TV Schedule

Thursday, March 15, 2018


6:02 am
Ella the Elephant
Ella's Carnival
Ella feels bad when Frankie is injured and can't go to a carnival - she decides to brighten his day (and hers) by bringing the carnival to him.
6:15 am
Hi Opie!
Opie The Special Helper
Opie gets chosen as the classroom Special Helper, but forgets that he needs to share the duty with another classmate.
6:23 am
Zerby Derby
While out exploring, Zack, Rex and Axle come across a low bridge. Axle can drive under fine but Zack gets stuck. They call the Construction Zerbies to help make the bridge tall enough not just for Zack, but for Rex as well. After this is done its fine for Zack, but Rex still can't make it. They realize they also need to make space under the bridge wide enough for Rex as well.
6:30 am
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit the park where rocket enthusiasts Mathew and Asad explain how rockets take off into Space -­‐ then help them set off their own model rocket!
6:38 am
I'm a Fish
I'm a Seahorse
The Seahorse shows us his romantic side and explains how he dances for days when he meets his partner and carries his babies until they are born.
6:40 am
The Trouble with Truffles / Luck of the Irish
Oto's delighted when he's chosen to compete on a TV cooking show - 'Titanium Chef!' But when the others accidentally throw out his truffle, the friends must rally to replace this rare ingredient. But what are truffles, anyway? And if they're so rare, how do we find some? Doki, Gabi, Mundi and Fico head to the Tuscany region of Italy, to borrow a comically lazy truffle hunting dog, and try to snuffle up a new truffle! Meanwhile, Oto and Anabella stay behind to complete the show's cooking challenges, while struggling with over-complicated kitchen gadgets and challenging new flavours. --- When Anabella breaks a mirror, she worries that she's going to have bad luck, and refuses to go through with her Irish dancing recital! But are superstitions real? They travel to Blarney, Ireland to try to find a four-leaf clover to turn her luck around - and also get her dancing shoes fixed. While there, Fico becomes convinced the shoemaker is a leprechaun. And Oto kisses the Blarney stone to try to get the 'gift of gab' and talk Anabella into dancing after all! In the end, Anabella's hard work wins out over her so-called 'curse' and they conclude that superstitions are just made up stories.
7:02 am
Odd Squad
Hold the Door
A young Agent-in-Training shadows Olive and Otto as part of the Odd Squad Training Program. When he runs off, they scramble to locate him before Ms. O finds out.
7:16 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save a Blimp
When Mayor Humdinger mistakenly believes that Cap'n Turbot's new weather blimp actually changes the weather, he swipes the floating aircraft. When the Mayor tries to run away with the blimp, he, a couple kittens, and a sheep are snagged in the blimp's tether and float off. It's up to the Paw Patrol to rescue them before they crash into the Adventure Bay suspension bridge.
7:28 am
An adventurous boy dreams of flying his spaceship through an asteroid belt in a race against his friends. After winning the race, the boy shares his special trick; he flew threw the asteroid belt to save time. Did you know that asteroids are made up of rocks and different types of metals and minerals? Also, an asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter.
7:30 am
Wild Kratts
Wild Kratts Alaska: Hero's Journey -Part 1
Aviva announces she's one step closer to fixing the Time Trampoline with the invention of a Time Thruster. But before they can check it out, it goes overboard and attaches onto a Sockeye salmon who is in the middle of the "Salmon Run". The Wild Kratts team is led on a wild chase, as they follow the salmon on this incredible and difficult journey - both battling the odds to reach their goals.
7:57 am
Cast Away/ Great Sock Mystery
Arthur is thrilled when Dad invites him to go fly fishing for the weekend. But then a change in plans forces them to include D.W. Ever wonder where all those missing socks go? One minute they?re in the laundry basket, and the next...poof!...they?ve vanished! Baby Kate and Pal - and some of their furry friends - team up to solve the great sock mystery.
8:22 am
Raven's Quest
Quill is and 11-year-old Algonquin girl from Kitigan Zibi, Quebec. Quill hunts for wild garlic in the forest and explains what goes into Shguman, an Algonquin moose meat stew. Quill loves her hover-board and Zumba class too! Quill beads her traditional regalia to wear when she dances at her first pow-wow.
8:30 am
Splash and Bubbles
Chompy's New Food / Cloning Around
Chompy the Parrotfish decides she doesn't want to eat only algae anymore when she sees Splash and his friends eating a variety of things found in the water column (plankton, etc.) The others have to get Chompy back on her normal eating plan before the reef gets overrun with algae! --- Bubbles and Ripple meet a jellyfish. However, when they bring Splash and Dunk to meet her, they discover she doesn't remember them at all. The kids learn that what they thought was one jellyfish were actually two identical clones of each other.
8:56 am
Can You Imagine That!
Mia imagines what it would like to be an actor and perform in front of a big audience up on stage. She loves pretending to be different people - even a superhero who flies across the city. She dreams of becoming a famous movie actor. Mia loves musicals, where she can act, sing AND dance!
9:02 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save the Circus / Pup a Doodle Do
Ellie the baby elephant has escaped from the circus train! Ryder and the PAW Patrol need to find her! In the meantime Ellie's Mom goes looking for her. Now there are two Elephants loose in Adventure Bay! --- Mayor Goodway's purse chicken ,Chickaletta, has gone missing. Ryder and the Paw Patrol search adventure bay for the prized poulet and finally rescue Chickaletta and return her to the Mayor.
9:25 am
Home Tweet Home
Molly's house has a new tenant-a bird! Working together, the Pod Squad designs the ultimate home for their new friend, but soon realize that maybe a 'Doozer' house isn't what the bird had in mind.
9:37 am
Rob the Robot
Orbit's Small Problem
Rob and friends are excited to visit the Miniature Museum on the Miniature Planet! The miniature objects on display are hilarious and interesting but for some reason...Orbit can't see them!
9:50 am
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Special Delivery Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave become 'The Special Delivery Crew', delivering parcels to their animal friends. They discover the importance of reading the pictorial labels correctly, to work out whom each parcel is for and where they live.
10:01 am
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Daddy the Plumber
Miffy finds a dripping tap, and Daddy's attempts to fix it - despite Miffy's warnings! - almost lead to a watery disaster. Boris saves the day, but will Daddy learn his lesson?
10:08 am
Tee & Mo
The Box
Mo is very excited by the arrival of a new lamp, but Tee is more interested in the box it came in. Together, the pair find the perfect place to put the lamp, using the box and a little bit of imagination.
10:15 am
Quentin the Pelican
Quentin is a big bird. He's taller than you! He uses his big beak to catch fish, to collect water to drink, and as a shopping basket!
10:18 am
GBB: Sandy Math: 3-D Shapes Family
Pirate Gisele looks for cones in her sandcastle.
Pirate Gisele is washed ashore and plays a game, looking for three dimensional figures in the sandcastle she has built. This corresponds to the mathematics expectations for recognizing three dimensional figures, as part of the Ontario Early Learning Framework and in the all-day Kindergarten program. Pirate Gisele looks for cones in her sandcastle.
10:22 am
Voo Voo
Bing drives his toy car around the breakfast things on the table and accidentally spills Krispo's all over the kitchen floor. He helps Flop to clear them up with the aid of the "voo-voo cleaner' but neither of them notice when Bing's car gets sucked up along with the Krispo's.
10:29 am
Thomas & Friends
Percy's Parcel
PERCY has a special Special. He is to deliver a big gift crate to Knapford. It is DOWAGER HATT'S birthday present from SIR TOPHAM HATT. PERCY is so proud, he decides that rather than go directly to Knapford, he will show off his gift crate to MAVIS. But at the Quarry, it gets covered in slate dust! PERCY is mortified and tries to rectify the situation by taking the crate to the wash down and then to be dried at the Steam Works. It is all a disaster! PERCY then realises that he could put the bedraggled parcel into a new crate. VICTOR helps him and supplies a brand new crate which is painted red. When DOWAGER HATT sees her new gift wrapped gift - she is thrilled!!
10:40 am
Thomas & Friends
Time for a Story
SIR TOPHAM HATT announces that the library is holding a special story time for all the children. He needs an engine to deliver the storybooks. THOMAS is so excited that he has been chosen for the special that he doesn't wait to for the books to be tied in place. As THOMAS gets more excited he chuffs faster and faster and ends up along a bumpy track. Soon his trucks bump high in the air and the storybooks land in FARMER MCCOLL'S field. THOMAS doesn't want to let the children down and decides to make it a picnic story time, and brings the children to the storybooks.
10:51 am
Opie's Home
Just for Fun
Opie's insistence on winning gets in the way of his fun, until he plays a game with Lucas and Maria that has no winners or losers, and learns that it's fun to play just for fun.
10:59 am
Zerby Derby
Zerapartments / Hide and Go Dotty / Zerby Town Parade
Strut and Rex have a new construction project. Zerbapartments! Stacking 4 Zerby garages on top of each other. The Zerbies think it's great, until they realize there isn't a way to get down. --- Dotty the drone has never played Hide and Seek. Zack is happy to teach her. But it turns out playing with a flying Zerby means you have to have special rules. --- The Zerby trucks, racers and construction vehicles are all parading through Zerby Town. But each kind of vehicle wants to do their own thing. It's up to Zack and his friends to make sure everyone in the parade sticks together.
11:20 am
A funny puppet sings a song, sneezes, loses his arm and finds a new singing mate.
11:22 am
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit a police college where Officer Sandy introduces them to a classroom of police students, then off to the gym where Officer Vijay is training more students, and finally outside for a ride in a police car!
11:30 am
I'm a Fish
I'm a Clown Fish
The Clown Fish likes to live in a nice and clean home; eating the scraps and looking after the children, at least until it's their turn to replace the female.
11:32 am
Doggy Day School
Sports Day
The dogs find a prize at the bottom of a new box of dog biscuits. They decide to hold a sports competition, and whoever wins the most events will win the medal. The dogs each win one event - except Lili who's too small to do well in most of the events. She gets into a big snit and the others, feeling sorry for her, come up with some ridiculous, but Lili friendly events, like the 'most sophisticated walk', 'the best body shake' event, etc. Lili wins these events and since she has won the most events, wins the medal. But she says they should ALL have it for being so fair and making special events for her. They each proudly take turns wearing the medal.
11:43 am
Lily's Driftwood Bay
The Being Helpful Badge
A shiny badge is washed up on the beach, and on Driftwood Bay, Lily realizes that it's actually a special award for being helpful. Bull has been desperate to win a Being Helpful badge for a long time, but he's often more of a hindrance than a help!
11:50 am
Splash and Bubbles
One Big Ocean: Part 4 - No Place Like Home!
Splash and his friends end their journey, returning home to Reeftown, where they are delighted to see that Splash now knows that although there are fun adventures to be found all over their "One Big Ocean," Reeftown is home to him.


12:03 pm
20th Anniversary Video
Olympia celebrates her 20th video.
12:05 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Fight Fire
Marshall proves he is a true hero when he stops to put out a real fire on the beach during a race against the clock for the Fastest Fire Pup trophy.
12:18 pm
Project Tent
The Floogals discover the joys of camping when they observe the Hooman kids putting up a tent and decide to copy what they do.
12:30 pm
Doozer Amusers
The Pod Squad is thrilled when Professor Gimbal introduces them to his new baby nephew, Pinball. There's just one problem - the baby won't laugh or even smile! But with a little innovation and imagination, they create their very own laugh track that has Pinball cracking up in no time.
12:41 pm
Safe From Sound
At home, Spike and Daisy Wheel are startled by a horrible screeching sound - and it's coming from inside the house! It's their mom, Chief Doozer, learning a new instrument called the Doozeedoo! The Pod Squad are determined to come up with a quieter solution that will let her practice her music without disturbing the whole neighborhood.
12:53 pm
Bookaneers - Wall Whale
In this episode Skaggs and Fibber misread the Captain's note and mistake WALL for WHALE.
12:59 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
An Apple Tree Adventure
A trip to Hatty's garden shows Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave why apples are just so apple-fantastic - and good for you too!
1:11 pm
Mr. Moon
Find Taurus
When Taurus the Bull starts running in his sleep, Sunny organizes a massive search party so that Mr Moon can be there and help Taurus find his way home.
1:23 pm
Here I Go
Bing and Pando discover a new climbing frame at the playground. It's got climbing bits and tippy bits and even a wobbly bridge. But when Bing gets to the top of the slide it's too scary for him to go down. Bing watches Pando to see how he does it, then he helps Hoppity Voosh to go down. When Hoppity likes it Bing has a go too.
1:31 pm
Box Yourself Minis
Bear Clock
Øistein makes a funny bear clock from paper plates.
1:35 pm
Thomas & Friends
Thomas and the Pigs
THOMAS is asked by FARMER TROTTER to collect some straw for the piglets, which are soon to be born. But on the way, THOMAS sees other things he thinks the piglets will like. He soon discovers all the piglets really need is straw and rushes off to correct his mistake in time for the piglets' arrival.
1:46 pm
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Melanie's School Trip
The whole class has gone on a school visit to the farm. Miffy most wants to see the horse, but Melanie seems to want to see everything BUT the horse - why?
1:53 pm
The Day Henry Met...
The Day Henry Met... A Statue
Henry meets a friendly Egyptian Statue in a museum. The Ancient Blue Diamond, centre piece of the museum, has gone missing and it's up to Statue and Henry to find it. Henry becomes an Archeologist for the day, goes on a crazy adventure in underground caves, gets chased by a boulder and bouncing on crocodiles before returning the Diamond to it's rightful place.
2:00 pm
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Bedtime Scarf
Bull has lost something special - his precious bedtime scarf! An upset Bull is a crash-banging-bonkers Bull, so Lily leads the hunt, searching high and low for Bull's missing bedtime scarf.
2:07 pm
Rob the Robot
Tower of Power
Rob's Robot battery is low and he is running out of energy, a quick boost on the robot charging pad will help. The friends discovery that their recharging pad is broken, so they head to the Power Planet only to discover that it shares the same fate.
2:19 pm
Gisèle's Big Backyard
Gisele compares how fast toy cars will travel on ramps that
As Gisele plays with a collection of old toys, we learn about different topics in Science, Technology and Engineering.
2:22 pm
Zerby Derby
Zerby Bridge
Zack and Rex are exploring when they come across a small stream. They decide to try to cross the stream, and they think back to a floating log bridge they took to get across the lake. They make a floating log bridge but when Zack gets on the bridge the current of the water pushes the bridge down the stream. They try, try again, this time to make a bridge that won't move. A bridge of dirt! But when Rex pours in a load of dirt - it just gets washed away. Rex and Zack know there's a way to solve the problem, but they have to but their hoods together to figure it out. Rex realizes that if they make a log bridge that is above the water, then it won't get washed away and they can cross. No sooner have they made the bridge than Rex is in the water with his life-jacket, trying it out from below as well.
2:30 pm
Hi Opie!
Opie Tidies Up
Opie and Porter have so much fun building a tower that they don't want to stop playing when it's time to tidy up.
2:37 pm
Mister Maker
Episode 9
Mister Maker takes another globe-trotting tour around the world with Scrappz and Tocky helping him along the way. In South Africa he meets Mini Makers and creates a sensational shark picture, in Australia, we find out if he can make a marble creature in just a minute, and in the UK there's a great way of creating colourful works of art from pieces of fruit.
2:56 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Superpower Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave each use a special skill to help a friend in need. Their amazing super-powers of sight, smell and hearing, lead little Lost Sheep to a happy reunion with Big Sheep.
3:08 pm
Project Singing
Dad is singing in the shower, the mega hit song called 'outta this world' and the Floogals find it hurts their Floogalhorns. As the rest of the family start making the same sounds, the Floogals think it's contagious. Eventually, they start singing the same 'catchy' song and they realize that singing is a joyful human pursuit. In fact it's 'Outta This World!'
3:21 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save the Mail / Pups Save a Frog Mayor
Tracker has a special surprise coming in the mail for Carlos. Trouble is the postman's truck gets stuck in the mud and Tracker's long-awaited package is carried off by a series of jungle animals. --- Rubble dreams that the new wishing well has turned Mayor Goodway into a frog. The Paw Patrol has to find Mayor Frog, so she can be wished back into a human.
3:45 pm
Space Racers
Space Girl Explorers
Sandpiper leads Robyn, Starling and Lark off to Jupiter's moon Europa for their Space Girl Explorers meeting. This is Robyn's big chance to get her 150th badge, for Trailblazing, and finally earn her ,Saturn Stripes., After several unsuccessful attempts, she's dejected and disappointed... until she picks up a mysterious audio signal that includes the words, ,Hello, aliens., Aliens? The girls have a real mystery on their wings! Now they need the right tool - so off they fly again, this time to a powerful radio telescope in orbit of Mars. There they track the signal and learns that it's coming from outside the solar system. But from whom? Back on Earth, Robyn discovers the source of the radio signal: a very old probe that Coot launched years ago. Robyn finally earns her elusive badge because ,trailblazing isn't just about finding new physical paths. It's also for discovering new paths of thinking!,
3:58 pm
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo can't wait to grow up so he drive cars, watch scary movies, and do whatever he wants! But he soon learns that grown ups don't always have the freedom to play like kids do.
4:05 pm
Ollie & Moon
The Daring Duo
When Ollie chooses "adventure" in Moon's game of "ask or adventure," he unwittingly becomes much braver than either of them ever expected.
4:17 pm
Ollie & Moon
Goin' Coconuts
When Ollie wants to make a dance video for his Aunt, Moon barrels in to help, not realizing he's been struck with stage fright.
4:30 pm
Ollie & Moon
Hawaiian Shirt Hijinks
When Ollie wrecks the special Hawaiian shirt Scoot gave him, he must replace it and fast!
4:42 pm
Ollie & Moon
Brazilian Soccer School
The good news is that Moon signed herself and Ollie up to play on a local soccer team. The bad news is - they don't know how to play soccer!
4:55 pm
Ollie & Moon
You Mermaid My Day
When Moon wants to meet a real, live mermaid, Ollie will do anything to help his friend find one (even though he doesn't believe they exist).
5:07 pm
Ollie & Moon
A Sweet Time in Scottland
When Moon accidentally eats the last jar of Ollie's favorite honey, she'll go to any extreme to fix her mistake.
5:19 pm
Ollie & Moon
Tall Tale in India
After Moon exaggerates her hooping abilities to her pen pal from India, she's afraid to tell her the truth for fear of not being liked and rather, attempts to learn. Fast!
5:31 pm
Ollie & Moon
The Case of the Missing Russian Bear
When Moon brings home a lost talking teddy bear, she immediately falls in love with him and wants to keep him, but Ollie insists they must take it back to its rightful owner.
5:45 pm
Ollie & Moon
The Japanese Comic Trip
When Ollie reads "to be continued" at the end his latest comic book, he flies with Moon to Japan to find the reclusive creator.
6:00 pm
Ollie & Moon
Canadian Pancake Party
When Ollie and Moon go to Canada to get special maple syrup for their special pancakes, they discover that being generous has some delicious rewards.
6:12 pm
Ollie & Moon
Quest for the Irish Clover
When Moon assures Ollie she'll help him find a four-leaf clover, he thinks that's an impossible mission! They discover how to make impossible become possible by working together...
6:25 pm
Mark's Moments
Mark spends the day with his friend Sophie, who has Congenital Metaphyseal Dysplasia (knock knee). Sophie teaches Mark to tap dance, bake cookies and ride a four-wheeler.
6:30 pm
Dinner or Consequences, Part 1 & 2
Dr. Two Brains is stealing all the city's milk and using it-with help from the unusually talkative Energy Monster-to superpower his new ray and turn the whole city into cheese! It's up to WordGirl to find the disappearing dairy and stop Dr. Two Brains... even if it means missing her family feast and having to face the consequences. Vocabulary Words: Feast, Consequences --- Becky has to rely on an old Botsford tradition - the family trial - to convince her family that she vanished from the feast for a good reason. But when the Energy Monster breaks Dr. Two Brains out of jail and the two head over to the Botsfords to take back a powerful invention, will Becky be able to prove her innocence and transform into WordGirl in time to stop two super villains? Vocabulary Words: Vanish, Rely


7:00 pm
Ep. 3 - Make Me Brave
In the final episode, Todd Sampson learns how to best manage fear. To demonstrate that it is possible to overcome fear, he uses all his previous brain training to achieve the ultimate challenge - walking on a wire strung between two skyscrapers.
8:00 pm
Politics in the Digital Age
The Agenda discusses the extent to which digitization has enhanced democracy, empowered citizens and shaped Canadian political culture as a whole.
9:00 pm
Ep. 2 - The Personal Story
From the deserts of West Africa to the cities of China, we meet the women redefining the place of marriage, childbirth and sex in their lives. The second episode examines how the personal lives of women are changing.
9:51 pm
Learning Portraits
Ontario Vignette: Elizabeth Semmelhack
Part of TVO's Never Stop Learning brand campaign, Elizabeth Semmelhack talks about the challenges and joys of being the Senior Curator of the Bata Shoe Museum, and how it is a learning experience everyday.
9:54 pm
Main Street Ontario: London
When the Galleria mall first opened the whole city was thrilled, but local stores struggled to survive in its shadow. Now, with the city working hard on its revival, there's a fresh perspective in downtown London, Ont.
10:00 pm
Ep. 2 - The Story of Women and Art
Professor Amanda Vickery's journey to explore the contribution women have made to western art reaches the 18th century. Now the spotlight falls on Britain, a new world leader in innovation, manufacturing and commerce, and France, home to an extravagant court. Vickery looks at painter Angelica Kauffman, textile designer Anna Maria Garthwaite, designer Rose Bertin, who styled Marie Antoinette and her court, and the portraitist Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun.
11:00 pm
Politics in the Digital Age
The Agenda discusses the extent to which digitization has enhanced democracy, empowered citizens and shaped Canadian political culture as a whole.

Late Night

12:00 am
Ep. 2 - The Personal Story
From the deserts of West Africa to the cities of China, we meet the women redefining the place of marriage, childbirth and sex in their lives. The second episode examines how the personal lives of women are changing.
12:51 am
Behind The Lens (To Make A Farm)
Steve Suderman tells us about his motivation behind directing the documentary film, "To Make a Farm".
1:00 am
Ep. 2 - The Story of Women and Art
Professor Amanda Vickery's journey to explore the contribution women have made to western art reaches the 18th century. Now the spotlight falls on Britain, a new world leader in innovation, manufacturing and commerce, and France, home to an extravagant court. Vickery looks at painter Angelica Kauffman, textile designer Anna Maria Garthwaite, designer Rose Bertin, who styled Marie Antoinette and her court, and the portraitist Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun.
2:00 am
Ep. 3 - Make Me Brave
In the final episode, Todd Sampson learns how to best manage fear. To demonstrate that it is possible to overcome fear, he uses all his previous brain training to achieve the ultimate challenge - walking on a wire strung between two skyscrapers.
3:00 am
Ep. 3 - Life on the Reef
It's summer on the Great Barrier Reef, the season of change. Tiny turtles emerge from the sand in the tens of thousands to begin their epic battle to survive. The human and animal residents prepare as a Category 5 cyclone bears down on the North Queensland coast. But new unseasonal forces are also intensifying. How will the reef respond to threats that challenge its delicate balance?
3:56 am
Learning Portraits
Ontario Vignette: Wayne Bourque
Part of TVO's Never Stop Learning brand campaign, former Canadian boxing champion, Wayne Bourque, talks about the life lessons he learned through boxing.
4:00 am
Data Mining the Deceased
More than half of North Americans are fascinated by genealogy and invested in their family histories. The emotional impact of uncovering one's ancestors, culture and country of origin can be profound, but there is another side to the rise in genealogy that goes beyond human interest. This documentary explores what may be the largest historical enterprise in the world, and one of the largest data-mining operations, and how it is driven by big religion, big technology and big business.
5:00 am
Politics in the Digital Age
The Agenda discusses the extent to which digitization has enhanced democracy, empowered citizens and shaped Canadian political culture as a whole.
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