TV Schedule

Monday, March 19, 2018


6:02 am
Ella the Elephant
Ella's Antics
After a disaster at the science fair, Ella learns the importance of taking your time and doing something right.
6:15 am
Hi Opie!
All By Myself
Opie has a new game he wants to play, but Sahnya wants to play by herself.
6:23 am
Zerby Derby
Stuck in the Mud
Chase the helicopter shows Zack the muddiest place in Zerby Town Forest, a perfect place to have 'mudfest'! But when Zack gets stuck in the mud, Chase is unable to pull him out. They call Strut the crane but Zack ends up too far out in the mud for Strut to reach him. Only together can Chase and Strut get Strut's hook out to Zack so he can be towed out.
6:31 am
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit NHL hockey star PK Subban at an arena where they learn how friction helps skates glide over ice. Howie shoots on goalie Baboo, and he scores!
6:39 am
Oto Flips / Doki Goes Batty
The Team trophy case is filled with awards, won by everyone except Oto. Determined to win a shiny trophy of his own, Oto decides to attempt a world record for 'Biggest Pancake'. But can Oto really make the world's biggest pancake, all by himself? They set off to a pancake festival at a Sugar Bush In Quebec, Canada, to find out! But Oto realizes the job is bigger than he thought, and he's forced to delegate the gathering of ingredients to his friends, while he builds a giant 'pancake flipper'. The stakes are high, and Oto worries his friends won't come through -but in the end, he realizes that the fun of the endeavor is the most important thing. --- Fico wants Anabella to help him create a comic book about a bat superhero - the Winged Mammal! But Anabella needs to see a real bat, to draw one. For once, Doki is nervous to go on this expedition. He's heard that bats drink your blood, and tangle in your hair... why shouldn't he be afraid of bats? But Doki musters the courage to join them on an expedition to the Pantanal Region of Brazil, where bats are plentiful. As they do their best to find a bat for Anabella to draw, bat myths are dispelled, and Doki is forced to confront his fear. He soon discovers that bats aren't scary, they're fascinating!
7:01 am
Odd Squad
Puppet Show
Olive and Otto have to crack a case where a group of people (including themselves) have been turned into puppets.
7:15 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save a Teeny Penguin
Everest and Jake try to rescue a little penguin and wind up floating out to sea on a homemade bridge
7:30 am
Wild Kratts
Creature Power Challenge
After getting caught in the middle of a tussle between a grumpy rhino and an outraged elephant, Martin and Chris decide to have a contest to decide what's stronger - elephant or rhino powers.
7:57 am
Ants in Arthur's Pants/ Don't Ask Muffy
To excel in science, Mr. Ratburn's class has to prove that they have P.A.N.T.S. - the ability to be patient, attentive, nosy, thoughtful, and systematic. And Arthur's certain he's got 'em to ace his ant-farm project! To launch her career as a rich and famous talk-show host, Muffy starts an advice column in the school newspaper.
8:22 am
Tee & Mo
Mo needs to go to the store but Tee is more interested in building a rocket out of cardboard boxes. Mo compromises by helping him with the rocket BEFORE they go to the store, but when it's finished. Tee just wants to stay and play in it.
8:30 am
Splash and Bubbles
Partner Pals / Ultimate Hide and Seek
Splash and Bubbles have an argument and decide not to play together for a while. With the help of Dunk and Ripple, they learn how much better things go for each of them when they communicate and cooperate. --- Splash's friends think he is so good at hide and seek that they decide to challenge him to find sea creatures who can blend into the background, making them very hard to find.
8:56 am
Can You Imagine That!
Maggie imagines what it would be like to be a teacher. She would love to help kids learn. Maggie would make her classroom the most fun by counting 'real' bunnies and taking the most amazing field trips. Maggie would teach her class all about the planets and stars by taking them on a field trip into outer space! Flying right past the moon!
9:01 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save the Bunnies / Puptacular
Farmer Yumi's carrots are disappearing and she calls Ryder and the Paw Patrol for help. They discover that Bunnies are tunneling under her garden and have to find a way to safely gather the bunnies and move them. --- Katie is entering one of the Paw Patrol pups into a puppy grooming competition. But when Mayor Goodway calls for help out on the bay Ryder and the PAW Patrol take off to help, leaving Katie with an unlikely volunteer.
9:25 am
Little Feats
Being the smallest, Daisy Wheel has to make two trips to carry as much as the bigger kids, but she doesn't mind because more trips mean more time to explore the world around her, and meet new friends, like a cute worm she spies along the way. When the Pod Squad volunteers to help build a new structure at the pond, they realize the path is too narrow, even for a doozer! Now the gang must find a new way to transport the building supplies and Daisy Wheel thinks she has the perfect solution-a train-like device inspired by her new worm pal.
9:37 am
Rob the Robot
You Can't Handle the Tooth
When Ema loses her tooth, the friends whisk her away to the Fairy Planet in search of some magical help from the Tooth Fairy !
9:49 am
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Robot Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave ask a Robot for help with some jobs. But without simple, clear instructions Robot makes a terrible mess of things.
10:01 am
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy the Pirate
All aboard! Captain Boris is taking the girls on a pirate adventure, complete with sea shanties, desert islands, treasure hunts... and shipwrecks! Oops!
10:08 am
Wibbly Pig
You might not think you can play in the rain - but Wibbly finds a way to play after the rain has ended! In this episode Wibbly finds a lot of fun playing in the puddles, splashing, jumping and running around them. There's also fun to be had watching your wobbly reflection in the water - and a copying game with the Pig Twins! The laughs continue until Big Pig splashes so hard the whole puddle disappears! Never mind - here comes the rain again to make a new puddle! Have you ever wondered how many raindrops are in one puddle?
10:19 am
GBB: Alphabet Ahoy
Alphabet Ahoy - Letter X
Pirate Gisele hunts for letter treasure on the beach. In this episode she uncovers the letter X and discovers the sound it makes.
10:22 am
Hide and Seek
Bing is playing Hide and Seek with Sula, Pando and Coco. Bing doesn't go to the toilet with all the others before the game starts and when he needs to go before he is found he has to decide whether to give up his hiding place or try and hold on.
10:29 am
Thomas & Friends
Gordon and Ferdinand
The Fat Controller tells Bash, Dash and Ferdinand that they are to be given a reward to welcome them to his railroad. First of all Ferdinand is to be given the reward of sharing Gordon's special. They will be taking the Lion of Sodor to the summerhouse and Ferdinand will be Gordon's back engine. Gordon isn't happy about being teamed up with 'frumpy' Ferdinand so takes the quiet track so no-one can see them. They soon pass workmen who cheer for Ferdinand (not for Gordon or the Lion of Sodor!). At Maron Station Dowager Hatt and a group of children cheer for Ferdinand too. Gordon comes up with another plan to take the quiet tracks across the fenland but Gordon goes too fast and the Lion of Sodor falls into the river. Gordon realises he was wrong to think he was grander than Ferdinand. Ferdinand helps Gordon to get the Lion of Sodor back and they take it to the Steamworks to get it fixed. Gordon now gives Ferdinand the honour of being the front engine to pull the Lion of Sodor. Ferdinand and Gordon are cheered as they race along the tracks and deliver the lion to the Duke and Duchess at the summerhouse.
10:40 am
Thomas & Friends
Toby and Bash
The Fat Controller gives Bash a reward for being a Really Useful Engine. His reward is to spend the day with Toby. First Toby and Bash pick up the children at Knapford Station and take them to Bluff's Cove. Then they heave and haul slate to Brendham Docks. Soon they are tired and Bash needs a rest so Toby brings Bash to Arlsedale End. Bash thinks Arlesdale is beautiful and Toby lets him sleep there. Toby thinks that Bash would like a home of his own on Sodor and sets out with Bash to find the perfect home. They visit the Fenlands but Bash is scared of the ducks. Next Toby brings bash to Farmer McColl's Field but the cows scare Bash so he races off. Next Toby takes Bash to the cliff top where they see Dash and Ferdinand below. Toby realises that Bash just wants his home to remain on Misty Island. Toby takes Bash to Misty Island and soon Bash is happily back with Dash and Ferdinand.
10:51 am
Hi Opie!
Opie's Rocket Fuel
Opie and Amanye's space mission is stalled when they have no rocket fuel to blast off. Will their imagination blast them into space? Or will they be grounded?
10:59 am
Zerby Derby
Let's Get Swinging / Gone With the Windsock / Turbo, Set, Re
Axle gets stuck in a gully. Zack and Rex know they can figure out a way to get him out. But they'll have to try, try again a few times to get it right. --- Zerby Town Airport has a new windsock. Strut, Dotty and Zack try to find the best place at the airport to put it so it blows in the wind and doesn't fall over. --- Lily and Zack find a path that has many natural obstacles. They decide to race the whole thing backwards. But they need to come up with a trick to remember all the obstacles in reverse order.
11:20 am
I'm a Fish
I'm a Piranha
In the waters of South America we meet the misunderstood Piranha who explains that they are more than just scary monsters as the films make them out to be.
11:22 am
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit Team Canada wheelchair basketball player Jamey Jewells at the gym where they learn how to use a wheelchair and discover everything they can do, like play tennis, ski, and shoot hoops!
11:31 am
Doggy Day School
Oodles of Poodles
Two poodles are dropped off at the daycare for the day. They look just like Lili except they're a different colour (both are yellow). Lili is thrilled to have them around and makes a big deal of how similar they are. But much to the dismay of the others, she soon only wants to play with the two drop-ins. The others understand, until Lili proclaims a poodle's only club and they begin to feel left out. But then two yellow poodles make their own clubhouse ( for yellow poodles only). Now Lili is upset - she quickly realizes it doesn't feel very good to be left out. She apologizes to her old friends and they invite her to join their game. It's a game EVERYONE can play. It's so much fun that soon even the two drop ins want to join them.
11:43 am
Lily's Driftwood Bay
The Monster of Wild Rocks
Dad reads Lily a funny monster story. On Driftwood Bay, Lily goes for a painting trip with Wee Rabbit to Wild Rocks and when they hear the loud roar of a terrible monster there they are terrified! Luckily, Salty is at hand to reveal the truth.
11:50 am
Splash and Bubbles
Denny's New Shell
Maury discovers Denny's molted exoskeleton in the reef and assumes something must be wrong with "the real Denny," so he enlists the help of Splash and friends to find her, only to discover that she has simply molted.


12:05 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Get a Lift
Katie and her cat Cali are enjoying a day up on Jakes mountain when the chair lift stops leaving them above the ski hill with no way to get down and it's getting colder! Ryder and the Paw Patrol to the rescue!
12:17 pm
Project Magnets
Flo's fizzer gets stuck to a magnet in the boy's backpack and he's about to leave for school. Boomer has to fine tune his fizzer skills pronto and learn how magnets work to help rescue Flo's ship.
12:28 pm
Sport Radio
Lejo wants to listen to a sports game on the radio, but the recption is poor.
12:31 pm
Dinosaur Train
Adventure Camp: Rafting / Adventure Camp: Mountain Climbi
Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don go river rafting for the first time at Nature Adventure's Tracking Camp. Their old pal Jess Hesperornis meets up with them and they all learn about erosion and the importance of rivers, before finishing up their adventure by cruising through some rapids! --- For their second outing at Nature Trackers Adventure Camp, Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don and other friends learn about the tree line as they set out to hike up a mountain. Shiny is determined to get to the top of mountain forest. Buddy wonders if they'll be able to see anything from the mountaintop, through the tall trees. The kids are amazed that the higher they hike, the shorter trees and bushes get! Then they reach the tree line -- a certain point on the mountain, where trees are really small because they don't have enough air to breathe and the temperature is too cold. In the end, Shiny and all the kids use teamwork to all reach the mountaintop together!
1:00 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Birdy Adventure
Hatty takes Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave bird watching in his garden. They learn how to give the birds everything they need to make sure they are safe, happy and well fed.
1:11 pm
Mr. Moon
Mysterious Invention
Mr Moon finds Gold Star's latest invention - and everybody comes up with different imaginative suggestions as to what it is... until Gold Star returns and tells them it's an imagination sparker.
1:24 pm
Bing and Flop are making ginger bunny biscuits for Charlie and Coco. But when Charlie and Coco arrive Charlie's done a mega poo and in all the fuss cleaning him up nobody hears the chickie timer ring to tell them that the biscuits are cooked.
1:31 pm
GBB: Sticks' Feelings
Sticks has a Tantrum
In these segments which deal with aspects of young children's social and emotional development, our squirrel character Sticks experiences an emotion and with the help of Gisele, learns to deal with what he is feeling in a way appropriate to preschoolers. In this episode, Sticks learns how to deal with a tantrum.
1:35 pm
Thomas & Friends
Emily and Dash
Emily is given the special of looking after Dash and taking him to the Children's Steam Fair. Emily sees that Dash can make special tweeting noises with his whistle. Emily huffs and blows but can't twitter and tweet like Dash. Emily pushes Dash to show her how to twitter again and again. Dash warns Emily that he'll run out of fuel if he has to keep showing Emily how to tweet. Emily doesn't listen and soon Dash runs out of fuel. He becomes stuck and can't move to go to the fair. Emily goes to the fair instead and tries to tweet again but everyone just thinks she is funny as she ties and fails to tweet. Emily soon realises that she has been a silly engine and needs to help Dash. Emily makes everything better by getting fuel for Dash and bringing him to the fair. Emily is so happy and laughs so hard when they get to the fair that she suddenly twitters and tweets.
1:46 pm
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy and the Duckling
Miffy is delighted to make friends with a cute baby duckling - but when the duckling won't stop following her, she has to find a way to get her back to her real mother!
1:53 pm
The Day Henry Met...
The Day Henry Met... A Train
Henry meets a friendly Train. He needs to take his carriages full of animals back to the ranch but the Train Driver got off at the wrong stop and he needs Henry's help. Henry becomes a Train Driver for the day, meets a cactus and jumps a ravine on his journey back to the ranch.
1:59 pm
Lily's Driftwood Bay
A barometer washes up on the beach and warns of a bad storm on its way to Driftwood Bay. Salty leads everyone to shelter in the Cockle Café... until Puffin opens the door to reveal a surprising result!
2:07 pm
Rob the Robot
Night Light
The friends want to experience a lunar eclipse, so they head to the Robot Moon to take in the event first hand! There's only one problem, Ema's afraid of the dark!
2:19 pm
GBB: Sandy Math: Numbers
Sandy Math: Number 18
Pirate Gisele is washed ashore and digs in the sand for treasure, but alas all she can find is numbers. This corresponds to the mathematics expectations for recognizing numbers as part of the Ontario Early Learning Framework and in the all-day Kindergarten program. Pirate Gisele finds a number 18 in the sand.
2:22 pm
Zerby Derby
Zack and Lily are exploring Zerby Town forest when they come across a rock that's a little too high to get up on. With Strut the crane busy, Fill the front loader comes by to help. Fill can lift Zack and Lily in his scoop to the top of the rock, but when he tries he finds out that Zerbies are heavier than a scoopful of dirt, and he can't keep his balance. At first, Lily balances on the back of Fill to weigh him down so he can lift Zack. But when Zack gets to the top of the rock and its Lily's turn to ride in the scoop, there's no one to balance on the back of Fill. Before long the Zerbies realize they can use a rock on Fill's back to help him keep his balance while he lifts Lily.
2:29 pm
Canada Crew
Great Lakes
Bebe builds a submarine, so she can go on an underwater great lakes adventure with Mo, where they meet the water brothers, Tyler and Alex Mifflin. Gavin explains the difference between a lake and a river.
2:37 pm
Mister Maker
Mister Maker 318
Mister Maker makes slot aeroplanes in under a minute, transforms tin foil and tissue into a funny fridge magnet and shows how to print a perfect picture with a styrofoam plate. Guess the answer to the shape puzzle and watch 'the mister maker kids' build an extraordinary popsicle.
2:56 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Fix It Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave help Hatty fix his Bubble-Copter. They work out how different things fit together, like nuts and bolts, and choose the right tools for each job.
3:07 pm
Project Ring
Boomer has found a piece of old junk to use as the finishing piece to his new gadget... a piece of old junk made of silver with a shiny red stone in the middle! It's mom's special ring, inherited from her grandma and she thinks she's lost it.
3:18 pm
I'm a Fish
I'm a Blue Dragon Fish
The strange Blue Dragon Fish uses the colors of its' body to hide from predators above and below.
3:21 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save Luke Stars / Pups Save Chicken Day
When Luke Stars gets stuck on a ledge, Ryder and Marshall rush to the rescue him while Spy Chase tracks down the raccoon who took his lucky hat. Meanwhile, Rubble and the other pups help Katie rehearse her contest-winning song so she can perform it with Luke and discover that Cali is the perfect friend to help her get over her nerves ---- Mayor Goodway's big plans for Chicken day are nearly spoiled when the Chicken of Honor, Chickaletta, mysteriously disappears. It's up to Paw Patrol to find Chicklatta and save the clucking festivities.
3:45 pm
Ollie & Moon
Swiss Mountain Rescue Cats
After Moon makes a baby bird rescue, she's inspired to help more! The gang goes to the Swiss Alps to take a grueling rescue course from a humourless St. Bernard so Moon can be the hero she has in mind.
3:59 pm
Let's Find Out
Let's Find Out -
This is a math series supporting a greater understanding of Grade 3 measurement. In this episode Melissa and Shamus figure out how long, in minutes, it will take to get to basketball practice.
4:02 pm
Odd Squad
Crime at the Shapely Manor (Pt.1 & Pt.2)
Olive and Otto are sent to Shapely Manor to investigate an odd crime with even odder people.
4:30 pm
Prunella's Tent of Portent / Mutiny on the Pitch
At the Elwood City Picnic, Prunella pretends she can see the future at her fortune telling booth. But her best friend, Marina, doubts her mystical powers. --- The Lakewood Elementary soccer team has had enough of Francine's bossy behavior. To show the team how much they need her, Francine gives up her post to the most unlikely teammate...Buster!
4:57 pm
Jurassic Junkyard
Nick is having a recurring bad dream about terrifying dinosaurs after watching a scary movie. Anne teaches him about the science of dreaming and gets him to try lucid dreaming in order to stop his nightmare from happening again. In the process, Nick's dream takes some interesting twists and turns featuring androids, dinosaurs and the girls acting like he's never seen them before.
5:21 pm
Wild Kratts
Termites vs. Tongues
When Aviva and Koki accidentally miniaturize themselves and get carried away by termites, Martin and Chris must split up to search for them.
5:49 pm
Dino Dana
Tusk Love -Pt. 1
Dana's dino experiment gets complicated when she brings Cai's foster dog Nixon to track a Triceratops Mom and her babies. When one of the babies is separated from the others, Dana's plan is to reunite the baby with the rest of its family. Unfortunately, a hungry Albertosaurus has a very different plan.
6:01 pm
Mystery Files
The Mystery Of Sticks And Stones
The clues: A stick with strange writing on it, a rubber duck with "James Naismith" on the bottom, a creepy looking mask The file label: "Sticks and Stones - Bring 'em Together" The investigation: E.B. has a hunch the writing on the stick is Mohawk, so he meets his friend Kyren on the Mohawk reserve to see if he's right. He finds out the word means Lacrosse in Mohawk and the stick is what First Nations people used hundreds of years ago when they first started playing Lacrosse. Even today Lacrosse is an important sport for First Nations people and it's a way to bring the community together. Meanwhile, Kyla discovers James Naismith is the inventor of basketball. But what does a rubber duck have to do with basketball? She heads to the James Naismith Museum to investigate. There she finds out that a game Naismith played in his childhood called Duck on a Rock was the inspiration for basketball. Naismith invented basketball when he was asked by his school to create a sport that the community could play. He used some of the elements of Duck on a Rock to come up with the sport of basketball. The kids deduce this mystery might be about sports. E.B. meets a sports historian/collector and discovers the mask is one of the first hockey goalie masks ever worn. He also finds out that games from many cultures, including Lacrosse, lead to the hockey we know today. E.B. even gets to play goal against Canadian Olympic medalist Nathalie Spooner!
6:26 pm
Raven's Quest
Pahquis is 8 years old. He's Ojibwe and lives in Wikimekong in Ontario. Pahquis loves to perform. He sings opera, he dances hip hop and he drums! He's also got an important job at school; he takes care of the Eagle Staff. The staff protects his community.
6:33 pm
Look Kool
It's cold today, so Hamza snuggles by the window with his quilt. Hamza likes to do crafts on ,indoor, days like this, and decides to replicate the patterns in his quilt with geometric shapes. Today on LOOK KOOL, we'll also cut a rug, meet a polymath, eat a yummy geometric cake, and get the ,buzz, on tiling direct from bees.


7:00 pm
Ep. 11 - The Commonwealth
Michael Buerk is joined by chefs Paul Ainsworth and Anna Haugh to showcase food inspired by the Commonwealth. Paul looks into a dish served to the Queen at a Commonwealth meeting in Malta, where she spent the early years of her marriage. Anna gets to cook on board the royal yacht Britannia.
7:47 pm
Learning Portraits
Learning Portraits: Alf Iannarelli
Part of TVO's Never Stop Learning brand campaign. Alf Iannarelli is the general manager and creative director of the Santa Claus Parade. He started off 45 years ago building floats as a summer student, where he learned every aspect of the craft and eventually worked his way up to overseeing one of the city's oldest and most beloved holiday season events.
7:53 pm
Main Street Ontario: Toronto
Since the early 1980s, Toronto's Cameron House has been home to some of Canada's most famous and beloved musicians, from Blue Rodeo to local legend Handsome Ned, whose charisma and songwriting inspired a burgeoning artistic community. Today, with many live music venues shutting down, the Cameron House is still going strong, bringing together musicians, artists, and audiences on Queen Street West.
8:00 pm
The Important Role of Charities in Ontario
The Agenda looks at the multitude of charities in Ontario - big and small - and how they're all part of what makes the province's capital city thrive.
9:00 pm
Ep. 5 - Caffeine, Gum, Diet Bread
How is caffeine removed from coffee? What puts the chew into chewing gum? How are the calories counted in diet bread?
9:30 pm
Ep. 6 - Chillies, Pork, Food Dye
Can hot chilies injure you? What's the difference between outdoor-bred and outdoor-reared pork? And what's bugging Jimmy Doherty about red food dye?
9:56 pm
Climate Watch Shorts: The changing hunt
Wolves are survivors, but climate change is affecting the prey available to them and the way they hunt. Shorter, warmer winters mean there's less ice for the wolves to cross to hunt beavers. Populations in Ontario remain strong, but climate change is altering their way of life.
10:00 pm
Ep. 3 - The Bedroom
People now think of the bedroom as one of the most private rooms in the house, yet it once was a noisy, busy communal space. From spending the night in a Tudor farmhouse to recreating a bedtime "bundling" courtship ritual, Lucy Worsley discovers that birth, marriage and death have all played a big part in the story of the bedroom.
11:00 pm
The Important Role of Charities in Ontario
The Agenda looks at the multitude of charities in Ontario - big and small - and how they're all part of what makes the province's capital city thrive.

Late Night

12:00 am
Ep. 5 - Caffeine, Gum, Diet Bread
How is caffeine removed from coffee? What puts the chew into chewing gum? How are the calories counted in diet bread?
12:24 am
Main Street Ontario: Hamilton
Corsini's was more than just a grocery store when it set up shop in 1928 on James Street North in Hamilton. It was a place where Italian immigrants found what they needed to make a new home. The once-bustling strip was later hit hard by the recession, but is now a creative hub for newcomers of another sort who have given it a new lease on life.
12:30 am
Ep. 6 - Chillies, Pork, Food Dye
Can hot chilies injure you? What's the difference between outdoor-bred and outdoor-reared pork? And what's bugging Jimmy Doherty about red food dye?
12:55 am
Main Street Ontario: Kincardine
Every summer Saturday night, residents of Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron gather downtown for a special parade led by the town's beloved Scottish pipe band, which has filled the streets with music since 1908.
1:00 am
Ep. 3 - The Bedroom
People now think of the bedroom as one of the most private rooms in the house, yet it once was a noisy, busy communal space. From spending the night in a Tudor farmhouse to recreating a bedtime "bundling" courtship ritual, Lucy Worsley discovers that birth, marriage and death have all played a big part in the story of the bedroom.
2:00 am
Ep. 11 - The Commonwealth
Michael Buerk is joined by chefs Paul Ainsworth and Anna Haugh to showcase food inspired by the Commonwealth. Paul looks into a dish served to the Queen at a Commonwealth meeting in Malta, where she spent the early years of her marriage. Anna gets to cook on board the royal yacht Britannia.
2:45 am
Main Street Ontario: Markdale
In 1973, David and Penny Chapman bought an old creamery and started a small business making ice cream. They built up their company bit by bit, while staying true to where it all began in Markdale, a village south of Georgian Bay.
2:51 am
Learning Portraits
Ontario Vignette: Wayne Bourque
Part of TVO's Never Stop Learning brand campaign, former Canadian boxing champion, Wayne Bourque, talks about the life lessons he learned through boxing.
2:53 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Moose in decline
Every year, nature lovers flock to Algonquin Provincial Park hoping to catch sight of moose. Wildlife photographer Steve Elms has been visiting the park since childhood, and each year moose sightings become rarer. The moose population in Ontario has declined 20 per cent over the past decade, according to research from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. We visit the park to see the changes firsthand.
3:00 am
Question Period: Monday, March 19, 2018
Discussions at Queen's Park today.
4:05 am
Ep. 1 - How Oil Made Us
Drilling for oil transformed the way we lived our lives, spawned foreign wars and turned a simple natural resource into the most powerful political weapon the world has ever known. Geologist Iain Stewart visits the places that gave birth to these oil riches, discovers the people who fought over its control and supply, and explores how our insatiable thirst for oil is changing the planet on which we depend. How did we become so addicted to oil in little more than one human lifetime?
4:56 am
Learning Portraits
Ontario Vignette: Elizabeth Semmelhack
Part of TVO's Never Stop Learning brand campaign, Elizabeth Semmelhack talks about the challenges and joys of being the Senior Curator of the Bata Shoe Museum, and how it is a learning experience everyday.
5:00 am
The Important Role of Charities in Ontario
The Agenda looks at the multitude of charities in Ontario - big and small - and how they're all part of what makes the province's capital city thrive.
Help make the world a better place through the power of learning.