TV Schedule

Saturday, March 17, 2018


6:26 am
Ella the Elephant
That's Swellaphant!
Ella searches to find the meaning of Swellaphant Day and discovers it, when she helps curmudgeonly Mr. Mercer get involved in the festivities. He re-discovers the joys of connecting with his community.
6:39 am
Box Yourself Minis
Øistein makes a milk carton dog which is also a doggie bag dispenser.
6:42 am
Opie's Home
Opie's Bedtime Swap
When Opie resists bedtime and wishes that he was the parent, Mom and Dad grant him his wish and Opie learns that being the grown up is harder than it looks.
6:49 am
Canada Crew
Bebe and Mo meet train engineer Eric and climb aboard a steam-powered locomotive while Gavin reports from the Rocky Mountaineer, a famous train that travels through the Rocky Mountains.
6:56 am
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy and the Playhouse
When an autumn storm blows down a much-loved tree, Boris offers to turn it into a play house. All the children think that's a great idea - but they can't agree on what sort of house it should be.
7:03 am
Tee & Mo
The Box
Mo is very excited by the arrival of a new lamp, but Tee is more interested in the box it came in. Together, the pair find the perfect place to put the lamp, using the box and a little bit of imagination.
7:11 am
The Day Henry Met...
The Day Henry Met... A Life Boat
Henry meets a friendly Life Boat. Henry learns all about Life Boats as they chat on the beach but unfortunately there is a Donkey stuck out at sea in need of rescue. Henry becomes a Life Guard for the day, races across the waves, meets an Ocean Liner before rescuing Donkey and his favourite coconut drink.
7:16 am
GBB: Jolly Reader
Seven Seas News
Pirate Gisele sails the seven seas with her motley puppet crew as they explore literacy building blocks. Spelling, Rhyming, phonics, sign reading, and critical thinking are all explored in this fun adventure series. In this episode Gisele asks Captain Book questions, which he answers incorrectly due to water in his ear. Concentration on rhyming, and critical thinking, as well as Text using - understanding the purpose of text (newspapers give information).
7:22 am
Splash and Bubbles
Bubbles, feeling self-conscious about a healing blemish on her face, meets Myshell, a friendly, outgoing decorator crab who has covered her shell with all kinds of shells, coral and sponges. Myshell teaches Bubbles how to feel good about herself from the inside out.
7:35 am
Hide and Snake/ Muffy's New Best Friend
The kids capture a snake and learn that it's possibly poisonous - but only after it gets lost in Arthur's house! Why is Muffy interviewing for a new best friend? She and Francine are usually inseparable.
7:59 am
Paw Patrol
Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Frozen Flounder / Pups Save a Narwha
The Turbot cousins get so caught up quibbling with each other they don't realize that their ship is frozen in the Arctic Ice. The Sea Patrol must come to their rescue and cut the ship out of the ice to free them. --- Alex spots a mysterious horned creature swimming in the ocean which turns out to be a lost narwhal. The Sea Patrol uses narwhal sounds to guide him back to the Arctic in the Sea Patroller. When the narwahl gets his horn stuck in an ice chunk that's in the path of a cargo ship, Zuma and Ryder race to move him out of harm's way so Rubble can use his drill to free him.
8:23 am
Ollie & Moon
Italian Gelato Twist
Ollie and Moon go to Italy to create a new 'best friend' themed gelato flavour for Stanley's cousin's shop, but can the best friends agree on anything?
8:34 am
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Music Making Adventure
Hatty introduces Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave to different types of musical instruments. They learn how to strum a guitar, bang a drum and blow a trumpet and a whistle, and end up making fantastic music together.
8:46 am
Space Racers
Stardust Rhythm
Robyn and Hawk are excited about the school's Poetry Slam Festival that's coming up soon. And when Eagle learns that there's a grand prize for the winner of the best poem - a cool new space helmet - even he is suddenly into it. The kids begin writing about their favorite subjects; Eagle is all about speed, and Hawk writes about strength, but Robyn suffers a crisis of confidence when she tries to rhapsodize about science and math. Is that cool enough? Meanwhile, Vulture overhears a bit of Sandpiper's poem about the purple skies of Titan, and mistakenly believes that she's interested in him romantically - so he prepares to recite an ode to their mutual love. It all sets the table for an unexpectedly lively festival when the big day arrives, hosted by Poetry Slam Master Crane.
8:59 am
Odd Squad
Happy Halfiversary / Good Egg Bad Egg
Otis discovers he's forgotten an important date in his partnership with Olympia. Now, with Oona and Ms. O providing assistance, he sets off on an odd adventure to set things right. --- The agents try to determine what kind of creature will hatch from an egg.
9:25 am
Wild Kratts
The Cobra King
While searching for Martin's lost Creaturepod, the Kratt brothers encounter a Spectacled cobra. In a wild adventure to recover their prized gadget, the bros learn about the dual creature powers of the cobras - venom and a hooded defense. But when they encounter a King cobra, their newfound cobra powers are put to the ultimate test. Science Concept: Venom in nature. How it works and why animals have it.
9:52 am
Dino Dana
Dino Field Guides
Dana is a 9-year old girl who loves dinosaurs and spends all of her time learning about them. One day at the library, her life changes forever when she gets the power to imagine dinosaurs into her real life when she meets Trek Henderson and he gives her his Dino Field Guide.
10:14 am
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo always has to wait... for his toast to toast, for his little sister to get ready, for the bus to come... and some things can take a loooong time, which means he has to be really patient!
10:21 am
Making Stuff
Colouring pencils
Big mixers stir the compound for leads, then rolled into thin sticks. Gears and Wiz see how they are waxed so they will write and discover how they are put into wooden cases that get painted and packaged.
10:26 am
Lejo discovers coloured lights and invites his little friends over for a disco party.
10:29 am
Look Kool
Hamza can't move his desk because Koolkatt left a wedge shaped mouse toy under the wheel. To find out why wedges are one of the most important tools ever invented our LOOK KOOL gang splits logs like lumberjacks, meets a legendary cheese-cutter, and channels their inner cave man.
10:51 am
I'm a Fish
I'm a Crab
In this episode Crab sideways walks in to tell us that there are nearly four thousand species of crab like him coming from far and wide and living in both the water and on land.
10:53 am
Beats in Bites
We're sampling sweet sounds from around the world.
11:00 am
Kid Diners
It's a battle between Aynalem and Xander to see who can make the best breakfast in Victoria, BC. Aynalem makes a one-of-a-kind potato dish with some spuds she picked herself, while Xander chases chickens for some special eggs to make the best omelet ever. Breakfast never tasted so good!
11:22 am
Box Yourself Minis
Penguin On The Run
In this episode of Box Yourself Minis Øistein makes a paper toilet roll penguin which can move around.
11:26 am
Northwest Territories and Yukon Playground
The Giver kids build a playground that pays homage to the Klondike Gold Rush! They build a massive mining tunnel play structure with a rocky quarry seating area, a mining pan swing and mining cart spring riders!
11:49 am
Story Explorers
Jake's Journey
Story Explorer Sachi tells her story: Jake's Journey.
11:52 am
Raven's Quest
Malakai is an 11-year-old Mi'kmaq boy living in Membertou, in Nova Scotia. He's a huge basketball fan and demonstrates some of his moves on the court. Malakai takes us to his aunt's Indian taco food truck, shows us his traditional regalia and explains why traditional dancing is an important part of his life.
11:59 am
Mystery Files
The Mystery of Nostra Culpa
The clues: An old immigration document with the name Arlene Chan written on the back, an old photo of a man named Harnam Singh Sohi with a phone number written on it, a picture of the Mohawk Institute Residential School with a photo of a young boy clipped to it The file label: "Nostra Culpa" The investigation: This file label is a real puzzler. After a quick Internet search, the kids find out "Nostra Culpa" means "our fault" in Latin. But whose fault? To find out, E.B. tracks down Arlene Chan, the daughter of the man on the immigration certificate. He discovers that a long time ago, Chinese immigrants to Canada had to pay a special tax called a head tax to discourage them from living here. Years later, the Canadian government formally apologized for the Chinese head tax. Kyla video-chats with the great granddaughter of Harnam Singh. She finds out that Singh tried to immigrate to Canada in 1914 aboard a ship called the Komagata Maru. The ship, mostly filled with Punjabi immigrants, was turned away at the Vancouver port after a 2-month standoff because of a racist anti-immigration law. Just recently, the Canadian government offered an apology for the incident. Kyla and E.B. are starting to see a pattern. E.B. visits the Mohawk Institute Residential School and meets the tour guide Geronimo. There he discovers the horrible life many First Nations kids were forced to lead in schools like this one. As for the photo of the boy on the clue, it was a childhood photo of Geronimo when he attended this very school! Another formal apology was offered by the government years after the last of these schools closed. Mystery solved: The kids deduce that Hermione meant all these racist laws were the government's fault. And since people voted for those governments, technically it was our fault, "Nostra Culpa", too. They also discover that it is important to learn from past mistakes.


12:22 pm
Sports Lab
John is a 12 year old quarterback who wants to throw the perfect spiral. Dr. Heather sends guest pro John Williams to hand off some valuable tips to reduce drag on the ball while host Nykeem drags himself though some tough training drills.
12:33 pm
Sports Lab
High Jump
Nykeem and young track star Jaden are bending over backwards trying to perfect their high jump technique. Dr. Heather expands on the science behind the Fosbury flop and guest pro Jillian helps Jaden take her skills to new heights.
12:44 pm
Old Math is New Again
Travel back in time thousands of years ago with Eric to ancient Egypt! Discover and demystify a secret multiplication system. It's not magic... it's math!
12:48 pm
Doggy Day School
Hidden Talent
Vlad, a famous stunt dog is dropped off for the day. and he offers to teach the dogs a few tricks. When it's Suki's turn, Vlad is amazed to see her balance on a big ball. He says that Suki has natural talent and could be a great stunt dog. He invites her to go with him and star in his next movie. The others protest but then realise they are being selfish to insist she stay and that Suki should follow her heart. Suki is tempted, but when it's time to go, she has a change of heart and realises that she doesn't want to leave her friends for a life in the movies.
12:59 pm
The Rise of Miss Power, Part 1 & 2
There's a new super hero in town! Miss Power has come to earth from outer space along with her sidekick, Captain Giggle Cheeks. WordGirl is excited for Miss Power to teach her everything she knows. But is Miss Power really a super hero? Or could she be a super villain? Vocabulary Words: Harsh, Vigor, Encourage, Ploy --- Besides using her super strength and super speed to defeat villains, Miss Power has another secret weapon: using mean words against others. WordGirl would rather not use her words harshly...but after giving it a shot, she feels empowered. Soon, everyone starts wondering "what has gotten into WordGirl?" And the Botsford's are beginning to wonder "What has gotten into Becky?" Vocabulary Words: Harsh, Vigor, Encourage, Ploy
1:23 pm
Making Stuff
Rubber Boots
Gears really wishes he had feet when he and Wiz meet the rubber boot making machines! Colourful designs and fancy liners create puddle stomping fun.
1:28 pm
Zerby Derby
Chase Comes Unglued / Zerby Bridges Falling Down / You've Go
Chase is getting a new decal. But Mika tells him he can't fly for a full hour while the glue dries. Chase realized NOT flying is harder than he thought it would be. --- Strut has created a new, long bridge. But it sags quite a bit in the middle. Zack and Strut know they can solve this problem. But with what? --- Zack wants to build an obstacle course. He can see it perfectly in his head. Unfortunately, he isn't doing a great job explaining what he wants to Rex and Strut.
1:49 pm
Now You See it, Now you Donut / Captain Horatio
A mysterious magician has arrived in town, and is making all the bugs in Murky Marsh disappear! --- Horace's Unlce, Horatio, can't get his famed blimp, The Aritchoke, to fly!
2:13 pm
Party Like it's 1859 / Team Doki's Big Squeeze
When the Team's high-tech dance party is threatened by a power outage, they're frustrated. How can we have any fun, without electricity? Determined to carry on, they fly off to find a place where things are still 'normal'- and mistakenly end up at a HISTORIC VILLAGE, where they live like it's 150 years ago! They're planning a party there too, but it sounds lame to Mundi, so she vows to build a windmill and generate their own power. While her project is underway, Doki's gang discovers that the simple life can be fun too. Ultimately, Mundi learns that there's a time and place for technology - and the Team learns not to impose their values on others. --- When the Team wants a new water slide for the clubhouse beach, they decide to fund it by selling Anabella's delicious lemonade. But it costs a lot, and they want the slide fast! So... how can we sell as much lemonade as possible? They can't agree on the best strategy, so they split into two teams. Doki figures they need the perfect location, so he leads an 'away' team to the SAHARA DESERT, BEIJING CHINA, AND MURMANSK RUSSIA, to find the best lemonade selling spot! The others run a stand at home, using advertising to slowly boost the business. In the end, slow and steady wins the race.
2:35 pm
A Gift for Gimbal
The Pod Squad want to get Professor Gimbal a gift, but what do you give the doozer that has everything? Playing detective, they follow him around Doozer Creek, collecting clues about what he might like.
2:47 pm
TVOKids music videos.
I Can Music Video
This music video, starring the TVOKids hosts Kara, Melissa and Daniel. I Can, demonstrates how children overcome obstacles to reach a goal.
2:49 pm
Ella the Elephant
Ella for Class President
When Mrs. Briggs tells the class they're going to elect a class president, Belinda, Tiki and Frankie all decide to run. And they all want Ella to help them with their campaigns. Ella's pretty sure she can help her friends out, but the when the bickering and competition becomes more than Ella can stand...she shows her friends what being a leader is really about.
3:02 pm
Hi Opie!
Better Than A Bandage
Opie and Samara act as Ancient Egyptian royalty until Samara's attention is drawn to Logan's super cool bandage. Opie tries to win her attention back by finding an even cooler bandage.
3:10 pm
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Plastic Iceberg
When Lily finds a plastic bottle washed up on the beach, Salty and she decide to clean up the sea around Driftwood Bay. They make a terrible discovery though - the biggest lump of pollution they have ever seen! With the help of Hatsie, Wee Rabbit turns it into something beautiful!
3:19 pm
Thomas & Friends
Double Trouble
THOMAS has a special Special. He is to take SIR TOPHAM HATT to his special birthday party. But when THOMAS picks up SIR TOPHAM HATT at Maithwaite - SIR TOPHAM HATT doesn't look like SIR TOPHAM HATT at all!! He had a moustache! Things get worse as the 'imposter' SIR TOPHAM HATT demands to go to the Whispering Woods where he encourages children to play. Then he stops at a junction and rushes into the Signal Box to 'have a turn' at throwing the levers. GORDON - as a result - hurtles down a branch line! When THOMAS arrives back at Maithwaite - THOMAS realises this isn't SIR TOPHAM HATT! The imposter reveals himself as SIR TOPHAM HATT'S brother - SIR LOWHAM HATT and all is set straight!
3:30 pm
Thomas & Friends
Tickled Pink
Whilst covered in pink undercoat, JAMES is asked by SIR TOPHAM HATT to pick up his GRANDDAUGHTER and take her to the Town Hall for her birthday party. But JAMES is worried he will be seen by his friends and tries to hide his pink coat from them on the way.
3:43 pm
The Day Henry Met...
The Day Henry Met... A Letter
Henry meets a friendly Letter as he prepares for his first trip out into the big wild world. Unfortunately he has missed the postman so it falls on Henry to save the day. Henry becomes a Postman , he meets a corner shop, scares a hedgehog and gets lost in the sorting office before finally delivering Letter on time.
3:48 pm
Project Birthday Cake
Boomer has built a food finder attachment for his Fizzer controls. While flying by a massive birthday cake, the food finder goes out of control and Boomer crashes. The Floogals have to work out how to re-make the frosting and in the process find out what a birthday cake and decorations are for.
3:59 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save the Treats / Pups Get a Lift
When Mr. Porters van full of puppy food and treats slides on the ice near the shore; (without Mr, Porter in it) Ryder and the PAW Patrol must safely get the van off the ice and save the treats! --- Katie and her cat Cali are enjoying a day up on Jakes mountain when the chair lift stops leaving them above the ski hill with no way to get down and it's getting colder! Ryder and the Paw Patrol to the rescue!
4:22 pm
Zerby Derby
Lily and Zack are driving along in the early morning when they find Bob the Boat beached up on the shore. Bob tells them that it was so dark last night that he couldn't find his boat house. With the help of Mika the Mechanic they place a lighthouse on Zerby Town Pier so he can see his way at night. But when they come to test it out they find where you put light is very important. They aim it at the shore, but all Bob can see is the bush it's hitting. They try again, this time aiming the light right at Bob, which doesn't help either. They find that the lighthouse works perfect if it's aiming right at Bob's boathouse.
4:30 pm
Buster's Breathless/Fright Stuff
Based on the books by Marc Brown, this animated series tells stories about Arthur, his family and friends. Although Arthur is portrayed as an aardvark and his friends as other animals, they lead the same life and face the same dilemmas as any group of 8-year olds. BUSTER'S BREATHLESS: Will Buster's friends ever treat him the same after they learn he has asthma? Maybe the answer will be found on a guided tour through....Buster's lungs. FRIGHT STUFF: Prankster Poltergeists have arrived in Elwood City- and are just in time for the "Scare Your Pants Off" costume party! It's boys versus girl in what becomes a great big battle of the pranks, until the kids learn a lesson about practical jokes...from a spooky source.
4:55 pm
Dino Dan
Swimming with Plesiosaurs / Dino Trek: The Musical
When Grandma takes Trek swimming at an indoor pool, Trek teaches a baby Plesiosaur how to swim across the pool and back to its Mom as Grandma teaches an Aqua Fit class. --- When Penelope gets stage fright before the school talent show where she, Trek, Hannah and Bobby will be performing an original song, what's your favourite dinosaur? Trek tells her to imagine the audience as dinosaurs...and it works!
5:17 pm
Odd Squad
Now You Don't See Me / Moustache Confidential
Olive and Otto must stop a villain who has turned townspeople and Odd Squad agents invisible. --- Moustache Confidential - When Agent Obfusco's moustache is stolen, it's up to Olive and Otto to get it back.
5:43 pm
Wild Kratts
Fire Salamander
While exploring the Black Forest in Germany, Chris and Martin are amazed to discover a black and yellow salamander crawling out of the fire! They don't understand how this is possible, since salamanders need water - not fire - to live. It's a mystery that the Kratt Brothers are determined to solve and unravel the secret of the Fire Salamander.
6:10 pm
A Touch of Garlic
Jack tries some garlic in an attempt to ease his cold, but the pungent herb has some unintended silly side effects on his personality.
6:21 pm
Making Stuff
Polyethylene pellets are baked in a mould to become a kayak. Gears and Wiz see what appears to be an oversized BBQ turn out a boat that even a kid can paddle.
6:26 pm
The Media Lab
This series explores various aspects of digital literacy and explores how students can become better digital citizens. In this episode Katt and Professor Cheddar talk to some Digital Citizens about ways to make strong passwords.
6:30 pm
Finding Stuff Out
Finding out how crucial the ocean is to our ecosystem, Harrison discovers that although monsters might get the attention, it's the little things that count. For example, a tiny creature called phytoplankton creates half of the oxygen that we breathe. Using potatoes, a marine biologist helps Harrison figure out how fish drink! Harrison hosts a challenge for his guests to figure out how to make plasticine float... then, with musical accompaniment, he reveals the identity of ,the monster in the sea,.
6:52 pm
Reading Rangers
Listening Skills
The Mayor is hatching another scheme to steal all of the books from the Docville library. To be successful she will need to rely on the listening skills of her two henchmen: Pinky and Giggles.


7:00 pm
Fur Seals
Two fur seal pups are born on opposite sides of New Zealand's South Island - one on the rugged west coast, the other on the east coast, where the Southern Alps meet the Pacific Ocean. For these pups, survival is a battlefield. Follow their first few months as they fight for their lives.
7:47 pm
Climate Watch Shorts: Water quality at Ontario's beaches
The water quality at Durham Region's 14 beaches is monitored weekly for E. coli contamination - something that is becoming worse because of climate change. Hotter temperatures and more frequent severe storms help create the conditions for E. coli in the water. We speak with the vice-president of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a scientist, and a Durham Region health inspector about this phenomenon.
7:53 pm
Main Street Ontario: Toronto
Since the early 1980s, Toronto's Cameron House has been home to some of Canada's most famous and beloved musicians, from Blue Rodeo to local legend Handsome Ned, whose charisma and songwriting inspired a burgeoning artistic community. Today, with many live music venues shutting down, the Cameron House is still going strong, bringing together musicians, artists, and audiences on Queen Street West.
8:00 pm
Ep. 4 - Ice and Stone
In the final episode, Alice Roberts goes in search of Britons' elusive Stone Age ancestors. She visits the Channel island of Jersey, where she meets a team of archeologists hoping to shed new light on the much-maligned Neanderthals, and she embarks on a kayak survey of the coastline to look for undiscovered sites hidden in the cliffs.
8:53 pm
Climate Watch Shorts: Living off the grid
Blakeney Malo and Jackson Franchetto generate their own power and grow their own food at a farm in Rockingham, Ont., northeast of Bancroft. Their lifestyle is an extreme example of conservation and demonstrates what it takes to cut the cord completely. From solar panels to pigs, they run a completely self-reliant homestead. We visited their farm to find out what it takes
9:00 pm
Katharine Hepburn: The Great Kate
American icon Katharine Hepburn was a modern woman whose liberal family background appeared to contribute to her extraordinary self-confidence and uninhibited view of gender roles. The film touches on Hepburn's background, theatrical and film career, including candid footage from interviews in which she shares her insights about her life. In addition, we hear from celebrities such as Dick Cavett, academics and family members such as her nephew, Mundy Hepburn.
10:18 pm
Main Street Ontario: Markdale
In 1973, David and Penny Chapman bought an old creamery and started a small business making ice cream. They built up their company bit by bit, while staying true to where it all began in Markdale, a village south of Georgian Bay.
10:22 pm
Climate Watch Shorts: The mushing season
Tanya McCready and Hank DeBruin, owners of Winterdance Dogsled Tours in Haliburton, wait every year for the heavy snows their 150 dogs need to run. Climate change is leading to shorter winters and more rain. Tanya and Hank say that the season used to last 12 weeks but now just lasts 10 or 11. They're looking for other ways to supplement lost income and have been considering putting snow-making machines on their trails.
10:30 pm
Sleeping Giant
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park on Lake Superior offers breathtaking scenery, including Nanabijou itself, a stone formation of gigantic proportions that draws visitors from across the world. Find out just how important this park is to the residents of Thunder Bay, and take a look at the annual ski festival, the Sleeping Giant Loppet.
10:56 pm
Learning Portraits
Learning Portrait Jimmy Wisdom
Learning Portrait Jimmy Wisdom
11:00 pm
Valley of the Dammed
For thousands of years, the culture and people of Southeast Asia have been shaped by the flow of the Mekong River. However, the Mekong is undergoing incredible changes as a combination of climate change, overfishing and dams on Mekong tributaries have caused fish populations to plummet and altered water quality. The Water Brothers travel up the Mekong to learn how its conditions are changing and how a series of 11 planned mega-dams will further affect the river and its people.
11:30 pm
Canadians enjoy one of the cleanest and most plentiful supplies of freshwater in the world. Tap water is also cheap and easily accessible, so why is the demand for bottled water so huge? The Water Brothers visit a water treatment facility and discover that water from the tap is often of the same quality or even better than bottled water. Globally, 17 million barrels of oil are needed to produce and distribute bottled water annually. The true cost of bottled water just doesn't add up.

Late Night

12:00 am
Fur Seals
Two fur seal pups are born on opposite sides of New Zealand's South Island - one on the rugged west coast, the other on the east coast, where the Southern Alps meet the Pacific Ocean. For these pups, survival is a battlefield. Follow their first few months as they fight for their lives.
12:45 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Polar bears on the brink
When the ice in Hudson Bay melts each spring, northern Ontario becomes home to nearly a thousand polar bears, but scientists are noticing extreme weight loss among that population. Between 1984 and 2009, the average weight of a male polar bear in the region dropped by 45 kilograms, while females were 31 kilograms lighter. A shorter freeze-up season means less time to access vital food sources, and that puts Ontario's polar bear population at risk.
12:49 am
Under the African sun, a child walks in the desert with his kin. Death is prowling, but a mother's soul resurrected by music will return strength and life to the child when he becomes a man. Inspired by the grace and raw beauty of African rock paintings, Nicolas Brault paints a story without borders, with the humanity and elegance of a universal narrator.
1:00 am
Ep. 4 - Ice and Stone
In the final episode, Alice Roberts goes in search of Britons' elusive Stone Age ancestors. She visits the Channel island of Jersey, where she meets a team of archeologists hoping to shed new light on the much-maligned Neanderthals, and she embarks on a kayak survey of the coastline to look for undiscovered sites hidden in the cliffs.
1:52 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Wineries
Prince Edward County's growth as a wine region is closely intertwined with climate change. Declared a Designated Viticultural Area in 2007, the region has gone from one vineyard in 2000 to more than 40 today. Climate change is making growing seasons longer in Ontario, making the climate more hospitable for grapes. But the changes also threaten to introduce new pests. Wine producers in the County work together to adapt and grow. Meanwhile, climate change elsewhere opens up opportunities for Ontario wines. While things in this province are becoming more hospitable on average, elsewhere droughts and wildfires threaten long-established vineyards.
2:00 am
Katharine Hepburn: The Great Kate
American icon Katharine Hepburn was a modern woman whose liberal family background appeared to contribute to her extraordinary self-confidence and uninhibited view of gender roles. The film touches on Hepburn's background, theatrical and film career, including candid footage from interviews in which she shares her insights about her life. In addition, we hear from celebrities such as Dick Cavett, academics and family members such as her nephew, Mundy Hepburn.
3:17 am
Under the African sun, a child walks in the desert with his kin. Death is prowling, but a mother's soul resurrected by music will return strength and life to the child when he becomes a man. Inspired by the grace and raw beauty of African rock paintings, Nicolas Brault paints a story without borders, with the humanity and elegance of a universal narrator.
3:30 am
Spring and Arnaud
Renowned photographer Arnaud Maggs, turning 85, embarks on a series of self-portraits that wryly depict his life's work. Artist Spring Hurlbut, at 60, is creating haunting works that evoke mortality while harbouring the certainty that Arnaud's time is limited. The film immerses the viewer in a world where art and life are indivisible and where the couple's devotion to each other is matched only by their dedication to their own work.
4:38 am
From Andrea Dorfman's vivid imagination, "Flawed" is a charming little film about very big ideas. Tracing her encounter with a potential romantic partner, Dorfman questions her attraction and the uneasy possibility of love, but ultimately, whether a girl can accept herself, imperfections and all.
4:51 am
Behind The Lens (Smoke Traders)
Documentary filmmaker Jeff Dorn talks about the making of "Smoke Traders," the story of the contraband tobacco trade and the effect on individual lives and communities from a Native perspective.
4:55 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Why ticks are moving north
Summer tick season used to be a problem only in the southern part of Ontario, but tick populations are moving north as the climate grows warmer. A parasitologist at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph explains how this migration is affecting people and their pets.
5:00 am
Minestrone Soup / Chocolate Zucchini Loaf
Link has the perfect plan to make use of his star noodles and loads of healthy veggies. A Minestrone soup! But he can't figure out why some of the vegetables need to be sautéed first. Why not just throw all the ingredients into the soup pot at the same time? As he discovers with a bit of experimenting, some vegetables have difficulty softening in a tomatoey broth. So there is order to soup making! --- Link is okay with veggies for dessert and the delicious proof will be delivered in a super moist, chocolate-y zucchini loaf. I.Q. gives the botany scoop that the zucchini used in the recipe is actually an under ripe fruit. Momentary panic sets in, when they realize the careful balance of ingredients to build the best batter is lacking a liquid, but the case is resolved when I.Q. explains the high water content of the zucchini, released from the shredding, will ensure a moist cake.
5:23 am
Making Stuff
Playground Equipment
Machines bend and weld steel pipes to build a playground. Gears and Wiz follow the ladders, corkscrews and poles into the paint shop and see them get baked with shiny colours.
5:28 am
Monkey See Monkey Do
Monkey learns about Bat, who sleeps during the day and stays up all night.
5:39 am
Monkey See Monkey Do
Monkey needs help from Dolphin to practice his basketball jumps.
5:51 am
Pop It!
This is How We Do
Shemar shows us how it's done including the pull-pull and knee pop moves from the "This is How We Do?" music video.
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