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Dec 10, 2018 - 43:03
The Agenda welcomes two observers of U.S. politics: Niall Ferguson, author and historian; and David Frum, journalist and author, to contextualize the results of the U.S. midterm elections.
Dec 07, 2018 - 24:35
The Agenda reviews its week of programming.
Dec 07, 2018 - 6:31
David Rockne Corrigan visits the Research Casting International facility in Trenton to witness the work being done to prepare an exhibit for the ROM.
Dec 07, 2018 - 22:47
The Agenda welcomes Dianne Saxe, Ontario's environmental commissioner, to discuss her 2018 environmental protection report, "Back to Basics."
Dec 06, 2018 - 18:50
The Agenda discusses Alberta's stance on oil production.
Dec 06, 2018 - 35:20
The Agenda discusses the relationship between Windsor and Detroit.
Dec 05, 2018 - 20:44
The Agenda welcomes Vivek Shraya, author of "I'm Afraid of Men," to discuss the power of art to subvert ideas about gender norms.
Dec 05, 2018 - 35:06
The Agenda discusses how parents and other influencers can steer boys into a healthy adulthood.
Dec 04, 2018 - 11:54
The Agenda welcomes Dr. Maurice Bitran, the Ontario Science Centre's CEO, to discuss how knowledgeable Canadians are about science.
Dec 04, 2018 - 23:46
The Agenda discusses the mental health effects of climate change.
Dec 04, 2018 - 18:33
The Agenda welcomes Rod Phillips, minister of environment, conservation and parks, to explain the Ontario PC government's climate plan.
Dec 03, 2018 - 16:20
The Agenda welcomes Dimitrios Pandermalis, president of Greece's Acropolis Museum, to discuss efforts to repatriate the Elgin Marbles.
Dec 03, 2018 - 38:09
The Agenda looks at art repatriation by museums and countries around the world