At Civics 101, our goal is to teach how Ontario's government works — to help inform all Ontarians about our electoral system and voting rights, as well as the processes and procedures of government. Through animated explainers, interactives, and coverage of legislative activity at Queen's Park, we hope to provide a foundation of knowledge that allows you to get involved in the democratic process.

Civics 101 has been developed in partnership with a select group of organizations and individuals whose expertise has helped to form the content on this site.

Civics Education NetworkSince 2006 the Civics Education Network (CEN) has been working to improve the teaching of civics and politics in Ontario's schools. Our vision is to see every student in Ontario leave high school with a passion for civic engagement and possessing the tools to become a active citizen. CEN is unique in that our programming is targeted to the one place that the youth can be reached and where they are supposed to be learning how to be a part of the community – their school. We are actively developing programs which do one of two things: either help teachers to teach civics and politics in new and engaging ways; or provide experiences for students within the context of their schools which they would not otherwise have had access to. Through better teaching and engagement in our schools we can build a more active community now and in the future.

The Maytree Foundation is a private Canadian charitable foundation, committed to reducing poverty and inequality in Canada and to building strong civic communities. The Maytree Foundation has incorporated Civics 101 content - the animations, videos, and printed materials - into their "How Government Works" instruction workshops. As well, Maytree is helping to conduct content testing of Civics 101 within communities that may not otherwise have easy access to the website either due to economic or linguistic barriers.

Settlement.Org, an award-winning website, is an excellent source of useful and up-to-date information and resources for new immigrants to Ontario. Settlement.Org and Civics 101 are sharing expertise and information to enhance the resources on both websites. For example, videos from Civics 101 will be featured on Settlement.Org and they are helping TVO to understand the type of information that would be helpful to newcomers.

Jonathan Rose is an associate professor of political studies at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. From 2006-07 he was the academic director of the Ontario Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform. Jonathan Rose's research is in the area of Canadian politics and political communication. His current research project is to examine, with other colleagues, citizens' assemblies in B.C., Ontario and the Netherlands. Jonathan acts as a consultant on Civics 101, vetting and editing animations and printed materials.