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Monday, April 16, 2018


6:02 am
Ella the Elephant
Treasure Hunters
When Ella, Frankie, Belinda and Tiki discover an old treasure map tucked inside an old book, they decide to set out on an adventure to find the long lost treasure of Elephant Islands. They must decipher clues on the map and work together to find the place where X marks the spot. Along the way, they discover the greatest treasure of all.
6:15 am
Hi Opie!
Opie Gets Ideas
Opie accidentally upsets Ellie and Akaash when he borrows some of their ideas for a project.
6:23 am
Zerby Derby
Zerby Fountain
Mika has created a new fountain in the middle of Zerby Town. She wants it to be for quiet time, so Zerbies can watch the water and relax. But Zerbies would rather play in the water. Mika and Rex try to keep the Zerbies out of the water.
6:30 am
Now You Know
When Baboo catches a cold, Howie and Baboo visit Dr. Dina at a pediatric clinic and they learn about viruses and bacteria and why it's always good to wash your hands.
6:39 am
Deep Freeze Doki / Pentathlon Pranks
It's a frosty day - almost too cold to play in the clubhouse - and everyone wants to know: how can we keep the clubhouse warmer? A fellow club member invites them to chilly NUNAVUT, CANADA to find out! But when the Team arrives, a sled dog pup goes missing. So they begin a dogsled adventure, during which they learn how people and animals of the North use parkas, snow, and animal-hair insulation to keep warm. When the Team returns home, they use what they've learned to make the clubhouse warmer. --- During a prank-filled sack race, the kids almost break an interesting 'vase', which has pictures of running, jumping, throwing athletes on it. Oto knows it's a Greek urn... but what sports game are these guys playing, anyway? A club member from OLYMPIA, GREECE thinks he knows - so they take the urn on an expedition to find out! In Olympia, the Team has a great time playing the five sports of the ancient Greek Pentathlon - and Doki and Fico discover that pranksters never win.
7:01 am
Odd Squad
The O Games Pt.1
Otto competes against other agents, including ex-agent Odd Todd, in the annual "O Games."
7:15 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Chill Out
During a heat wave, Mr. Porter runs out of frozen food. Trouble is, the food delivery truck gets in an accident on its way town. Now the Paw Patrol must fix the truck and keep the food cold. Skye and Rubble harvest a giant hunk of ice to cool the food, but then Mayor Humdinger hijacks it and winds up riding the ice chunk all over town!
7:27 am
Lejo turns a wheel of fortune. The colour of the wheel defines which colour confetti will fall down.
7:30 am
Wild Kratts
Stars of the Tides
When Martin and Chris argue about who gets to keep a prized creature souvenir, Aviva unveils a new Creature Power Challenge that should settle things. This time, Martin and Chris must make it through the day in one of the harshest habitats on Earth, the rocky intertidal. The Kratts brothers must use the creature powers of the intertidal to outlast each other and win the prize.
7:57 am
Binky Goes Nuts/Breezy Listening Blues
"Binky Goes Nuts": When Binky discovers that he's allergic to peanuts, he has so many questions: Will he be forced to live without Chinese food? Will he ever again be able to eat with his friends? And most importantly, will his Mom ever calm down? Binky learns that the best way not to go nuts is to be well informed, and to understand his allergy. "Breezy Listening Blues": Much to his horror, Brain gets a "B-" on a test. That's only one grade above a C! What caused this disaster? Could it be the new "Breezy Listening" background music playing at the Ice Cream Shop? Brain is determined to get to the bottom of this before he loses what's left of his IQ.
8:22 am
Tee & Mo
Tee insists on wearing his favourite Action Ape outfit all afternoon, no matter what games he's playing. But then when the outfit gets mucky, Tee is heartbroken. This is a job for Action Mo!
8:30 am
Splash and Bubbles
The Kelp Needs Help / Mountain of Fire
After putting some Asterina starfish in the Kelp Forest where they don't belong, Splash, Ripple, and Tidy must get rid of them before the starfish eat all of the kelp. --- Dunk, Bubbles, and Ripple don't believe Splash when he tells them about a mountain that spits out fire that can be found in the water really far down in the deep. To solve this mystery, the kids find Lu, who takes them into the deep to find a submarine volcano.
8:56 am
Can You Imagine That!
Train Engineer
James imagines what it would be like to be a train engineer and drive a train. He would also be able to fix the train and keep it running safely and properly so that it's always a smooth ride. James would love to drive his train through different cities carrying different cargo - from a train full of teddy bears to getting people to their destinations on time! All aboard!
9:01 am
Paw Patrol
Pups Save Jake / Pups Save the Parade
Jake and Chase go deep cave spelunking when Jake ends up getting his ankle stuck between some fallen rocks! Ryder, Rubble with his new JACKHAMMER, and Marshall with his new FIRST MEDICAL RESPONSE GEAR need to get to the cave right away and save Jake! --- Adventure Bay Parade Day goes awry when Alex puts too many balloons on Katie's bathtub float. It literally ,floats, away, and with Cali and Chickaletta inside!
9:25 am
Home Tweet Home
Molly's house has a new tenant-a bird! Working together, the Pod Squad designs the ultimate home for their new friend, but soon realize that maybe a 'Doozer' house isn't what the bird had in mind.
9:37 am
Rob the Robot
Shivers in Space
While Rob and his crew search the spooky Junk Planet for a part to fix their rocket, TK hears noises and sees large footprints which make her believe there's a monster on the loose! However TK encounters a daunting robot which turns out to be more afraid of TK than TK is of her. TK befriends the robot which ends up using it's superior strength to help rescue Rob and the others trapped across a ravine.
9:50 am
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Mountain Adventure
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave climb to the top of a mountain to plant Tweet's special flag. A mountain song that describes their actions, as they squeeze under a tree, around a muddy puddle and march over a bridge on the way there, helps them remember the way back home. Educational - Remembering a simple sequence of events/actions, using positional words - over, under and around.
10:01 am
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Uncle Pilot's Treasure Map
Uncle Pilot turns Miffy's hand-drawn map of the village into a treasure map that leads her to his plane - the most precious thing he has! And Miffy's reward is a trip through the clouds.
10:08 am
Wibbly Pig
Wibbly has a very special, very unexpected friend - an elephant! He tries to show us why they are such good friends, but it seems Elephant can't really do any of the things Wibbly can do. He's too big for hide and seek, he's too heavy to play on the slide... but Elephant is great at being Elephant!
10:19 am
Rock Collectors
Two friends search for a planet on which to play hide-and-seek. When they land their rocket ship, they find some interesting rocks and decide to bring them back home to study and use for show and tell. Did you know that humans from Earth landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969? Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins explored the Moon and found rock samples to bring back to Earth to study and share.
10:22 am
Come On Charlie
Charlie is coming to play and Bing has planned lots of things for them to do. But when Charlie arrives he doesn't want to play any of the games Bing has put out. Bing is upset until Flop suggests they watch to see what Charlie really wants to do. Charlie heads straight for the kitchen where he and Bing, have a great time making music with pots and pans.
10:29 am
Zou's Aquarium
Zou gets the idea of building an aquarium of his very own. With Grandpa's help, and with the acquisition of several unlikely looking items, the fish tank is built. Elzee is so pleased that Zou suggests turning his bedroom into a wonderful, home-made underwater environment complete with hand-crafted fish.
10:41 am
Zou's Robot
Zou has been collecting tokens so he can exchange them for a free toy. But when he gets to Mr. Zoey's shop to make the exchange, he runs into some difficulty.
10:53 am
Hi Opie!
Opie's Not So Great Day
Opie is determined to have the best day ever, but nothing seems to go his way.
11:00 am
Zerby Derby
Splash From the Fast / Dirty Zerby / Puddle Too Deep
After getting hot while playing in the sun, Zack and Rex decide to make a puddle they can splash through to cool off. They try putting water on the ground, but it just runs away. They call Fill the front loader to help them dig a pit to put the water in, but the water dries out in the sun. Zack realizes that they need to make the puddle in the shade so the water won't dry out as fast. --- Walter the wash truck is washing down the Zerbies who are all having fun playing in the mud. When he washes Lily, everywhere he washes keeps getting dirty and muddy again as he washes higher up. He goes to Mika the Mechanic and together they come up with a way to use more water to wash Zerbies. They try it on Zack but he just gets thrown upside-down by the water. They decide another answer must be out there. When they are looking Walter washes some dirt off Zack's roof. That's when he notices it's easier to wash from the top down because the water goes down, taking the dirt with it. --- While exploring Zerby Town Forest, Zack and Rex come across a puddle. But they can't explore the other side of the puddle because it gets too deep for Zack. They try to come up with solutions to make the puddle shallower so Zack can cross to the other side. They try using a large piece of bark, but when Zack gets on top of it, the bark starts to float Zack around. Rex tries to add more dirt to the bottom of the puddle, but the dirt just ends up mixing with the water and going away. Finally they decide to use gravel, which doesn't mix with the water and stays put on the bottom of the puddle. Zack gets across and he and Rex decide to fix all the other deep puddles too!
11:21 am
I'm a Fish
I'm a Red Lipped Bat Fish
The Red Lipped Batfish likes to dangle their lure to attract their dinner; they can't really swim but they'll cha cha cha their way along the sea floor with the use of their fins.
11:23 am
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo frolic in a magical world of candy, cake and chocolate. When Howie wakes from his dream and his mom reminds them to brush their teeth, they wonder, "What are cavities?" They visit Dr. Archer at her office, Howie sits in the dentist's chair, and they learn why it's important to brush and floss their teeth.
11:32 am
Doggy Day School
Patience Lucas
Lucas is so impatient he finds it hard to wait his turn and or even count all the way to ten when playing hide and seek! Lili suggests they give Lucas 'patience lessons'. They set up a series of funny situations to train him, but nothing works. It's only when his impatience results in everyone missing a kite demonstration at the park that he begins to see the light and realises that it's important to be patient. Back at the day school, he sets up a kite flying game and waits patiently for his turn.
11:43 am
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Fishing For Dandelions
Salty is hosting his annual Jumble Jamboree, when the Driftwood Bay commuity send their unwanted items to the Shiphouse Store. When an unwitting Bull finds himself being used as a cart horse, things take a chaotic turn and the island must take to the sea in a very unusual fleet of vessels to retrieve Bull's precious dandelion collection!
11:50 am
Splash and Bubbles
I Only Have Eyespots for You
Splash sees a beautiful fish go by and instantly wants to be its friend, but whenever he tries to talk to the fish, he gets ignored. He and his friends soon learn the fish has false eyespots on her back and had no idea they were trying to talk to her.


12:05 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save Ryder's Robot
When Ryder's Robot Pup breaks and starts going wild around Adventure Bay, it takes the whole Paw Patrol to help Ryder find it.
12:17 pm
Project Table Tennis
The clock clock clock of table tennis balls has the Floogals' curiosity peeked. A very fun game of ping pong ensues, as they discover just what the boy and his friend have been playing - a super fun game on a table!
12:30 pm
Dinosaur Train
Rollin' on the Riverboat - Part 1 & 2
The whole Pteranodon Family takes a rollicking adventure on the Dinosaur Train Riverboat! Buddy and Don vow to spend every minute together, but while Buddy wants to spend all his time investigating the creatures on the river, Don wants to spend all his time playing games and investigating the buffet. Can they come to some kind of agreement? --- While still rolling down the river on the Dinosaur Train Riverboat, Grandpa Pteranodon tells Buddy about the Legend of Admiral Globidens - a HUGE Mososaur that supposedly lives on the river, but no one has ever seen. Buddy enlists Dad and Tiny's help to look for Admiral Globidens, but they can't seem to find him. Does Admiral Globidens really exist, or is he just a figment of someone's imagination?
12:57 pm
Bookaneers - Shortest
Bookaneers is a literacy series that teaches decoding and deciphering techniques for pronunciation and meaning. In this episode Skaggs and Fibber learn the meaning of the suffix EST
1:00 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Beach Adventure
Hatty takes Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave to the beach, where they build a big sandcastle. They choose the right tools for the job and decorate it for the Beach King to live in. But what kind of creature is the Beach King and will he like his new home?
1:11 pm
Mr. Moon
Space Orchestra
Sunny really wants to sing her new song with a space orchestra, but she doesn't know where to find one and she can't leave her ladder anyway. Mr Moon and friends discover that music is everywhere, and they assemble an orchestra for her.
1:24 pm
Bing and Flop are in the park when they see Pando on a skateboard. Bing is full of awe as he watches Pando skate up and down and can't wait to have a go himself, but it's much harder to balance than Pando made it look. Bing falls off and bumps his knee but Pando finds a clever way to help Bing get his confidence back.
1:31 pm
Gisèle's Big Backyard
Jay and Yousuf find words that rhyme with tree.
Journalist Jay and a rhyming reporter find words that rhyme for the Big Backyard News. In this episode, Jay and rhyming reporter, Yousuf find words that rhyme with tree.
1:34 pm
Zou's trip
A new washing machine arrives in a big cardboard box, Zou uses it as a car. And when Zinnia, Zak and Elzee arrive to play, they all take an imaginary trip to the imaginary seaside in this imaginary car.
1:45 pm
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy the Waitress
At the summer fete, Miffy helps Poppy Pig run the refreshment stall by taking everyone's orders. But there's such a lot of different things to remember!
1:52 pm
The Day Henry Met...
The Day Henry Met... a Caterpillar
Today Henry meets a jolly Caterpillar who loves munching everything. Caterpillar was so busy eating leaves he now can't find his family. Henry offers to shrink down to bug size and help find them. Caterpillar's Mom appears and tells caterpillar to get to bed as his brother and has already changed into a chrysalis. Soon after Henry sees all the caterpillars emerge as beautiful butterflies.
2:00 pm
Lily's Driftwood Bay
It's midsummer and the day of Nonna's famous Long Lunch! It's hot and when Lily and Bull's carelessness with a magnifying glass accidentally starts a fire, the celebration quickly turns into an emergency!
2:07 pm
Rob the Robot
Treehouse Trouble
The gang visits the Tree House Planet to find a clubhouse for their new Club. However, one by one, they each leave to form their own clubs when they can't agree on what club activity to do first. Ultimately they all realize that it's no fun alone and that compromise is the key to working and being together.
2:22 pm
Zerby Derby
Getting Nowhere Fast
Axle's going full speed and he can't stop. Zack and Mika chase him around Zerby Town trying to come up with ways to slow him down long enough so Mika can see what's wrong with him and fix him.
2:29 pm
Canada Crew
Bebe and Mo go on their tablet to learn about all the different foods grown across Canada, and visit Chef Susur Lee at his restaurant Lee to learn how to make a delicious salad, while Gavin visits New Brunswick to learn how to harvest cranberries.
2:37 pm
Mister Maker
Mister Maker 210
Mister Maker shows you how to make a 'drip' picture, a card with ears and a bookend secret safe to keep your special bits and bobs in. Guess the answer to today's shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kid's make an enormous motorbike.
2:56 pm
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
A Pirate Adventure
Hatty takes our trio on a Pirate Adventure to find Black Hat's lost treasure. But can they work out what all the symbols on the treasure map mean and find the hidden booty without getting lost?
3:07 pm
Project Robot
Our team of explorers think they've made a new friend but it turns out to me a motion controlled robot. As Flo gets whisked off by the little girl and her friend, Fleeker and Boomer have to work out how to control 'YeeHaw' the robot so that he can create a disctraction and help them rescue Flo!
3:21 pm
Paw Patrol
Pups Save the Runaway Turtles / Pups Save the Shivering Shee
When Daring Danny X starts his own sporting goods delivery service, he mistakes a turtle eggs for some golf balls. It's up to Paw Patrol to rescue Danny and the baby turtles when the eggs start to hatch. --- Rocky and Ryder have built Farmer Al a special sheep shearing machine. But when Humdinger's kittens start playing with the machine, all the sheep get oversheared creating a giant yarn ball that knocks down everything in its path.
3:45 pm
Ollie & Moon
The Japanese Comic Trip
When Ollie reads "to be continued" at the end his latest comic book, he flies with Moon to Japan to find the reclusive creator.
4:00 pm
Odd Squad
Captain Fun / Switch Your Partner Round and Round
Otto and Oren compete for votes to become Captain Fun. --- With the help of "Imagine-What-It-Would-Have-Been-Like-Inator" helmets, Olive and Otto discover what Odd Squad would've been like if they hadn't become partners.
4:27 pm
Fern's Flights of Fancy / Cereal
Will Fern give up her dreams of being a writer just because of one silly rejection? This is one case, George might have to solve alone. --- Buster tells the story of a missing cereal box on his all-new podcast. Will he be able to find the thief - and in the process - the truth?
4:55 pm
Creature Mania
Episode 1
Today on Creature Mania we've got macaques from japan, multi-coloured lizards, massive elephants and tiny hummingbirds. We meet Veronica and her dog Buddy in Dog Tricks, and Loki and his Bearded Dragon in Pet and Tell. We have a laugh with Panda, Pony and the Two Bobs, and get cute with lovely lemurs.
5:21 pm
Wild Kratts
The Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man
The Wild Kratts go on an expedition into the Chinese mountains to find the amazing Snub nosed monkeys, a species of cold adapted monkeys living in the snowy highlands. But when Martin becomes separated in an avalanche and his power suit malfunctions, it's a race against time for the Wild Kratts to find Martin, the Giant Snub nosed Monkey Man!
5:49 pm
Dino Dana
Tusk Love -Pt. 1
Dana's dino experiment gets complicated when she brings Cai's foster dog Nixon to track a Triceratops Mom and her babies. When one of the babies is separated from the others, Dana's plan is to reunite the baby with the rest of its family. Unfortunately, a hungry Albertosaurus has a very different plan.
6:02 pm
Mystery Files
The Mystery of Dine and Dash
The clues: An old photo of Montgomery's Inn, a small square plastic dish, a prop fish on a stick The file label: "Dash and Dine". The investigation: The kids look up the words "dash and dine" and the results show that the expression is actually "dine and dash". It means to run out on a bill without paying. So Kyla wonders if Hermione mixed up the words on her file label and she meant to write about stealing. But E.B. thinks the mystery might be about food. They split up the clues and head off to investigate. Kyla discovers that Montgomery's Inn is now a museum. But it used to be a place where travelers could rent rooms and get basic meals. Hermione even used to stop by for afternoon tea and gingerbread! Kyla helps make gingerbread the old-fashioned way and finds out that Hermione always paid her bill at Montgomery's Inn. So this mystery probably isn't about stealing. E.B. finds out that the plastic dish is a container from an airplane. So he heads to Gate Group, an airline services company. There, he meets Chef Russell who tells him that the dish is from an airplane meal. E.B. checks out the massive kitchen where airplane meals are made. He finds out that this kitchen makes about 8 million meals a year for people flying all over the world! The chef challenges E.B. to put together all the pieces that make up the completed airplane meal the chef has set out. E.B. completes the puzzle and discovers that airplanes are kind of the restaurants of the sky. Meanwhile, Kyla finds out that the prop fish on a stick clue is from a dinner theatre called Famous People Players. At the dinner theatre, she discovers that Famous People Players hires developmentally challenged people to work in the kitchen and put on a show that features giant puppet props. Kyla helps out in the kitchen for the pre-show dinner and gets to lift the curtain for the night's performance. Every night, Famous People Players prepare meals and put on a show for hundreds of people. Some of those people even come from out of town just to enjoy the experience.
6:25 pm
Raven's Quest
Cameron is a 10-year-old Ojibwe boy from Wikwemikong, Ontario. Cameron is passionate about painting and he shares his love of art with us. He introduces us to his chihuahua that he bought with money he made selling his paintings. Cameron and his mother harvest sweet grass and prepare it for smudging by boiling and braiding it. He explains that smudging is an important tradition.
6:33 pm
Look Kool
Musical Cylinders
Flutes, horns, and organs are shaped like cylinders and Hamza is determined to find out why. What's so musical about that shape? To find out, we'll make instruments out of recycled junk, play music with water glasses, and meet ,Bubba, Bach, the inventor of flatulent-sounding novelty horns.
6:59 pm
Ep. 15 - On the Move
Michael Buerk joins chefs Paul Ainsworth and Anna Haugh to showcase food inspired by the royal family's tours overseas and home lives. Anna travels to Scotland to find out more about the cake the Queen is said to take with her wherever she travels, and Atul Kochhar creates a curried mutton pie the way Prince Charles likes it.


7:46 pm
Rachel Romu: A Spotlight on Disability
Thunder Bay-born Rachel Romu is hoping to change the way the fashion industry views people with disabilities. As Ontario Hubs producer Jeyan Jeganathan explains, the former track athlete - turned model - is bringing visibility to disability one runway at a time.
7:53 pm
Learning Portraits
Learning Portrait: Morgan Kitching
Learning Portrait: Morgan Kitching
8:00 pm
Ontario in the Red
Ontario is the most indebted it's ever been. Can the province carry a $300 billion-plus load - along with the $12 billion debt-servicing costs? The Agenda welcomes a group of MPPs and economists to help answer this and other questions.
9:00 pm
Ep. 3 - Food on the Brain
Michael Mosley and James Wong explore the power that food has over the brain. In terms of the energy it needs to run, the brain is one of the greediest organs in the body. It influences our diet by generating cravings for foods such as fat, the most energy-rich food of them all.
9:52 pm
Behind The Lens (To Make A Farm)
Steve Suderman tells us about his motivation behind directing the documentary film, "To Make a Farm".
10:00 pm
Ep. 3 - The Road to Revolution
Lucy Worsley concludes her history of the Romanov dynasty, investigating how the family's grip on Russia unravelled over its final century. The years 1825-1918 were bloody and traumatic, a period when four tsars tried and failed to deal with growing pressure for constitutional reform and revolution.
11:00 pm
Ontario in the Red
Ontario is the most indebted it's ever been. Can the province carry a $300 billion-plus load - along with the $12 billion debt-servicing costs? The Agenda welcomes a group of MPPs and economists to help answer this and other questions.

Late Night

12:00 am
Ep. 3 - Food on the Brain
Michael Mosley and James Wong explore the power that food has over the brain. In terms of the energy it needs to run, the brain is one of the greediest organs in the body. It influences our diet by generating cravings for foods such as fat, the most energy-rich food of them all.
12:53 am
Climate Watch Shorts: Accounting for climate change
The July 2013 flood was the most expensive natural disaster in Ontario history. It caused an estimated $940 million in damage in the city of Toronto alone. But it's not just disasters that businesses need to consider - shorter winters and hotter summers are having effects on the balance sheet as well. Here's how.
1:00 am
Ep. 3 - The Road to Revolution
Lucy Worsley concludes her history of the Romanov dynasty, investigating how the family's grip on Russia unravelled over its final century. The years 1825-1918 were bloody and traumatic, a period when four tsars tried and failed to deal with growing pressure for constitutional reform and revolution.
2:00 am
Ep. 15 - On the Move
Michael Buerk joins chefs Paul Ainsworth and Anna Haugh to showcase food inspired by the royal family's tours overseas and home lives. Anna travels to Scotland to find out more about the cake the Queen is said to take with her wherever she travels, and Atul Kochhar creates a curried mutton pie the way Prince Charles likes it.
2:45 am
Wild Life
This Oscar®-nominated animated short tells the story of a dapper young remittance man who is sent from England to Alberta to attempt ranching in 1909. However, his affection for badminton, bird watching and liquor leaves him little time for wrangling cattle. It soon becomes clear that nothing in his refined upbringing has prepared him for the harsh conditions of the New World.
3:00 am
Question Period: Monday, April 16, 2018
Discussions at Queen's Park today.
4:04 am
Into the Wilderness: The Everglades
Each year more and more of the water that feeds the Everglades is diverted to the farmlands and the rapidly growing cities of Florida. Every drop taken by people upstream makes a difference in how high an island or a tree sits out of the water - and with the wrong height, that ecosystem will die.
4:56 am
Behind The Lens (Dark Side of the Chew)
Andrew Nisker talks about his documentary: The Dark Side of the Chew about the world's second largest form of litter - chewing gum!
5:00 am
Ontario in the Red
Ontario is the most indebted it's ever been. Can the province carry a $300 billion-plus load - along with the $12 billion debt-servicing costs? The Agenda welcomes a group of MPPs and economists to help answer this and other questions.