missions, evacuating more than 1,300 Americans and almost 6,000 Vietnamese.
3:25 am
Behind The Lens (Fight Like Soldiers)
Filmmaker Patrick Reed talks about the making of his documentary film "Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children.
3:30 am
Town of Runners
Many of the world's greatest long-distance runners hail from Bekoji, a remote town in the southern highlands of Ethiopia. In a country long associated with poverty, famine and war, record-beating athletes are a source of pride. In the Beijing Olympics, runners from Bekoji won all four gold medals in the long-distance track events. Filmed over four years, this documentary follows four athletes from Bekoji as they move from school track to national competition and from childhood to adulthood.
4:56 am
Main Street Ontario: Kingston
If you're looking for a specific record, you'll probably find it at Brian's Record Option in Kingston - but you'll need his help. Thousands of records are piled up in every corner of his downtown shop, but somehow he always knows where everything is.
5:00 am
Tossed Salad / Strawberry Shortcake
Link has a bounty of crisp salad greens so offers GastroBlasters recipes for a simple vinaigrette, a soya sauce vinaigrette, and a creamy ranch dressing. But some greens that Link tossed earlier with vinaigrette have wilted. A simple science experiment reveals that the culprit is the oil. So whenever making a fresh tossed salad, add the dressing just before serving. --- Link has some freshly baked buttermilk biscuits and comes up with an idea to dress them up with a fresh strawberry filling and freshly whipped cream. He'll make Strawberry Shortcake! Chilled equipment is key to getting airy whipped cream, and I.Q. tells Link the reasons why.
5:23 am
Making Stuff
Colouring pencils
Big mixers stir the compound for leads, then rolled into thin sticks. Gears and Wiz see how they are waxed so they will write and discover how they are put into wooden cases that get painted and packaged.
5:30 am
Alfred Hedgehog
The Magician's Wand/False Notes in Gnarly Woods
The Magician's Wand: During a storm, Milo is playing like a magician when a ball of light appears. Everyone is really scared by it and think Milo has summoned some magic. Alfred does research and realizes everyone saw a lightning ball, a very rare phenomenon. False Notes in Gnarly Woods: Mr. Rusard is upset because someone has sabotaged the flutes for the upcoming school concert. Something has chewed holes in the flutes! Investigating with Camille and Milo, Alfred discovers that a porcupine ate the flutes which were carved out of deer antlers. Porcupines like the calcium in the antlers. Luckily, Winston is shedding his antlers so Helmut can make some more flutes in time for the concert.
5:52 am
Pop It!
Time to Rock
It's Briana's turn to help us rock along to, Number One. She teaches us to be confident and show our personalities doing some cool moves including, shoulder pops and hip pops.
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