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Danish filmmaker Janus Metz's gripping documentary feature "Armadillo," named for a base in Afghanistan where soldiers from Denmark are fighting against the Taliban, already has created controversy in his homeland. The film depicts six months in the posting of a handful of young soldiers and includes a frightening sequence in which a patrol faces a Taliban ambush. The hellish skirmish ends with a Danish hand grenade killing several insurgents. The soldiers move in and with the danger still grave they take no chances, firing round after round into the fallen enemy. Still high on adrenaline and relief, their debriefing involves boasting and laughter. The documentary's coverage of the incident has embroiled the Danish military in questions about appropriate behavior in combat situations. That reality adds to the shocks and tension of "Armadillo," along with the fact that the director and cinematographer Lars Skee were clearly risking their lives to get the story. While the men are Danish, there is a universality to their story and a vitality in the filmmaking.
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