Mysteries of the mind content highlights

dr norman doidge live chat Live Chat with Dr. Norman Doidge

Psychiatrist Dr. Norman Doidge answered your questions during a live discussion about matters of the brain.



the healthy brainThe Healthy Brain

The Agenda examines the strong relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind.



the placebo affectPlacebo Possibilities

Psychiatrist Dr. Norman Doidge discusses placebo effects - the sugar pills given to patients who then report feeling better.



redesign my brain episode 1Redesign My Brain

Australian-Canadian filmmaker Todd Sampson sets out to improve his learning capacity and receives brain training on how to evolve his mental speed.



dementia vs alzheimersDementia Vs. Alzheimer's Disease

An interactive graphic displaying the many differences between Alzheimer's and Dementia. 



the unconscious brainThe Unconscious Brain

Neuroscience is unlocking the hidden potential of the brain. From hypnosis to finding resources hidden in the brain's depth, The Agenda wakes up the unconscious brain.



child attachmentWeb Exclusive: The Future Brain

The topic of neurofeedback needed a broader discussion. So after the broadcast about the future brain, we added an additional segment discussing "the body's laziest organ."



the mind through the agesMysteries of the Mind Through The Ages

Explore a timeline of 15 of the most significant figures that have contributed to the development of cognitive neuroscience.


music of the brainMusic of the Brain

Music affects our development from the womb to the grave. This documentary examines the role music plays in developing our brains as humans.



the smarter brainThe Smarter Brain

Is it possible to train yourself and your brain to be smarter? A panel of psychologists and neurologists weigh in on the rapidly changing technology that help transform the brain.


debunking brain mythsDebunking Brain Myths

What's fact and what's fiction about the way our brains work?


brain development in the childBrain Development in Your Child

Everything you need to know about brain development in your child.


Hypnosis on Mysteries of the MindHypnosis

Paul Clark is a psychotherapist who uses hypnosis on his patients and discusses why he believes it's an effective form of therapy.



Brain injury and recoveryRecovering from Brain Injury

Laura Hughes, former PR Manager at TVO talks about her brain injury and recovery.



About mysteries of the mind

Monday January 20 - Saturday January 25

Mysteries of the Mind explores what makes humans tick with brain-boosting collection of current affairs, documentary and online content exploring the human mind. Dr. Norman Doidge, psychiatrist and best-selling author of "The Brain that Changes Itself" will host the week offering context for topics covered in each program.

Mysteries of the Mind will immerse audiences and explore the future of neuroscience and the latest research in the controversial field of brain plasticity.