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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Late Night

12:00 am
Ep. 3 - Climate Wars
As technology prolongs the life of existing oilfields, unconventional new oil and gas supplies like shale gas and tar sands are extending the hydrocarbon age well into the 21st century. In this final episode, geologist Iain Stewart argues we face a stark choice: Do we continue to feed our addiction to fossil fuels and risk catastrophic climate change, or do we commit to alternative energy sources and make the transition to a low-carbon future?
12:52 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Measuring changes in Lake Simcoe
Lake Simcoe is one of the province's largest and climate change is profoundly affecting its waters. Road runoff from storms is increasing the level of salt in the lake, threatening freshwater organisms. Water temperatures are warming, squeezing out cold-water fish. We join the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority aboard its research vessel Hexagenia to see the changes firsthand.
1:00 am
Ep. 1 - Edouard Vuillard
Scriptwriter Keith Tutt fell in love with the work of French post-impressionist painter Edouard Vuillard in his school art class. When a large oval picture by the artist appeared in a provincial auction house, Tutt gambled his savings on it even though it didn't appear in the official record of Vuillard's works. To prove it is a Vuillard, the team needs to persuade some of the most demanding art experts in France.
2:00 am
Ep. 3 - The Americas
Geologist Iain Stewart uncovers clues hidden within the New York skyline, the anatomy of American alligators, and inside Bolivian silver mines to reconstruct how North and South America were created. We call these two continents the New World, and in a geological sense they are indeed new worlds, torn from the heart of an ancient supercontinent - the Old World of Pangaea.
3:00 am
Ep. 3 - Zenith
At the Colossi of Memnon and the Valley of the Kings, Joann explores the dizzying heights Egypt reaches under its greatest pharaoh, Amenhotep III. Jo reveals the lives of workers and artisans caught up in Egypt's most ambitious building projects. But this golden age is threatened by the growing power of Karnak's priests.
4:00 am
Ep. 4 - Invasion
This final episode charts how Egypt's enemies exploited a country weakened by internal strife, ultimately leading to its destruction. Egyptologist Joann Fletcher journeys south to Sudan, where she finds the remarkable story of the forgotten Nubian kings.
5:00 am
Vying for Leadership
The Ontario PC leadership is up for grabs. Steve Paikin moderates an Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership debate.
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