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A peaceful waterside field beside the oldest bridge over the higher reaches of the River Thames in Oxfordshire: A perfect setting for a Time Team assault, with Tony Robinson leading the charge. Their mission is to uncover what looks like the remains of a large mediaeval castle buried under the grass. Could this be all that remains of a long lost fortress built during one of the bloodiest episodes of English history - the anarchy of the twelfth century? When Stephen and Matilda, two of William the Conqueror's grandchildren, began to fight for control of the crown in the 12th century, the country quickly descended into civil war. Castle sieges became common place and archaeologists believe that an impressive stronghold was built in the tiny hamlet of Radcot to control the river crossing, but no-one has ever dug there to prove the theory right until now. Within minutes of opening the first trench the diggers begin to uncover evidence of a large medieval building, but the site quickly becomes more complex than they could have imagined. Over three days the Team discovers evidence of not one civil war siege but two. Amazingly, it seems that Cavaliers and Roundheads were busy attacking each other in the seventeenth century in the very same field.
Published on: December 19, 2011 | 
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Time Team

A roving team of archaeologists travel to different sites each week to uncover the mystery of what lies beneath. Some sites are soon to be covered over by new development, some are long-buried and known only to the locals. In each case, the Time Team has only three days to excavate.