Waiting for Drummond.  Early in the year, everyone at Queen's Park seemed to be "waiting for Drummond." -- waiting for the commission headed by economist Don Drummond to release a report with ideas on how to eliminate the province's large deficit. We at The Agenda thought we'd have a bit of fun, and put together a video inspired by the absurdist play "Waiting for Godot." Watch. 

Ontario After the Drummond Report. In February, when Don Drummond and his commission presented their ideas to balance Ontario's books, The Agenda examined the Drummond Report findings and what they might mean for the province. Watch.

Big, Bad Data. You are leaving digital footprints online. And those footprints are increasingly valuable to advertisers and marketers. How is your data - sites you're visiting, what you're reading online - being used, for good and bad? The Agenda discussed the issue in March. Watch. 

The Godfather at 40. On the 40th anniversary of "The Godfather" hitting silver screens across North America for the first time, The Agenda looked at how the film changed motion picture history. Watch. 


Martin Wolf: Facing Financial Reality. A renowned columnist for the Financial Times of London, England, Wolf is one of the most widely read writers on economics in the world. On The Agenda, he discussed whether we're doomed to repeat the same financial mistakes that led to the global financial collapse. Watch. 

Schizophrenia: A Sentence or A Diagnosis? As part of The Agenda's Mental Health Matters series, We examined one of the most feared and misunderstood mental illnesses, schizophrenia. Is it a disease of the brain or a condition caused by social circumstances? Watch.

Canada's Pioneers For Change. Five individuals who came to Canada and changed it for the better. They appeared on The Agenda to tell their stories and share their insights into the Canadian immigrant experience. Watch. 

Jonathan Rudin: Aboriginal Transformative Justice. A strategy for change? Aboriginal Legal Services Toronto's Jonathan Rudin told Steve Paikin how Aboriginal Transformative Justice programs work in the criminal justice system. Watch. 

Who Won the War of 1812? Canada did. No, America. No, Canada. The War of 1812 seems to have ended in a draw. During official events commemorating the 200th anniversary of the start of that war, The Agenda examined who really won, and what the war's legacy has meant for North America. Watch. 

Greg Sorbara: An Exit Interview. After more than a quarter century in public life, Liberal MPP and former provincial cabinet minister Greg Sorbara resigned from his Vaughan seat. He sat down with Steve Paikin to talk about how Queen's Park has changed from then and now. Watch. 

The Goal That Changed Canada. They were words that captivated a nation: "Henderson has scored for Canada!" Forty years later, The Agenda looked back on the 1972 Summit Series win against the Soviet Union. The discussion featured the man in goal for Canada during the historic Game Eight, Ken Dryden. Watch. 

Canadian Disagreements. Big Ideas lecturers Armine Yalnizyan, Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson and John Duffy discussed the changing nature of Canada's political culture. Watch. 


William Fowler, Jr: Empires At War. Although it took place two and a half centuries ago, the consequences of Seven Years' War are still with us today. Author William Fowler Jr. talked to Steve Paikin about the event that has been called the real first world war. Watch. 

Dalton McGuinty Resigns. Twenty two years as an MPP. Sixteen years as Ontario liberal leader. Nine years as premier. And yet, Ontario's 24th premier surprised everyone with his decision to step down. In his first television interview after announcing his plans to resign, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty told Steve Paikin why he's leaving, why he's proroguing, and what he thinks his ultimate legacy as premier will be. Watch.

The Classroom of 2030. The Internet, individual tablets, smart screens: will digital technology realize the promise of customized, student-centred education? The first in The Agenda's Learning 2030 series, from the Communitech Hub in Kitchener, Ontario. Watch.

Mark Kingwell: Course Discourse. Twitter, talking heads and attack ads: has political discourse run away from reason and headfirst into the set of a reality TV show? "Unruly Voices" author Mark Kingwell joined Steve Paikin to discuss the new political discourse. Watch.

Andrew Solomon: We Are Family. Just like Mom, or just like Dad? What happens when the apple falls far from the tree? The Agenda examined the challenges of parenting children with vastly different values or capabilities than their parents with "Far from the Tree" author Andrew Solomon. Watch.

Are Binders Full of Women Needed? The Agenda heard criticism that there aren't enough female guests on our programs. We blogged about it. Producers spoke about it online. Then, on our broadcast, we asked: If women are half of Ontario's population, why are they underrepresented in the media? Watch. 

Ontario's Horse Racing Future. The three former Ontario cabinet ministers responsible for a report on the future of the province's horse racing industry sat down with Steve Paikin to explain how the industry could survive after the government cancelled the lucrative Slots At Racetracks Program (SARP). Watch.

Ontario's Next Liberal Leader. Seven candidates, one leader: Steve Paikin asked the seven Ontario Liberal Party leadership candidates how they would balance the province's books and reinvigorate the Liberals' sagging popularity. Watch.