May 31, 2013: Rob Ford vs. The Media: We invited the four major Toronto newspapers -- The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, and The Toronto Sun (who declined) -- on the program to discuss the media's role in covering political scandals in the wake of drug allegations against Rob Ford.  


May 24, 2013: Senate Expenses Controversy: With the Conservative government under fire over the Senate expenses controversy, we invited Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson on the program to discuss whether or not the Conservative brand has been damaged.


May 17, 2013: Senate ShenanigansAn independent auditor's report into Senate expenses brought increased scrutiny over the Red Chamber. We sat down with Carleton University professor Bruce Hicks to get his sober second thoughts on the scandal and the question of Senate reform.


April 26, 2013: Combating Homegrown Terror: After the arrest of two men for their role in an alleged terror plot to attack a Via Rail passenger train, we looked into the question of extremism growing within our borders. Imam Shabir Ally and columnist Sheema Khan discussed the role moderate Muslim voices have in combating homegrown radicalism.


April 19, 2013: Boston Marathon Bombing: In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, STRATFOR analyst Kamran Bokhari gave us his perspective on the attacks, and the alleged attackers' connection to Chechnya.