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Historian Dan Cruickshank explores the stunning late 17th century property, Kinross House. Dan is granted privileged access into the world of architect Sir William Bruce, who changed the Scottish landscape by building the first fully classical house in the country. Kinross House tells a unique story about a man imperative to the restoration of King Charles II - Sir William Bruce. A one time merchant who became one of the richest men in Scotland. With insight from Sir William's descendants, journalists and Scottish aristocracy, secrets long since forgotten are revealed, and offer an explanation into his ultimate downfall. The programme follows the story of Kinross house from its early beginnings through to its current owners and poignant sale in 2010.
Published on: December 19, 2011 | 
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The Country House Revealed

Six of Britain's greatest private country houses throw open their doors and release their secrets to historian Dan Cruickshank. From the Tudor ebullience of South Wraxall Manor, to the rigour of Kincross in Scotland, to the beauty of Hawksmoor's Easton Neston to the palatial Georgian sweep of Wentworth Woodhouse, the Victorian exuberance of Clandeboye to the Edwardian ingenuity of Marsh Court, the properties exemplify the architecture and fortunes of the nation itself.