Deadly Depths

A million tons of chemical weapons from two World Wars and the Cold War lie on sea beds all over the planet posing dire threats to the marine ecosystem, fish and human life. Investigators are now confronting the legacy of the ugly enterprise.

How the Earth Changed History: Water

Control over water has been central to human existence and Professor Iain Stewart presents proof from Iceland to India.

The Tipping Points

Climate journalist Bernice Notenboom follows the scientists who explore critical examples of the tipping points that destabilise global climate systems, from the collapse of the Greenland icesheet to the melting Himalayan glaciers to floods and droughts in Africa.

Swimming With Killer Whales

Scientist Ingrid Visser is passionate about the six tonne orca, hunter of sharks and rays in New Zealand. She investigates why the critically endangered population is not increasing in size and finds disturbing new information about the health of our oceans.

Rowing the Arctic

Scots adventurer Mark Beaumont joins a team rowing a small boat to the north magnetic pole through dangerous sea ice and past deadly polar bears; an adventure only possible because of the receding arctic ice shield.

Plastic Ocean, and The Pure and the Poisoned

Water Brothers Alex and Tyler Miflin travel to the heart of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - pastic waste accumulating in the north Pacific Gyre; and later the brothers journey along the holy Ganges River discovering how religion, human population and pollution intersect.

I Am the River

Trace the journey of the Partington collection of 19th century photos of the Whanganui Maori and their life along the river that is central to their community living.The chance discovery of the pictures linked Maori in the present with their ancestors. It also provoked a cultural clash with non-Maori over ownership of the images.

Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve

Friday March 21 at 7:00 p.m.

Explore sunbleached shores and stunning islands where extreme volatility also reigns as author Simon Reeve engages in the lives and struggles of coastal people in the region plagued by pirate ships off Somalia, conflict in Sri Lanka and the rise of militant Islam in Yemen and Sumatra,.

National Geographic - Alien Deep with Bob Ballard

Ocean explorer Bob Ballard found the Titanic, the Bismark and entirely new life forms in the depths he's probed. Join his team as they journey to never before witnessed reaches of the ocean floor shining a light on the unseen abyss.

National Geographic: Secrets of the Mediterranean - Cousteau's Lost World

The son of the renowned conservationist revisits his father’s dives comparing the Mediterranean today with his father's time. Have Jacques Cousteau's warnings about pollution and overfishing the fragile sea been heeded?